Waiting In The Wings

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Progress with Dolly Mixtures, Spring blooms and a good book!

 I don't have much to write about in this post I'm afraid, update on
Dolly Mixtures and flower photos!!

Let's start off with beautiful magenta pink roses

the name escapes me at the moment but the bush is blooming
prolifically and scents the air wonderfully!

My last post had Dolly Mixtures as a top but minus the border,
that's now been remedied, I've carried on with a 2 and 1/2" finished
border of Guinea Flower - a favourite pattern of mine in all colours of the

Photographed in the garden below on a sunny morning yesterday

and here on the design wall whilst I played with choices for binding.

I'm really happy with the extra width of Guinea Flower, I feel it holds
the multitude of colours in this quilt together nicely.

Binding ideas, just playing with scrappy pieces, on the left
is green GF  - I placed this so that I  could see how that shade of green
fitted in given all the colour in the top,  I do like the
medium depth in this one. In contrast the strippy scrap on the right is
really very dark, in fact I think it's too dark, it's one of the new PJ fabrics below.

I could try a few more tomorrow but looking at the LH side again
I think the green version of GF could work - any thoughts here?

 Emptying out my three very large scrap bins has been keeping me occupied and the
the volume is overwhelming!! Starting to sort into large/small pieces and
iron. I've been guilty of just tossing pieces gaily into these bins when I should
have put them away after completing a project.

There are lots of nice surprises for me in the sorting process, a piece of
one of my favourites from years ago, KFC of course. Pity it's only
a 10" square but I shall find a nice home for it!

Here are a couple of flower
photos for you all.

Alstromeria with a David Austin rose - Tranquility - and we all need a little
of that right now.

Outside the living room window

the first epiphyllum bloom of the year.

The next few days will be spent making a decision/decisions  on which project/projects to
make next on my list, my too long a list, which needs culling and to make a start
on reading a new book bought this morning.

Lynda is a well known gardening celebrity in NZ and lives with her family
on a farm -  Foggydale Farm - with a magnificent garden  in the
Hunua Ranges here in Auckland.

Perhaps the scrap sorting and project list could wait!!!