Waiting In The Wings

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hot Summer Nights and Days & Freshly Squeezed

Last post but one I showed a new quilt I'd begun using my
left over fabrics from Chinese Coins,
Raewyn at stitchingfarmgirl 
said it reminded her of things sweet and sour and this gave me
the idea for the name
Freshly Squeezed - oranges, lemons, limes all in the mix

and this is the progress made so far, not much!

Due to pretty messy cardiac problems (in addition to other chronic health issues)
life has slowed down considerably for me, my quilting is
sadly missing out! I don't even have the energy to read blog posts sometimes
so I have lots of catching up to do, I'm hoping to do that after the evening meal
when the weather is a little cooler. The heat and humidity is making life
uncomfortable at the moment here in Auckland, difficult to sleep .
 The sun is just baking the ground, roll on Autumn
as far as I"m concerned!

I've been photographing in the garden early in the morning,
here is a lovely rose

Brother Cadfael

sadly showing signs of black spot on the leaves.

Below is a black stemmed hydrangea, this is a new hybrid, I usually
stick to the old fashioned plants but loved the colour so it's now in
our side garden bed.

Three years ago I planted a few gladioli, sadly they haven't performed too
well for me and this year I was down to only two flowering.

We have a large Japanese Maple in the garden with my old lichen covered
garden bench right under the canopy, this has been the perfect place to
sit in the shade and relax and read Quiltfolk magazines accompanied
by my little follower 

who prefers to be up high watching the birds!

A few bloggers wrote that they would interested on my thoughts
about the Quiltfolk magazine, this will have to be in my next post
as my concentration is not the best at the moment.

 I'm hoping I can get back into regular blogging and more quilting again
pretty soon but until next time
Happy Quilting!

Oh, almost forgot I'm going to link with
Linda and Julie
hope you'll go and visit, lots to see.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Strips Galore and Sew,Stitch,Snap,SHARE

We've had a lot going on around here so time at
my sewing machine has been almost non-existent,
however, I have made four more blocks today for my
Mardi Gras quilt.

I have a couple of tubs of scraps by the side of my machine,
chunks, clean up cuts, plain old left-overs from lots of quilts and

I'm just digging in and going with what comes out,

this strip was too wide but I just sew and cut to length,
 press, then use my ruler to trim to the width
I want.

After setting myself the target of making four blocks this afternoon
I now have 12 blocks, just another 24 to go! Blocks are 12" finished
and it goes without saying that most of these scraps are
my favourite bright and bold KF Collective fabrics, with a few
other additions from over the years.

 Still playing around with possible arrangements but had a break because
of this distraction arriving on our doorstep this morning,

four Quiltfolk magazines - I thought about this magazine when it first became available
but the cost had me hesitating,  decided to go for it last week and
when I checked on the subscription costs found they were also
offering the first four issues at half price - too good an offer to pass up.

Before linking for Sew,Stitch,Snap,SHARE   two 
rose photos.
A "Peace" rose opened for a few days and saved from the rain

and another photo from two days ago

That's it from me, hope you'll go and visit
Linda at Kokaquilts
week 17 of Sew,Stitch,Snap.SHARE
see you soon.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sew,Stitch,Snap,SHARE #16

Hooray, I'm actually getting a post up on time to join the link
Linda and Julie
and this time I'm using up leftovers from Chinese Coins
shown below

so with lots of strips

and chunks of the fabrics used and tossed in my scrap bin

I'm going for more plain and simple.

Four strips measuring 2" x 6 and 1/2" cut
and sewn
then placed on the design wall

these will be 6" square when sewn together, I really should
have liked 8" finished but some of my strips were not quite long enough.
It's not the best time of day to take photos, too late in the afternoon
and the light is going, the colour is much brighter than shown here.
Chinese Coins gives an idea of the true colours.
By the way these are all Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics.

I'm hoping to spend some time making lists tomorrow -
projects I would like to sew top of the list.
Two I have in mind need quite a bit of concentration,  these will sit
and wait for a couple of weeks.

Enjoy the rest of your week and don't forget the
link with Julie and Linda at the top of this post.


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Teapots and a 5"square swap - a productive day!

 Julie at justjulielou suggested that she and I have a swap of 5" squares,
she would send me Anna Maria Horner in exchange for
Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics

and just look at the lovely selection she sent.
I have only a handful of AMH fabrics in my stash
but I've cut 5" squares (below) from those to add to the swap
from Julie, along with more from different designers.

I'm thinking of a throw size quilt and luckily I have
a few Amy Butler, Heather Ross, Victoria Findlay Wolfe
plus other designers to add to the mix.

I'm cutting 2" squares from my Jinny Beyer fabrics, these
will be going into the quilt.

Remember my KF teapots??
Three for the second row now all appliqued, two
more rows to go and then a hunt for the perfect sashing and border.

I've also found a few quiet minutes to wander in the garden, lots of roses beginning
to bloom, I was surrounded by the scent from all these
old roses.

I love this very soft pink/peach David Austin  - sadly I've forgotten
her name!

Another favourite are my Rugosas,
below is the bud of Rugosa 'Alba'

here she is below fully open, a single Rugosa.

Then we have Rugosa "Blanc Double de Coubert"
in all her glory

with her glorious perfume. Open the garden gate into
the back garden and you're in heaven!!
These roses are very, very hardy - no wonder because they
have the most lethal prickles I've ever seen, even Leila
doesn't try to chew these stems!