Waiting In The Wings

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Getting into the quilting swing of things again - hopefully

I feel the past six months have been a nightmare on the quilting side of life but hoping that I can now begin to spend more time with my fabrics and my sewing machine.

I've been trying to really make my sewing studio organisation easier to work with and put aside one project in order to deal with a squirrel which arrived yesterday so  things must be improving!

Last post I had made the fortunate discovery of 16 patch blocks tucked away and began making more, still more strips ready to cut on my Accuquilt

I had also begun on the blocks earlier in the year on a  quilt for eldest grandson

and whilst I was enjoying stitching these I decided that with the number of 8" blocks needed I  would put on hold and go with something using larger blocks, I turned to the pattern for Slashed  Squares, tutorial purchased from Lynne at The Patchery Menagerie, made a start and love these large blocks for the initial stage. Great tutorial by the way.

The blocks you see above were the result of my time at the machine yesterday, in total I'll be making 30.

I made mention above of sewing room organisation, the room is quite small so do I really need to find another basket in my fabric racks for even more fabric??? I decided that yes, I could make a little more space and bought a few of the latest Tilda range 'Chic Escape', I have in mind a few pillows for around the place and possibly a small throw size quilt. Perhaps I'm being too indulgent and maybe feeling a little sorry for myself over the past few months but what the heck, we only live once and I ain't getting any younger.

This is my favourite

Just a few more
And I fell for the new Tula range Tiny Beasts, hopefully these will be here over the weekend or Monday.

Guess I should end this post here but must share with you a photo of a few regular visitors

hoping that a certain someone - guess who - will be kind enough to give them a little breakfast.
It is duck shooting season here in NZ, a practice I abhor, strong word perhaps but true for me, so we have lots of ducks around this area right now all trying to escape the mayhem. This happens each year, there are even signs here and there by the road side  - Caution, Ducks Crossing!

That's all from me, back to tidying and storing, see you soon.
Happy Quilting


Wednesday, June 1, 2022


What could be better than a stunning sunrise to begin the day - 6.55am.

A busy week but not much quilting happening although I have to tell you that my 16 patch blocks using the vibrant raspberry pink found a new home in my parts box!! I had nine blocks sewn and up on the design wall, stood back to see the overall look and was horrified, the pink was still overwhelming and I just couldn't carry on. So, lesson learned and off to the parts box with ideas buzzing around on what to do next.

When I opened the box I had a nice surprise - you might remember the photo below from a September post

the beginning of an orange/red/yellow 16 patch with a hint of pink. I had stitched up five blocks and had other strips sewn and cut into rows but for some reason decided to stop, needless to say they have now been resurrected and I'm off to a good start with this 16 patch! I'm not sure how many blocks I need right now, not wanting to make a large quilt, just throw size probably. The blocks will measure 8" finished.

 That's all I've achieved on the quilting side of things although quite a bit of fabric folding and tidying has been going on.

I bought myself a new desk for my computer, adjustable height and perfect for me to rest my right arm to avoid the drag on my shoulder, seems to be working well but I can only spend short spells here.

I've spent  some time just sitting in the garden enjoying the last of the Autumn weather, we officially enter Winter today so it's going to get colder pretty soon and preparing for the change in weather Ive been hanging feeders up for the birds,  the tauhou (silvereyes) are loving the filled coconut shells. They're gorgeous wee birds flitting about like crazy.

Happy Quilting


Thursday, May 19, 2022

Simple Sewing

 So I'm at the computer today writing my blog post, a simple post, a simple project! At least there is a little progress.

My last post I showed a selection of fabrics pulled to make a start on a new quilt, check out here 


My intention was to make a simple bar quilt as seen in a post by Penelope Handmade. I started cutting 2 and 1/2" strips

next step cutting into set lengths along with the raspberry pink fabric

which is pretty overpowering, so how about making the solid strips narrower

looking better but still not happy with the overall effect. The pink strips here would be 1/2" wide finished, the first photo would be 2" finished.  I was dreading ironing lots of seams because my iron is pretty heavy,  a comment from Wanda at Exuberant Color asking if I had a small iron jogged my memory, yes I had - somewhere! 

Found it and decided to give myself a treat, visited the patchwork store and bought one of the wool ironing mats, a good size 14 and 1/2" x 17 and 1/2" and I'm thrilled with it.

Still not happy with the strips I thought the pink might be less overpowering in smaller amounts

and definitely much happier with this look, bring on a 16 patch quilt! A few blocks here below and you can see that the pink is a little tricky to show true in photos, comes up darker in this photo.

Slightly straying from quilting now, at least leaving behind fabric for the moment. Quite some time ago during a trek down to the Sandspit we came across what I think could be an ideal patchwork studio in a stunning setting - have a look at this, could you see yourself here?

You would look out the windows and door onto this

and if you feel like a little exercise how about hopping in a canoe and paddling up the creek!

Oh, as we're on a pink theme with the fabric how about this tulip from a bouquet of flowers received 
Mothers Day, just look at the colour in the centre.

All from me for now, see you all again soon.


Sunday, May 1, 2022

I'm still here!!

Yes folks I am still around and over the past two days I've been spending a little time here and there in my happy place aka sewing studio, following a difficult month. All motivation left me totally, I haven't been reading blogs and had no interest in my quilting, I was completely overwhelmed with all my health issues and especially so with the new problems since January. During this time I have been  attending appointments either at the hospital, hand physio, shoulder physio, balance physio, orthopaedic dept, cardiac dept. my family doctor plus one emergency dept visit and fitting in exercises daily as required by the various physiotherapists - you get the picture!

