Waiting In The Wings

Saturday, September 12, 2020

As Bob Dylan says - The Times They Are A-Changin' - but I'm back writing a blog post!!

 It's been almost four weeks since I wrote a post and I confess haven't
read all your posts on a regular basis. I've had a busy time with clinic
visits and hospital visits and consultant visits.
I shared my cardiac issues some time ago and don't propose to
bring them up again here except to say I was left in no doubt at my last
visit to my cardiac consultant that things are more serious than I had thought.
Bearing that in mind I purchased some of the latest KF Collective fabric, purely to lift
my spirits and  I also have a finished top!!

Oh, this post is rather heavy on photographs, I give you fair warning!

I decided to add the extra border and so pleased that I went with that,
thank you for the comments left last post.
I'm Happy!
Measuring 38" square.

Half yards were the order of the day buying the new KF fabrics, the only
one I bought yardage of was the new colour Guinea Flower

but I do regret not taking a chance on yardage of Agate in the colour
scheme below

all the colours in this range are amazing.

Four new Spot fabrics were in the parcel

I love Merlot, the very top piece.

Thinking ahead I pulled out fabric for a quilt to be made at the end of the year
for our eldest grandson

I don't propose to use all of the solids shown.
Can you tell that I'm a fan of the Lotus Leaf design?

Here's the pattern  but there'll be a little re-thinking regarding the
strips on the diagonal

Next task was to decide which projects I had set aside no longer appealed
to me, first up was Stonewall so the book went back on the shelf
and the fabrics so far chosen went back into the stash. I really couldn't face sewing 
all those 2" HSTs!

I then remembered we were almost halfway through September and
I had a quilt to make for our eldest son, it was to be a surprise for his birthday
but then DH let the cat out of the bag and told him, needless to say
I wasn't too pleased.
This is an out and out kit and the pattern a Free Spirit freebie but it appealed
because eldest son likes Amish quilt (made him one years ago) and needing to keep things
simple at the moment I though this was a good compromise.

Centre and first border

second round added

The problem with the KF woven cottons is that they're so very fine
and it's a heck of a struggle to keep them straight, I remembered I had
an extremely light Vleiseline roll, just iron on and there
is no change to the drape of the fabric but it does add a little body
and makes sewing so much easier.

I'm steadily working on my Lego blocks and don't need to wear the wrist brace continually,

If you can bear a couple more photographs here's one of
the two visitors we had join us for breakfast during the week

please excuse all the weeds in the garden.
Here's a close up below of a lonesome rosella 

Now I'm going to get a hold of a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit and 
catch up with reading your blog posts.

Keep safe and well amidst the mayhem in the world right now.


Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Slow but Steady - 3rd Border

I've reverted for this post to Legacy, I cannot find a solution
to lose the double line spacing!!
As we will have to change regardless next month I need
to try and work out a solution, if possible.

 I now have the third border on my  Medallion quilt

Kaffe Collective fabrics used again.
I cropped the photo because this quilt top
is on my movable design wall  
  (needs a new cover and is pretty tatty looking) which leans up against my
permanently fixed wall, difficult to achieve a tidy shot,
also a wrist brace doesn't help much.

I've changed the measurements of the border again from the
one in the original pattern, this latest one finishes at 3".
Measuring 36 and 1/2" at the moment.
I like this little piece just as it is and now I'm not sure about 
adding the next two pieced and one plain border, any thoughts??

That's all I  have to show this post, more next time.,
until then take care and keep safe and enjoy your quilting time.

NOTE: This post looks to be going from Legacy to the new interface
as I write it!!! Patience needed.


Monday, August 10, 2020

Back to sewing - slowly

 I'd like to say a big thank you here to everyone who sent me their best wishes,
following my last post, I was really in a bad place with the pain in my arm and hand
 so your good wishes helped raise my spirits.

Before I continue I have reverted back to Legacy blogger because trying to write this post I
seem to be having double line spacing with the new interface and can find no way to change to single,
is anyone else having this problem, have blogger changed the setting?

Last post I was here

with my Medallion quilt.

All quilting and typing came to a stop as a hook shape bone spur on 
the very tip of my R elbow hooked up my ulnar nerve going down to
the inside of my arm and hand. Apparently I screamed as it happened!
Tendon is very inflamed, pinkie and ring finger are affected, weakened and with
grip problems
and also my wrist.
Wearing a brace now, told to use
it all the time for up to 3 months and over the past four days I have been able to
get to the machine for a little time each day.

So two days ago  I was here

and you will see that the points on four sides are chopped off,
this is the pattern!! Actually I quite like the look but I was surprised when
I read that they were to be 'sacrificed'.
The first narrow border should have been black following the pattern instructions
but I did my own thing and went with some AMH fabric.
My stitching leaves a little to be desired here and there but
it's so awkward with my right hand braced.

Yesterday I worked a little more on the quilt and again this
morning and now I am here

and once again I've gone my own way because the top and bottom borders
were supposed to be small HSTs and I knew that was a no go right now so
I just used two simple strips. The colours are showing darker again, I'll try and figure out what
the problem is by next post.
The inner border is 1" finished and the outer ones 2" finished and the
present measurement is 24 and 1/2" square. 
I'm going to have to re-think the next few borders as I can't take on lots
of stitching with small pieces.
Something tells me my Postage Stamp blocks may be on hold for a while!

