Waiting In The Wings

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Squirrel Club

If you look on my right hand sidebar you can see
a cute graphic headed The Squirrel Club and if
you click there you will be taken to a
post from
explaining how the Squirrel Club began and what
we're doing right now.

Cut to the chase, we're playing with our scraps and
sewing up a storm with a Scrap Vortex quilt inspired
by the design from
Amanda Jean
blogging at

Progress to date:
sorting scraps and trimming into squares and rectangles

then stitching into pairs

and  making use of fussy cut pieces left over from my
Gypsy Wife quilt top.

I was too impatient to sew all the pairs I need before
creating a couple of blocks.
These are 12 and 1/2", they won't all be this size but
I've yet to finalise my setting plan.

I wrote in my last post about my 'serious quilting'
which was going to happen over the past week. Given
that we were told of the deaths of three people, two of whom
my husband had been friends with since school day, plus
bad news about kitty Leila - she was discovered to have
luxating patellas Grade 1
 in both hind legs just after we had
given her a home -  we  learned last week
that in two years they have progressed
to Grade 3, therefore the sum of my serious
quilting can be seen in the photos in this post!

I'll finish up now, time to play nurse with a syringe full
of medicine for Leila.

Hope you're all enjoying your quilting,
see you in a few days.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

A very cold Saturday, de-stashing and Improv

I've just come back home after selling
excess books and fabrics at our monthly
Guild meeting.
It's very cold and grey outside but the
wonderful sunrise gave me a good start.

I've been really busy the past two weeks carrying out some
de-stashing of fabrics for my sale and the same with my books,
very little actual quilting has been going on.

Some of you might recall the start of an improv medallion
with AdHocImprovQuilters early 2017, I came to a
stop with the central portion and couldn't decide
on where to go next.

Due to the formation of a dedicated blog - please see the
button right hand sidebar and do go visit - it was suggested invited contributors
give an update on improv quilts made earlier.
My update was pretty sparse, just this unfinished piece
and my Chinese Coins.
I was stirred into action to work again on this piece following
a comment - a nice one.

Next round of borders going on, churn dash blocks re-purposed from my
parts box, I rejected these from an earlier quilt. Of course you can see 
I left the odd few threads in there - too much of hurry to
get this post off.

A finish with a lovely wee flower from my
back garden border, I believe it's some sort of creeping geranium,
do I love the colour!!

I'll be back during the week after some serious


Monday, June 25, 2018

Back on board - slowly!

I have had my leave of absence and now I'm ready to 
get back to work!

Even though I haven't been posting I have been
sewing for short periods at a time on my
Tula Pink Plus One quilt.

Eleven rows which now have to be stitched together,
and working with an assortment of splints and supports on
hands and wrists does not make photography easy,
so excuse wonkiness!
If you supersize this photo you should be able to see the critters
a little more clearly.

I hope I haven't missed thanking anyone for their good wishes,
if I have then please accept my apologies.

There was good news with my cardiac investigations in that
my heart valves are declared OK and working as they should.
Bad news was xrays of my hands. I do have arthritis, that was known and obvious 
and the reason for a review, but unfortunately they have discovered
that I have several cysts in the carpal bones, actually in the bones, I couldn't
quite get my head around that result.

This is a huge worry for me because of my quilting but I'm taking steps
to minimise damage. I'm thinking of buying one of the
newer Accuquilt Go BIG electric cutters my ordinary GO can find
a new home.
I only had the news of the cysts this morning so I'm sure I'll come up with more

I have had a wonderful friend keep me company, no, not my
four legged friend but a two legged one

he has been feeling braver and braver and now sits on the
branch directly outside the sliders. I adore kingfishers.

Thats all from me, and I'm hoping that Blogger
will work if, as suggested, I leave myself the first comment and
I've also changed my settings.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Taking a break

I've been pretty lax with my blogging lately, due
for the most part to heath issues.

After three weeks of hospital/clinic visits for a number of problems and
cardiac tests all Wednesday morning I feel the need to
concentrate on relaxing and waiting to see what
comes from all the investigations. 

Because of all that's going on in my life at the moment
I've decided to not post anything on my blog for the next two weeks or so,
I hope by then to be in a position to know what's happening
on the medical side and will hopefully be in a happier frame of mind
and ready to go forward.

I'm still going to be quilting as and when I feel I have the energy
and will definitely be sitting reading blog posts from
all of you, how could I not - they are now, and will be over
the next two weeks, a very welcome part of my days.

Happy quilting, take care and I'll be back soon.