Waiting In The Wings

Thursday, April 2, 2020

First week of lock-down and a dray of squirrels

Not content with the first squirrel 
Hannah's Garden
another one has appeared on the scene and I suspect
I shall soon be dealing with a dray of squirrels!

The latest addition is this

a pattern by Frankie and Ray.
It's been long on my list of 'want to make' quilts.
I had a pretty big box of scraps needing to be sorted into colour
families, I began by sorting them into warm and cool

then decided to go with a lucky dip approach to choosing the fabrics.
for the churn dash blocks 
by closing my eyes and dipping once into each pile
and working with the two fabrics which came out, no fiddling trying to 
find a better match etc.

So just five right now

I did just manage to fussy cut this centre piece

I think I got lucky because I'm really pleased with these.

I have four more patterns lined up to use more from my
many boxes of scraps during the weeks of lock down.
Working on one quilt each day is my plan.
I now have, or will have, a dray of squirrels. Some folks say a scurry
of squirrels but a scurry refers to a gathering and as they're fiercely territorial
this is a very rare happening, a dray consists of a
mother squirrel and her young. I'm going with a dray!

Sadly we all know about lock down, social distancing, staying home
going out only to the supermarket for groceries, pharmacy or medical appointments.
We can go for a walk around the block, ride the bike but really nothing
else, no visiting family or friends. I think we're all feeling
the strain and worry of these times.

However we did have a visitor join us at breakfast yesterday

munching on the long seed pods.

Today I found another little visitor

who then headed from the rose into the porch and eventually
into the house!

Got to head back to the dining table now - apple pie with cream - my favourite,
leaving you with the sunset from two days ago.

Keep safe, keep well and keep quilting!
See you all soon.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Count down to lockdown @11.59pm 25th March 2020

Here in New Zealand we go into lockdown at 11.59pm
on Wednesday 25th March 2020.

The decision was taken by the Government yesterday and
the announcement and details were given by the
Prime Minister.

This was the sunrise yesterday just a few hours before the announcement.
Rather spooky!!!

As of tomorrow at 11.59pm life will change for us.
Schools and universities shut down, shops, restaurants also closed.
Building sites closed down, the list is a long one!
The essentials to remain open will be pharmacies, medical surgeries and
supermarkets everything else will be closed.
We are all to remain home, we can not mix with others, not even family, we can only have
close contact with people living in the house.

All 70 year olds and those with underlying health problems (me) are classed as
high risk so thank goodness for the telephone, skype and facetime and computers.
We have to arrange for groceries to be collected
 - thank goodness we have our three adult 'children' who have all
offered any help we need. 

It has been difficult to concentrate over the past three days
but I have a finished table runner top, or it could be used as
a very long wall-hanging, I just have to trim the
sides and then can sandwich it for quilting.

I used the Ombre digitally printed range from Jennifer Sampou and the pattern.
This is my first experience with this sort of fabric
and I much prefer my usual regular quilting fabrics.
However, I do love the colours!

Measurements - 72" x 16 and 1/2"

Well, almost time for the latest bulletin so off to the living room
and the tv.
All of you stay safe and well and we can keep in touch as usual
with our blogs and our quilting adventures!


Friday, March 20, 2020

A squirrel along with Autumn blooms

The thought of waiting one week before getting to the machine
again was making me pretty frustrated - so another squirrel appeared
which involved very little effort and very little thought.

Definitely simple but having bought some of the
Ombre fabrics by Jennifer Sampou I decided to also
buy the book. Immediately a table runner had my attention,
I fell for the colours used and decided this was an ideal
project for me at this moment in time.

I had a reel of Aurifil thread which matched pretty well too

 so I'm on my way and hopefully this will be
a finished runner top next week.

Autumn weather has been kind to us, the evenings are cooler and
sleep is much easier.
The garden is showing signs of the lack of water sadly and some blooms are fading fast
whilst others are just opening.

My favourite hydrangea in her Autumn colours

Little miniature cyclamen under the hydrangeas

Hips of Rosa Multiflora
and just opening outside my studio window

The first camellia to bloom
Back to waiting to catch the latest news update on television, our border
is now closed, strict measures are in place re numbers of people
gathering together and I suspect stricter ones again within a day or so.
Isolation measures have been in place for a while. Instructions
to practice social distancing - no nearer than 2 metres to another person,
and many others.
I'm staying home, only going out for necessary medical appointments
and just had the influenza vaccine this afternoon, husband also.
These were due to begin April 1st but over 65yrs and people with 
chronic underlying health issues were able to have them
as from yesterday. The intention is to try and reduce the effect
on the medical systems of having to deal with any Covid 19 patients and influenza
patients at the same time.

We are now living in a different world - let's all try and keep safe and well
and hope that eventually this virus will be beaten.

