Waiting In The Wings

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Springtime, The Squirrel Club and a finish

Let's go with the finish first.

The binding of this quilt below was delayed, due in no small
part to the fact that I am currently on my fourth round of antibiotics
in five weeks!
However, I summoned the energy yesterday to have a finish, no photo of the bound quilt
until next time, I've left it too late in the day to photograph outside.

I went with the AMH border fabric for the binding

and decided to forego hand stitching down on the back
and used the machine saving me quite some time.

My Squirrel project - see sidebar - is a Scrap Vortex quilt.
I had decided to work with decent size pieces of fabric to save time, but
somehow I found they were going smaller!
Excuse the 'rough and ready' photo below, the gridded flannel
needs straightening.

Much as I enjoy this quilt
there is a limit on the time I can spend working on it before
I lose control of my eyes!!
Instead of going with set size blocks I'm working as if
piecing a jigsaw in that I sew chunks and then fit them in wherever I can and cut to size
 when necessary, having said that there are a couple of 12' blocks in there.

Spring seems to finally be here for us in New Zealand, we've had a few
sunny days and the garden is coming alive again.

I have a huge clump of Clivia which put on a wonderful show
each year, sadly the snails and slugs enjoy a nightly feast on them.

 Always a harbinger of Spring is our Japanese Maple, I love
the lime green of the new leaves.

Last, but not least, the hellebores.

I have the room for two more plants in this area so a visit to the garden centre
will be on the agenda this coming weekend.
Bluebells are peeping up and should be flowering soon.

We're watching the news here of the hurricane heading for
the East coast of America and what a monster!

Thinking of all who are in the path of Florence as I write this,
keep safe.


Monday, September 3, 2018

A dry spell for quilting!

Just over three weeks since I last posted, that must be the longest spell
without a post since I began blogging!!
It's been a while for various reasons but I'll show you
the sum of my quilting over this lean period.

First up the quilt for my daughter was quilted by
Leeanne at quiltmekiwi.blogspot.com/
if you head over to her blog you'll see good photos of the quilt, better than
I have below!
It's been pouring with rain here, not ideal for outdoor photos.

The central blocks were from a QAL with Sujata Shah, she blogs
over at
The Root Connection
and the pattern is Rail Fence.

The border is an Anna Maria Horner fabric from  her
Sweet Dreams collection

The quilting, as mentioned earlier is by
Leeanne at Quilt Me Kiwi,
I went with the Plump Swirls pattern in order to
soften the angular lines in the blocks
You can see the pattern on the back of quilt below.

Remember my Tula Pink Plus One quilt ?

I'm going to quilt this in three sections, something that's been on my radar
for a while.
There was quite a good amount of fabric left from piecing the top and that's
been cut into strips for  the backing.
The first section for quilting covers the blue bees down to the
racoon fabric.

I had to do little piecing here and there and was out of the bottom aqua racoon on pink so
went with the reverse colourway - you will see I have
a two headed pink racoon!

And that is all I have done in my three weeks, I have  been fiddling
around in the studio trying to find a better working
set up - without much success!

On a sunny day we headed over to see our two youngest grandsons, they
 live just a couple of minutes walk from the beach - how about this view
as you're making sand castles or paddling in the sea.

Rangitoto in all her splendour sitting out in the Gulf.

Time to power up the machine and get creating,
back soon,
have a good quilting week.


Sunday, August 12, 2018

A sunny Sunday - a flimsy, flowers and a super sunrise

I began my day at 6.30am, I always try and catch
the sunrise

this one was a real beauty!

Since my last post I have a flimsy finish- Freshly Squeezed - but
I could only take a quick photo draped
across the old garden bench, I'll try and post another one later.

54" wide and 66" long, 6" finished blocks.
These pieces were left over from my Chinese Coin challenge, see below,
with AdHoc Improvisational Quilters.

A Taste Of The Orient

I still have heaps of strips left over, somewhere in the future
there will probably be another quilt in these colours.

I've been pondering on the present challenge with
AHIQ  -  Maps and Mappings  - 
you can read all about the challenge from Ann
or click on the sidebar button if you'd like to know more about the blog.

I had jotted down my ideas and a few days ago happened
to visit the local book store, I came home with this book.