Let's see if the two close-ups I took are true to colour

and no, they are too dark!!

I've been reading a lot, having after lunch naps, swallowing
pain meds and watching favourite videos!
 I haven't read any blogs, but I'll get back into my routine tomorrow.
I've also enjoyed daily wanderings in the garden to see what's coming into early 
Spring like bloom.

Here's a favourite daylily

and two beautiful camellias

taken after a rain shower.
That's all from me right now, it has taken me
for ever to produce this post, hopefully the next one will
be a speedier process.

Keep safe and well.


Friday, July 31, 2020

Time Out

A quick left handed written  note to say I won't be posting for a few days I've damaged my right forearm and wrist  waiting for xray results and ultrasounds to begin the diagnosis process.
I hd  worked a little more on my squirrel quilt and ihope tovget back into it soon i shall be reading blogs but forgive me for no typing comments,


Monday, July 27, 2020

Guess what I found in my studio today

No escaping the fact that a squirrel is around and just
as I'm busy with my Green Diamond quilt!

I'm putting this together in two halves, easier than hauling the whole quilt-in-progress
to the machine and then the ironing table.
Left hand side done, first long strip for the right ready and waiting for tomorrow.
I'm really happy with how this is progressing.
Close up below and hooray, the points seem to be meeting up just fine!

The appearance of the new squirrel means that the Lego blocks will be
on hold until Wednesday, six blocks right now just pinned on the wall.
 I'm loving this project, lucky that I had heaps of strips cut 
because my die cutter with three convenient strip sizes has patches
of rust on the blades. Careful use of a fine nail file seems to have
worked somewhat, I can get a clean cut now but only with
two layers of fabric.

So, moving on from Lego and onto the squirrel.

Today saw the start of the centre of a Medallion quilt, more elements need to be added
before I can stitch these together.
I think I may be hooked on strips because there are more to come,
a few already cut

and more to cut tomorrow

and these will all be going into the Medallion quilt mentioned
early in this post.
You might just guess that my new Sue Ross book  
 is the cause of this visit from the squirrel.
I see more squirrels on the horizon.

Maybe I need to slow down a little, I'm on a high right now
and don't want to go down the other side of the hill.

Gardening?? Not at the moment but the weeds are going
crazy with all the rain, but flowering at the moment
are the Japanese Anemone, I think they're also known
as Windflowers.

I had a couple of other mentions but they too will have to wait
until my next post because DH tells me the apple pie and cream
is ready for the eating!! 
Be seeing you.

Stay safe in this upside down world of ours right now.


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Back in my Happy Place!!

Computer issues sorted and new blogger working OK for me,
so yes, here I am in my happy place

ready to look through my Kaffe books and re-visit quilts flagged
as possibles to make some time ago, my patchwork notebook from my husband for jotting
ideas, a Laurel Burch mug gifted to me from a local
patchwork shop many years ago, packed with pens and pencils and last,
but not least  my beautiful bright mug rug gifted from 
a little while ago. She said she thought I would like the colours and she was so right!!

I have all the books by Kaffe apart from two, my first love when I came to quilting 
were Amish quilts, then I discovered KF fabrics and books and my fate was sealed!

However, I'm also a fan of other designer fabrics and above a few new ones
and the top three from

I'm still making progress with Green Diamonds and my Postage Stamp squares
and also using up some of the strips shown in my last post I've made a start
on a Lego quilt, three blocks only right now.

In the planning stage is a quilt from this book

by Kathy Doughty

this particular quilt has the title 'Madness'
and you can see why

there is no pattern but ideas for
materials, preparation, elements to include and assembly.

On the subject of books I made a purchase last week of the book below
by Sue Ross

first glance at a review had me thinking it was going to be totally focused on
applique/broderie perse
but looking at the few photos shown there I was wrong. 
I have now added four more quilts to my waiting list.
It's an expensive purchase  published by Quiltmania but I''m sure
it may be possible to check with your local library, they may have it on their shelves soon.

Apologies for this long post, I think my mojo is back again and you are all
suffering the consequences in this post.

Following a a medical appointment on Monday at the surgery
 husband and I called in the delicious book shop in the main street,
we are regular visitors and customers but our intention that day was to just browse,
plans are sometimes made to be broken, mine were because heading back to the exit 
I came upon the most beautiful book I think I have ever seen.

Adriana is a botanical artist and each page not only
has a particular flower but the opposite page is given over to a wealth
of information about the plant.

The cover just gives you a tiny hint of what you find inside the book.

I think I had better disappear now but I have two more photos, one of a camellia 
and one of a naughty tuxedo kitty who is very curious and decided to
spend a little time in the laundry room

and this is what I found!
Don't worry, she wasn't in any danger,  no power connected
and I am always very aware of checking out the dryer and washing machine doors
before using. This is the first time I have ever seen her do this.

Last photo, the first Camellia Japonica to flower in my garden this Winter

and goes by the name of Dr Clifford Parks.

To those of you who have managed to make your way to this point without
falling asleep enjoy the rest of your week.
Keep safe and well.