Waiting In The Wings

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

taking a break - literally - and sadly

 well my friends this will be my last post for quite some time.

last thursday pulling out a few weeds by my path my neurological disorder kicked in, i lost my balance and use of legs briefly and headin g face down on to the concrete path, to try and save myself i put out my left hand to stop the fall, soon as my hand hit the groun d  i felt and heard the crac ks and crunch after crawling a few yards using r hand i was ab le to make it to gthe house before looking at my hand whic h was now twisted with obvious displacement of bone

 taken to local emergency clinic, x rays the extent of the damage severe off to the nain hospital emegency department, great team told me i had really done a major. tried closed reduction to try line the sheared radial bone, other bones moved and quite a number of fragments as bones had sheared.  ligaments partly torn been in hospital, allowed hoome yesterday for two days go back tomorrow 5am for surgery which i am dreading but without it they have told me straight up i would have a totally useless hand ,with isurgery and plates in with screws and so on at least i should be able to function but there is a long road ahead with casts, braces it support, physio and so on.

as you can imagine i am devestated and sit here in my cosy room surrounded by my lovingly collected fabrics with tears dripping down my face, i had makin g a collection  of aquas for a quilt just for myself so that will a long time off now.

i can use the index r hand finger to type this and whilst morphine dulls the pain it also dulls the senses

please make every minute of you quilting count at least i will be able to read your posts and your latest news

take good care of yourselv es and happy quilyin g


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Welcome to 2022

 My hydrangeas are already changing colour - love it when this happens
and we have the muted antique tones.

So, here we are into another year and I hope we all stay happy, healthy and safe and
can make lots of quilts!

In a previous post I showed the beginnings of a quilt for our eldest grandson
here below

I loved the way I had set up the border but still wasn't happy with the Plus blocks,
I spent ages faffing around and in the end decided to 'close the door' on this
particular design and begin again. The border pieces are saved for use in a future project.

A book by Jen Kingwell had interested me a few months ago

and this quilt in particular

but I wanted more colour, especially for the two solids, shown above
as a grey and mustardy colour. I also had a few doubts about the 
patterned squares, as I often do I changed a few things around.

My choice for the solids shown below

and I decided on the large squares to be 16 patch, bearing in mind that
there would be some waste.
However, I went ahead. The triangles are actually sewn on as squares and then
cut on the diagonal, I decided to sew another line 1/2" from the centre
in order to have mini blocks after cutting between the two stitched lines.

Here are three finished sample blocks along with a side rectangular piece

and I also have the left over mini pieces below

Apart from playing with this new project I've been carrying on with reorganising
my fabric storage and generally having a tidy up in my room here, also
listing future projects and deciding which of the few already in the works
will reach the finish line first!

So, back to work now in a beautifully air-conditioned room escaping
the terrific heat outside! See you next week.


Saturday, December 18, 2021

Heading towards the end of 2021

Only 13 more days before we reach the last day of 2021,
 I'm hoping that 2022 will be an improvement!

There's nothing exciting to show in this post, frankly I haven't had the energy
nor enthusiasm nor health  this year to enjoy much time in my little sewing haven but I'm hoping
that will change in 2022. My batteries desperately need re-charging, my little studio
needs an overhaul and I'm going to work
on both over the next two weeks.

Two areas I need to address:

the contents above  from one of my four scrap bins.
For many years I just tossed pieces large and small into these bins, no sorting whatsoever,
no neat storage containers for each colour and now I am paying the price!

The mound of fabric you see above actually measures 35" in width,
29" in depth and 18" high - that's a lot of sorting and as I say, I do have four bins of the same size, at least I thought
I had four but it seems I do have two more in a spare closet, I had forgotten about them but DH
found them!

You can see I also have a good collection of strips and strings,
one container of three shown here, 18" x 12" and these also need sorting.
I see a lot of time spent with an iron in my hand remedying the situation!

Before making a start on these chores in the last few days of 2021 my time will be spent, I hope,
relaxing under the maple tree in the garden with a stack of books,  sharing
 lunch on Christmas Day with our family at our eldest son's home, very
handy because  he lives on the opposite side of the road just five houses along.
We are still wearing masks and living lives under what is known as the
Traffic Light System, hopefully it will work with managing Covid cases. 

One good thing right now is that the garden is blooming - good for the soul -
I was able to collect a few flowers to place on Mum's resting place remembering her
birthday on the 9th.

Alstromeria, hydrangeas, lavender, dahlias and one of my much loved
roses Buff Beauty. The yellow and pink dahlia is one from my new collection,
named Pacific Ocean.

Reverse  I placed a sprig of Philadelphus, this has a glorious perfume.

Well, I think I'm going to finish up now and leave you with a photo of
my Pacific Ocean dahlia and wish you all lots of love and happiness
for Christmas and see you in New Year 2022.

Love and God Bless


Thursday, December 2, 2021

A little more progress - a new quilt

My last post I was debating which binding to use on
Dolly Mixtures I had a photo of two binding samples against the quilt and asked
for thoughts on which to go with.
Julie aka quiltdivajulie
said in her comment that she was torn between the two shown and the backing
fabric I intending using could influence her choice - good point made.

I've decided on the Green Guinea Flower to go with the bright backing,
this fabric has been sitting on the shelf for a number of years, the many coloured parrots
nicely fit with the fabrics in Dolly Mixtures.