I'll post a little more on this in a later post but for the moment I'll share
a few words from the author in her preface where she explains that this is not a 
textbook, nor the work of a scholar, but a book "that invites the reader
on a journey from map to map, to let their imagination run free ..."
The last six words decided me on which of my ideas was the
one calling to me 100%.

On to the flowers.
A wander in the garden as we head for September, the official
first month of Spring here in New Zealand, yielded a touch of white with this

and this arum lily just beginning to unfurl, I love the
movement here.

Don't you think the curves are just wonderful?

That's me for the day, almost lunchtime and then time to bury
my head in a book for a little while.

Back during the week - happy quilting until then.


Monday, July 30, 2018

Oops!! Two weeks since my last post

It's hard to believe that August will be upon us on Wednesday,
what happened to July???

A package of new fabric miraculously arrived on my doorstep

these are marked for a new project later in the year.

I've been adding borders to a piece made for a
challenge with AHIQ - you can check out this dedicated blog
with the button on my sidebar. You can see I'm sticking with
the Ad Hoc theme by not having consistent borders.
She also has a name now - Playtime.

This is where I'm at presently, not much further to go and
I'm hoping this will be a finished top by the end of August.
I'll post here and also on AHIQ.
There is an interesting challenge for the contributors
to the AHIQ blog - Maps and Mapping, check this out if you can.

I love the Perle cottons used by many of us for our
quilting and spotted five variegated lovelies the other day

these came home with me and now live with my others in their 
new home

a decorated tin
purchased from our local Garden Centre along with a larger size

I knew they wouldn't be on the shelf for long, my husband wondered
why I had intended buying bulbs and came home with these!

You know by now that I love blooms whether newly opened or
fading, here is the last of my roses one week after picking.

Don't you just love the colours?

See you soon, have a good quilting week.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Squirrel Club

If you look on my right hand sidebar you can see
a cute graphic headed The Squirrel Club and if
you click there you will be taken to a
post from
explaining how the Squirrel Club began and what
we're doing right now.

Cut to the chase, we're playing with our scraps and
sewing up a storm with a Scrap Vortex quilt inspired
by the design from
Amanda Jean
blogging at

Progress to date:
sorting scraps and trimming into squares and rectangles

then stitching into pairs

and  making use of fussy cut pieces left over from my
Gypsy Wife quilt top.

I was too impatient to sew all the pairs I need before
creating a couple of blocks.
These are 12 and 1/2", they won't all be this size but
I've yet to finalise my setting plan.

I wrote in my last post about my 'serious quilting'
which was going to happen over the past week. Given
that we were told of the deaths of three people, two of whom
my husband had been friends with since school day, plus
bad news about kitty Leila - she was discovered to have
luxating patellas Grade 1
 in both hind legs just after we had
given her a home -  we  learned last week
that in two years they have progressed
to Grade 3, therefore the sum of my serious
quilting can be seen in the photos in this post!

I'll finish up now, time to play nurse with a syringe full
of medicine for Leila.

Hope you're all enjoying your quilting,
see you in a few days.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

A very cold Saturday, de-stashing and Improv

I've just come back home after selling
excess books and fabrics at our monthly
Guild meeting.
It's very cold and grey outside but the
wonderful sunrise gave me a good start.

I've been really busy the past two weeks carrying out some
de-stashing of fabrics for my sale and the same with my books,
very little actual quilting has been going on.

Some of you might recall the start of an improv medallion
with AdHocImprovQuilters early 2017, I came to a
stop with the central portion and couldn't decide
on where to go next.

Due to the formation of a dedicated blog - please see the
button right hand sidebar and do go visit - it was suggested invited contributors
give an update on improv quilts made earlier.
My update was pretty sparse, just this unfinished piece
and my Chinese Coins.
I was stirred into action to work again on this piece following
a comment - a nice one.

Next round of borders going on, churn dash blocks re-purposed from my
parts box, I rejected these from an earlier quilt. Of course you can see 
I left the odd few threads in there - too much of hurry to
get this post off.

A finish with a lovely wee flower from my
back garden border, I believe it's some sort of creeping geranium,
do I love the colour!!

I'll be back during the week after some serious