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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Ready for Red is a Neutral and quilts on doors

Dealing with Red is a Neutral first off.
This is the invitational with
and the back story is on their blog.

I'm going with a Liberated Wedding Ring
inspired by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran. 

Today I stitched four 7 and1/2" blocks using
a stack of reds, a heap of scraps and Vilene as the
foundation for the strips.

Four of the small blocks form the ring as below

but the effect of twenty of these larger blocks with all the red could
be a bit too much for the eye so I'm going to sash them

more of these are set down for tomorrow.

You might remember the two small quilts shown below.
It's pretty impossible to have quilts hanging in our living room,
we have two large sets of glass doors, but our entrance and
hallway is a good spot and  my two "top" ladders are in there

I came to the conclusion that small works would look good
hanging on the doors - laundry and the first bedroom
leading off the long hall.

Sailing Through Suez

Chinese Coins

The doors look as if they need a good clean, but I can assure
that's not the case, they're off-white and the
angle of my photograph throws shadows here and there.

Apologies to those who read this blog and also AHIQ
as I have a post over there as well! 

Happy Quilting


Monday, February 11, 2019

Unconventional and Unexpected & multiplying quilt ladders

Remember the photo in my last post
of the new quilt ladder, five quilt tops waiting to be quilted displayed.
Now there are two ladders

and ten quilt tops!!
Bit of shock to see them all hanging there, but I could work my way
steadily through them.

I had forgotten my large quilt ladder

with two more!

Okay, only twelve - oops,  I had also missed the ones hanging on
a wooden towel stand - another five - by this time I couldn't face taking
another photograph of any more unquilted tops, nor the three basted and
ready to go under the needle!!

A little time was spent playing with more blocks for
the UANDUQAL (short version), as well as taking care of dear husband (actually 
quite a lot of time)
who, for reasons unknown had once more developed swelling in one
elbow the size of an orange! Visit to doc who thought just bursitis even though
last time this happened he ended up a day later on IV antibiotics.

Guess what, same procedure. By the next day he had developed cellulitis almost down to
his wrist, and yes you guessed it again,  over the next three days daily IV
infusions to knock the infection on the head. followed by oral antibiotics.
Presently he's on another visit to check if the infection has gone into the bone,  my
fingers are firmly crossed on this one.

Onto lighter matters - playtime with blocks below.

Excuse the wonky photography.
These blocks are not placed as they will be when all 20 are completed,
it's just easier to have them on the wall to help me work out fabric choices
for the remaining 11 blocks.

That's it from me for today but here's a lovely little rose 
surviving pretty well in the heat we're experiencing here. She just developed 
black spot on her leaves, as I don't spray with chemicals it's too bad!

Have a great week and happy quilting.


Saturday, February 2, 2019


Not a very inspiring post title I know, we've been having a heatwave all week
and it's been too hot for me to think of quilting, at least serious quilting.
This morning I'm rushing because I'm off to check out a new iPhone
I've been thinking of buying.

We did make a brief visit to a store to buy this bamboo quilt
ladder, $NZ 27, not bad. I just needed something to use for
hanging some of my quilt tops, it's presently sitting in the
entrance hall and providing some colour, goes pretty well with a
pastel art by my hubby and the old desk.
Wish I had bought two!
Side by side they would have hidden the wire you can see in the photo.

I had two quilts returned from

 shame about the sun on the RH side.

Backing is the KF wide fabric  below

just needs binding now but I'm waiting for a cooler day!

The other quilt I'll show soon.

The only other sewing was a few blocks for the
two below

more to come later posted here and over on
Basket full of Scraps.

All for now, must get to the store.
Happy quilting!


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Quilts, Quilts and more Quilts..........

I laid out my plans for the year in my last but one post,
but I was a little low on the number of planned quilts
and ones already in the cutting stages. I'll cover these as I work through them.

First off is my change of plan with the
Unconventional and Unexpected Quilt Along
hosted by 

I went with my original choice and
below I have a few of the blocks for the quilt 

which is
"Cross"/Four Patch
page 80
the book by Roderick Kiracofe
Unconventional & Unexpected

The second is I've 'signed up' for the 
invitational with 
I'm cutting triangles presently for this one

which us going to be a
Liberated Wedding Ring
from the book 
Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again

Click on the hashtags in labels at the bottom
of my post to catch up with what's happening
with these two exciting projects.

This would be too long a post to list the other projects that seem
to have suddenly appeared
so I'll end here and save the remainder for future posts.

Two quilts came back yesterday after quilting and I'll
post these when I have the binding on.

Closing with a photo from the garden, a heck of a big hydrangea bloom!

Happy quilting and see you soon!


Thursday, January 10, 2019

A start on the Unconventional and Unexpected Quilt Along

I mentioned a little about this in my last post but
not that it was going to be a QAL.

Hosted by Sujata from The Root Connection - link in my last post -
this QAL is on 
 do go along and visit all taking part.

I'm choosing fabrics, lots of brights.

and I'll be posting progress mostly over
on Basket full of Scraps  but also
a little here.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Plans for 2019

It's almost been too hot here
in Auckland, New Zealand to think about quilting plans
for the year ahead but I've jotted a few
details below.

First - an exciting project from
Sujata Shah over at The Root Connection blog
involving the book
Unconventional and Unexpected: American Quilts Below The Radar 1950-2000
by Roderick Kiracofe
More information on this very soon.

Second - joining in this year with Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2019
hosted by
Angela at soscrappy blog
I've passed on this for two years but have a definite project ready to go.
I've pulled the red fabrics below for the month of January

Third - continue playing with
 Kaja and Ann at AHIQ:Improvisational Utility Quilts
project to be decided.

 Fourth - my intention is to try and post more of my scrappy makes
Oh!Scrap  hosted by Cynthia at 
Quilting is more fun than Housework

You can find the buttons for these on the sidebar

Of course there are other quilts I plan on making,
one will be using the fabrics below together with one solid, I have a pattern in mind.
Not my usual KF Collective bright and bold but it's always good
to try something new now and again.

Add to the mix above the fact that I have four overflowing bins of scraps, therefore
scrappy quilts will be on the agenda, lots of ideas for these, some of them string quilts.

I shall continue on with my Memory Quilts based on childhood and
plan to make more small pieces covering my sea travels to New Zealand
via Suez and back to the UK through Panama, naturally not
all during 2019!! Two of the above have already featured on my blog,
Sailing through Suez and Red Sea Sunset
were made a little while ago.There will be two new Pages at the top
of my blog 
Memories of a Magical Childhood
Around the World

That's it from me, but here's another Hydrangea to close this post.