It's been a slow two weeks involving a visit to the hospital
for a consult with a Neurologist, I won't bore you with the medical details
apart from saying that there may be mistakes in words and phrasing
in my posts, these and other symptoms are felt to be consistent
 with a functional neurological disorder.
I know also that my comments on blog posts from others have perhaps been brief
so please forgive me if I do slip up here and there.

A bright spot on the day of the visit was stopping off at our local beach at
Cockle Bay on the drive home

the tide was  out and the sand positively glowed!

Quilting - a quilt for our eldest grandson - 21yrs in January - needed to be
dealt to reasonable quickly, having enjoyed working with the simple squares
of Dolly Mixtures I decided to go with the same format but larger squares,
progress so far

the very dark one on the left will probably be moved, it's looking a little overpowering
just there I think and you can see I'm going with the same format used with DM to create a border
of just  one fabric - KF  Baba Ganoush - another favourite fabric. Fussy cutting is
necessary to create the effect here, I can see there are two squares in the top row
which I'll change out tomorrow. The squares will finish at 4"

Luckily grandson loves colour and will not be averse to having a few
flowery squares in the quilt but I am trying to keep those to a minimum, a 
little tricky when you're a collector of KF Collective fabrics!!

Summer officially began yesterday here in New Zealand, flowers are blooming
and my hydrangeas have excelled themselves, here are two below

the pink one truly is a rich pink.

See you soon, until then happy quilting.


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Progress with Dolly Mixtures, Spring blooms and a good book!

 I don't have much to write about in this post I'm afraid, update on
Dolly Mixtures and flower photos!!

Let's start off with beautiful magenta pink roses

the name escapes me at the moment but the bush is blooming
prolifically and scents the air wonderfully!

My last post had Dolly Mixtures as a top but minus the border,
that's now been remedied, I've carried on with a 2 and 1/2" finished
border of Guinea Flower - a favourite pattern of mine in all colours of the

Photographed in the garden below on a sunny morning yesterday

and here on the design wall whilst I played with choices for binding.

I'm really happy with the extra width of Guinea Flower, I feel it holds
the multitude of colours in this quilt together nicely.

Binding ideas, just playing with scrappy pieces, on the left
is green GF  - I placed this so that I  could see how that shade of green
fitted in given all the colour in the top,  I do like the
medium depth in this one. In contrast the strippy scrap on the right is
really very dark, in fact I think it's too dark, it's one of the new PJ fabrics below.

I could try a few more tomorrow but looking at the LH side again
I think the green version of GF could work - any thoughts here?

 Emptying out my three very large scrap bins has been keeping me occupied and the
the volume is overwhelming!! Starting to sort into large/small pieces and
iron. I've been guilty of just tossing pieces gaily into these bins when I should
have put them away after completing a project.

There are lots of nice surprises for me in the sorting process, a piece of
one of my favourites from years ago, KFC of course. Pity it's only
a 10" square but I shall find a nice home for it!

Here are a couple of flower
photos for you all.

Alstromeria with a David Austin rose - Tranquility - and we all need a little
of that right now.

Outside the living room window

the first epiphyllum bloom of the year.

The next few days will be spent making a decision/decisions  on which project/projects to
make next on my list, my too long a list, which needs culling and to make a start
on reading a new book bought this morning.

Lynda is a well known gardening celebrity in NZ and lives with her family
on a farm -  Foggydale Farm - with a magnificent garden  in the
Hunua Ranges here in Auckland.

Perhaps the scrap sorting and project list could wait!!!


Saturday, October 30, 2021

Dolly Mixtures all ready for stitching

 I decided I'd played around enough with placing the squares, now
all nicely fastened in rows and ready to go

and here's my final layout below, perhaps I could have done a little more
tweaking but I wanted to move on

a little shadow on the bottom left, need to photograph
at a better time,  you can see the squares are
quite roughly in place, luckily none of them floated to the ground as
I removed the rows.
There will be a 2 and 1/2" border of the Guinea Flower fabric which
holds the centre in very nicely then I'll go with a dark binding.
Almost all the fabrics used are from my scrap stash apart from
two of the latest KF range.

Isn't it amazing what we find as we hunt through our scraps,
one of the fabrics in the quilt I must have had for a great many years
and was surprised to unearth it amongst the others.
I have used all of it here, look closely at the second row down to find a Plus with a pink
tentacle looking pattern, there are three more and it's got to be a KF and how I wish
that all those years ago I had thought to buy more yardage!

More KF fabrics arrived the other day, a few are below - in no particular order!
I'm counting these as a birthday gift to myself - 75 yrs  last week!!
Better get sewing my way through my fabrics!!

Hokusai's Mums

Hokusai's Mums

My Favourite - Van Gogh

Climbing Geranium and Flower Net

Dorothy - Red

Some time will now have to spent folding and putting in the appropriate place,
I really did buy a lot this time, now NO more fabrics, at least not until
next year when the new range is released.

Spring has arrived  here in New Zealand - the greenery is a delight to see

the Japanese Maple in the back garden is looking amazing and I always love
to see the tiny red 'helicopters' peeping out.

An early misty morning walk last week was a treat

and a bright show of pelargoniums - forgotten the name of the
other flower

 Not much here relating to quilting I'm afraid but I do have plans for next week!