However today is May 1st,  a new month and the turning over of a page, what better way to begin than a short visit to the beach - love those clouds just double click to view a larger shot - 

and pulling a few fabrics to add to already gathered pieces for a new quilt

lovely rich colour to brighten any day!

As I am only able to work at the computer for 15 minutes at one time before my shoulder packs in I was wondering how on earth I would write blog posts, a dear blogger friend Linda at Art In Search suggested voice recognition software!!! Telephone call to the guy we've worked with for years with our computers to ask for info - turns out it is already set up on my Mac - hopefully in a few days I shall be reasonably proficient, this post is using the keyboard as normal.  Break time now,  back shortly.

The inspiration for the fabric pulls you see above was the combination below

I fell in love with this colourway of Hokusai Chrysanthemums  from Philip Jacobs and by chance I had the raspberry blender fabric on the the table as I unpacked new fabrics. I hope to have progress to show you in a few days time.

You may be wondering what has happened to Fractured 2 which was on my design wall, this is now consigned to the parts box, I just couldn't work on it any longer so there was no point in trying to push myself, better to begin something new.

I've been enjoying not clearing weeds out of the garden beds but sitting on the garden bench watching John take care of this chore! A lot of the shrubs have long since finished flowering but the hibiscus are a joy to behold right at the moment, here's one of my favourites

That's all from me for now, I intend to post again in a few days with a little more content, fingers crossed!

Happy Quilting


Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Although it's slow going I have another round of Fractured 2 on the wall, some pieces sewn, some just pinned.  The original pattern uses many fabrics for the individual blocks but of course I decided to try something different, in doing so it's taking me some time to work things out.

Progress also with my fractured wrist, I am now able to use my hand much more for my sewing but have to be very careful, it will be 12 months before we can be sure of whether I have full use or not. Ultrasound shows that I definitely do have a full thickness rotator cuff tear in a tendon  left shoulder, this has unfortunately come away from the bone! It's the tendon attached to one of the four muscles  so very little use of my arm but a lot of pain, and again there will be a long  road ahead. Thank goodness for Accuquilt.

I celebrated my  progress by buying two pieces of fabric, the first one I'm thinking of using in the Judy Newman pattern mentioned in my last post.

The second is for a pattern seen a few weeks ago - Verandah - a very simple straightforward quilt which will be ideal. I think this is a Heather Ross fabric.

I also received yesterday my order of Kaffe Collective fabrics rom Glorious Color, most definitely a glorious collection, I'll post photos next time. 

Gathering fabrics for a few quilts I have in mind, not too complicated and which can be cut with my electric cutter. Something new is that I'm looking at a new range coming out from Alison Glass,  very bright and lots of possibilites.

That's all from me, time limit for arm use is up but here's a photo of how to take things easy after a very busy day!!!

Oh,  just remembered there may be a squirrel about to make an appearance shortly!

Notice I've changed the format for text, decision taken after reading about left justification being easier to read, I know a few other bloggers have changed also.

Happy Quilting until next time


Friday, March 18, 2022

Slow, slow stitching

More or less four weeks since I wrote anything here,
I think that's a first!

Definitely slow progress on all fronts, but progress all the same.

March is officially the beginning of Autumn here in New Zealand 

already the leaves are turning on our Japanese Maple and the huge oak tree
in the garden next door.

I'm now in a heavy duty splint with permission to enjoy my stitching and
quilting in small chunks of time, there are only small chunks of time
because I have so many physio exercises to work on!

So, what have I been spending time on in the past week of cast freedom,

creating order in my blue quarter/half yard drawer,
sorting through scraps a little at a time and cutting hexagons
out of suitable sized small pieces

and to save time I decided to try one of the glue sticks made
for that purpose, it would also
put less pressure on my hands, never done this before and did wonder about the
removal of papers, after one hour I decided to see if I had success with a tidy removal - 
no, I did not!! I shall be back to basting with needle and thread.

I have a new book

and I don't truly know why I did this when Judy Newman quilts
are pretty detailed and I had limited myself to easy, peasy projects making
use of squares, decent sized triangles and so on.
However, there is one particular quilt in the book which I had seen earlier
is deliciously scrappy and medallion style.
Just the name of the quilt took me back to my early years back home in
Lancashire living by the moors, farm fields with old stone walls
and also rambles through woodland with mixed hedgerows, collecting
bluebells to take back home to Mum, making daisy chains with friends.
I realised I was once again becoming excited about my quilting after the
past few months.

Hedgerow is definitely going to be started pretty soon, yes, I know have a few
projects on the go right now but I like to work that way. I love making a start on new 
new quilts.

So, guess what arrived in my little studio as I was feeling more energised

another squirrel!

Here is the beginning of my appropriately named quilt


This is a pattern by Kathy Doughty and I made a quilt using this quite a few
years ago,  check out the Fractured QAL label below, given the circumstances I find myself in I just had to do another one!
The pieces are just placed on the design wall, a little stitching planned for the weekend
along with placing an order for the new Kaffe Collective fabric range.

Time to close, my fractured wrist is telling me enough  right now and
as it seems I have something by the name of a rotator cuff tear in my right
shoulder which is quite frankly extremely painful, even down the whole arm,
I really have to keep to my limits.

Happy Quilting