Waiting In The Wings

Friday, June 8, 2018

Taking a break

I've been pretty lax with my blogging lately, due
for the most part to heath issues.

After three weeks of hospital/clinic visits for a number of problems and
cardiac tests all Wednesday morning I feel the need to
concentrate on relaxing and waiting to see what
comes from all the investigations. 

Because of all that's going on in my life at the moment
I've decided to not post anything on my blog for the next two weeks or so,
I hope by then to be in a position to know what's happening
on the medical side and will hopefully be in a happier frame of mind
and ready to go forward.

I'm still going to be quilting as and when I feel I have the energy
and will definitely be sitting reading blog posts from
all of you, how could I not - they are now, and will be over
the next two weeks, a very welcome part of my days.

Happy quilting, take care and I'll be back soon.


Saturday, June 2, 2018

June already

June began at our place with a beautifully sunny day,
today just the opposite, cold and windy.

I've been working on my Plus One quilt, progress as of yesterday below

and so far my favourite character is
the owl below.

I've strayed a little from the original quilt, which sparked my
interest in making one just the same, I'm fussy cutting
for the creatures in the 6" blocks.
The same procedure for the two 3" pieces either side of the rows,
 but here I've done a reverse fussy cut.

This morning I'm onto the squirrels and they're a different
fussy cut setting again, they'll be parading about
in the next post.

Winter is now with us and I realised early yesterday morning that
the oak tree in the next door garden was looking pretty bare,

but I do still have a few flowers in the garden, this vireya was
soaking up the sun and celebrating 1st June yesterday,

colourwise it's a pretty good match with the pinks in the
Plus One quilt.

The China Doll trees have huge long seed pods now,
they provided a good breakfast for this guy

and I wish I could have moved closer too him but he was off too quickly.

Back to the squirrels now but I'm heading off to 
make the link up with
Linda at kokaquilts
for Sew,Stitch,Snap,SHARE
hope to see you there.

Oh, before I go, I guess by now everyone knows
about the problem we're all having with blogger, no email
notification of comments, I'll still try and get a response out to any commenters,
but it may take me a little longer.

Enjoy the weekend and happy quilting until next time.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pottering and playing with something new with Tula Pink

Watching Katie Pasquini Masopust on The Quilt Show
last week she had a great idea for hanging strips.
This was ideal for keeping some of my strips
tidy instead of in a jumble in the bin.

So, rings hanging either on a door, the wall or a rail,
safety pins holding strips together, could be in colour order, or not,
 depending what they're being used for, threaded
onto the rings. Cut off then length you need as you along, give them
a shake at the end of the day - no creases or wandering threads!

Looking through my KF books I flagged quilts which I'd like
to make, however I only worked on four books

and you can see the amount of markers!!
As I have another 16 books to go through I think a culling
session will be in order - no way will I be making all 
these quilts!

But I have made a start on a new quilt.
I don't think I posted my Tula Pink All Stars collection when
they arrived a few weeks ago, some of them shown below

and I should have posted them in three or four photos
to truly show them off to their best.

Plus One is a pattern in the newest book from
Tula Pink and Angela Walters, which just happens to be
on my shelf.
A quilter from Aussie on Instagram @goneaussiequilting had made this
pattern up with the All Stars range, I loved it and along with a few 
other quilters asked if she would mind if we made the
very same quilt using her colour setting, she gave us the
go ahead!

Above is the top border and then the first row - only stuck
on the flannel wall - is made up of squares and pluses and  will be 60" across.
I'll have a better photo next time, the colours are
more vibrant than they're showing here.

This is a project which makes me feel like doing nothing else but
hiding in my little studio all day with these luscious fabrics, not
actually possible because of the arthritis in my hands but I'm
using a timer to work in short bursts.

I think the bright colour fans will enjoy watching this all come
together row by row.
I should have more to show in my next post
but as John and I are celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversay
tomorrow, 25th May, it will be next week before much gets done around here.
We have a family lunch Sunday, we're looking forward to that and probably
a day of rest will be needed the next day!

 I'm off now to do another 30 minutes on the quilt,
 hope you all enjoy the rest of the week.


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

On Wednesday

Wednesday and it's a wet one - again!

Frog Frenzy came back from the quilter - thanks Leeanne -
and is now bound and labelled. 

Photographed between the rain showers and with the wind blowing I
just couldn't get a full photo.

For the backing I used the last strip of Frog fabric down the centre, found the
yellow with stars in my stash and had to add other left over
pieces to bring it up to size for long arm quilting.

Bound using the excess inches trimmed after the quilting, see below.

Some of you may have seen this photo below on Instagram,
as I was trying to finish the binding I was joined by my
furry companion - the quality controller!

Due to wearing hand splints over the past ten days quilting has 
taken a back seat but in addition to finishing
Frog Frenzy ready to gift to Sam I was able to
sew the borders on the quilt from my last post.

Once again trying to dodge the wind and rain it had
to be photographed outside on the old deck.

The AMH fabric borders are 8" wide, this is a stunning print but
not possible to have two side borders exactly the same due to the size of the repeat
and the flowers all going in the same direction, not a good
look to have one border with flowers up and the other with
them down - I tried it!!
However, the top and bottom borders were easy to change
direction as they were running side to side.

A closer look at the borders below.

Splints are only needed for a few hours each day now
so back to the machine.

I'm linking up with
Julie hosting Sew,Stitch,Snap,SHARE
there's sure to be lots to see!
Hope you'll go visit.