Take Care


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Quilts, Crutches and Covid 19

This is the March photo on my calendar - as soon as I turned
the page over I thought immediately of
Wanda at
who is a fan of zebras!

Having been fighting a nasty infection for the past two weeks and doing a real good
job of damaging my knee (hence the crutches) my sewing has been nil.
Hopefully another week of physio and being careful will
mean I can get back to the machine.

Because of the above I'm very late in showing the finished Diamond quilt for my friend
 dealing with tremendous health issues.
This was couriered down to her and I was thrilled to have
a 'phone call as soon as she received it telling me how much she
loved it, she spotted the pear fabric immediately (see previous post).
 Green Guinea Flower
was the fabric I chose to bind with for continuity of the
filler shapes around the diamonds.

 Quilted  by Leeanne at
Quilt Me Kiwi
the pattern is Full Feathers
Quilt measures 49" x 73"

It was a great day for photographing, not too bright so what you see here
is spot on for colour.
Here's a close up of the quilting, shows beautifully
on the pear diamond, I loved the colour of the
 cotton Leeanne used.

The significance of this particular fabric was mentioned in my last post.

We are all aware of Covid 19 and the effect on world populations,
here in New Zealand our Prime Minister yesterday announced a raft of new
measures to be taken to hopefully limit the number of cases
which could develop in New Zealand.
She's doing a tremendous job. Not everyone will be happy with
the decisions but we need to do all we can to limit the spread.

On that note I'll end this brief post and go read all your latest blog
posts, sitting at the computer has been impossible at times so
I'm awfully late with my reading.

Sleep being difficult presently, I've been up bright and early
and the bonus has been seeing the glorious sunrise in the
mornings, I loved the pop of light blue  in the one below.

Until next time-
keep safe!!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Something different

The heat here in Auckland is wreaking havoc in the garden

I think these will be the last few blooms on my sweet peas!
Wish you could smell the scent - sensational!

Two posts ago I had a squirrel arrive in the studio - that particular one has decided to go 
back into hibernation, but a little friend stepped in

and it's quite a change for me!
This photo is from a Judy Newman book
Quilts for life made with Love
and she named it
Into the Woods.
Very old fashioned and definitely subdued but a few days ago
I was looking through a photo album which contains
the one and only photograph of my paternal Grandma,
she died when my Dad was 15yrs so of course I sadly
never knew her.
Had she been part of my life I like to think that at some point
I would have made a quilt for her.
I'm making it now.
This is going to be a simple Hourglass block, no Dresden Plates
and in honour of my Grandma will be known as
'Hannah's Garden"

Starting off with triangles, four of each fabric 

and ending up with three trays full including the one below

so far

just going on the wall to see if I like the feel of them - I do - so I'm going to
carry one and I'm feeling the need to see the end result quickly.
When I have the full amount stitched then I can play with placement.
However, the thought suddenly hit me that I needed a border fabric to
fit in with the fabrics, after a quick hunt in the stash I found one which I think
fits the bill.

The lighting for these two photos above is just shocking, apologies
but I will have two more up to date ones in my next post!!

Just to stress that the quilt above is a one out of the box for me, here are a few of my new
fabrics from Kaffe Collective 2020

back in a few days with my diamond quilt all quilted and bound,
see you all then.


Thursday, February 20, 2020

Ever feel as if your batteries need re-charging?????

I hadn't intended leaving it so long before posting again but the post title
says something about how I'm feeling presently.

I think the past few weeks with family and friend happenings
have had an effect on my mental and physical state and my quilting
has suffered.


My intention was to post the photo below for February from
my calendar on 1st February

obviously I'm a little late!

Taking me longer than I had intended is the completed top
for my very dear friend who's battling cancer.

The green Guinea Flower fabric forming the border edge
isn't showing true, it's somewhat brighter than in this photo.

I've stitched twice around the outside edges to prevent
the edge of the seams opening, so fingers crossed
all works out well when it's being quilted.
This is going up North to
to work her magic!

When down in my stitching haven I decided to muster
my energy and re-cover my ironing board, after
collecting the batting etc. I came back into the room to see I had a helper
who wasn't inclined to move.

Now a question re scraps.
I am overloaded with them and really have to get busy and sort them,
I do have most sorted by colour but there are thee huge bins
sitting in the corner of the room staring at me each time
I walk through the door!

What size do you regard  as a scrap?
Tiny odd sized pieces or a decent
size piece of fabric enough to cut a few shapes from
to use in a scrap quilt? Do you regard a fat or normal quarter as
a scrap?
I would be interested to know how many of you organise your scraps.

 A few handfuls at one time is the first step for me, some to work on

and it's only a small amount but will be ok for starters.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and in the meantime I'm
going to be planning projects and trying to
get myself back to normal!

Have a good weekend.