Waiting In The Wings

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A new quilt top - almost - mojo back!!

After the last week or so I have taken inspiration from the book below, bought
a few days ago,

very good quotes and I love sloths so it 's a win, win.

On the advice of the above little creatures I spent the weekend
putting together a simple new quilt, following the pattern,
following the makers fabric selection and enjoying the process.
At this point in time it was an ideal project.
Just the borders to go on today.

Moss Garden

A free pattern from Free Spirit
using fabrics by who else but
Kaffe Fassett.
I first made a quilt using the pattern from the
Kaffe Fassett Patchwork book around 17 years ago.
It was listed then as Leafy Rosy Quilt, different fabrics of course, and I stitched away
as my Mum was dying of cancer back in the UK, the process kept me sane.
Unable to travel to be with her then due to my health at the time,
when I came across this pattern again I felt it was right to make
one during a happier time in my life.

There are so many ideas for quilts buzzing around in my head right now which need listing 
and prioritising, some will not make the list as I was going into overdrive!

The weather is ideal for quilting as it's been so cold and wet but
today the sun is shining, although still very cold, and I've just wandered
through the garden.
Flowering and multiplying is a plant brought home with me
from Dad's garden in Napier 16 years ago, I wasn't sure exactly what it was.

Seems to be a Celandine according to the book below

comprising of illustrations of Victorian flower paintings found 20 years ago in
the attic of Frampton Court in Gloucestershire, UK.
Painted between 1828 and 1851 by three sisters and their aunt they are of
native plants from their area.
A wonderful book for plant lovers, given to me by the local
bookshop owner who retired 18 months ago
after 34 years!! As you can imagine I was a frequent visitor during those
years, my bookshelves can prove that fact!

Gosh, I have rambled on a while, this was intended to be a short post 
however I do have one more photo of a sunset -  pure heaven to me - from our deck a few evenings ago.

 Oak tree in Winter, wonderful colour in the sky and the newish moon visible between
the bare branches. I find the moon in all it's phases quite magical, a joy to see every night and it saddens me greatly to
think that perhaps one day rockets will take more and more enthusiasts to
land on the surface. Tragic.

Signing out now!!

Happy Quilting

Sunday, July 14, 2019

One of those weeks .........

Ever had a week where nothing seems to fall into place
on the quilting side of life??
Mine was last week!

First thing was after binding three quilts (one later in this post)
I had the great idea to play with solids, something I really don't do,
I decided to use the Crossroads block from
my dismal results are below, no reflection on the great instruction in
the book, just my me not concentrating. 

 They just were not me, my cutting of the curves
was way off too so I decided to revert to colourful pattered fabric.
Come in Tula Pink Zuma!

Bit of a disaster here too, top right, second row left and third
row right - didn't keep the blocks in the correct order, you can see what happened
compared to the remaining blocks.

Still not doing anything for me with the Zuma fabrics, I just don't want to
carry on making these but I'm not wasting the fabric, I'll make five more
blocks and have a large cushion.
Husband liked the solid blocks so with the addition of a dud
from mine he will have a large cushion as well.

On a happier note I delivered a quilt on Friday
to a long time friend of mine who is not at all well, she loves pastel colours
so this one

had been sent off to 
for quilting.

The rain spoiled any chance of taking a full photograph of the
finish but I took a couple indoors

you can see the beautiful quilting by Leeanne.

Measuring 77" x 84" it was a devil to bind, I used a lovely
soft blue Spot from KF.
The quilt now has a good home and D loved it.

Later that afternoon I received a beautiful
display of flowers from her, here being inspected by

That's all from me right now, I'm spending some time trying to decide
which fabrics I may sell on at my fabric sale early August, I think
there may be a selection of solids and Zuma added to the mix!

Off to read your blog posts now and hope that all who are
in the path of this huge storm, fires or earthquakes in the USA
keep safe!


Friday, July 5, 2019

Something Old, Something New and a Finish

Something old begins with me sorting through
a huge box of scraps with pieces going back some 25/30 years!

Here was this small piece

 from yardage of a Hoffman fabric around, I guess,
1989/1990, it's showing darker than it truly is on this photo.
Around that time I made a few waistcoats using Hoffman
fabric and strip piecing.
The main Auckland newspaper had an Arts section and
 approached a local quilt shop as they were gong to run a feature on clothing made
using Hoffman fabrics, did she know of anyone?
Yes she did - me!
Did I have anything special on hand, no not at that moment
but I had just gotten hold of a Turkish Coat pattern, how would that work,
yes please, when do they want to photograph - in THREE days!!!



Front open
showing the fabric lining, all these panel seams were covered in different
strips of fabric hand sewn to hide the raw edges.

This is still hanging in the closet, I have worn it twice, but as you can
see it's not the sort of coat you wear out regularly!

Something new is fabric, I couldn't walk away from these

I had picked out a soft light aqua rather like the Grunge fabrics, 
 and then spotted this brilliant magenta colour, straight under
my arm and heading off to pay I walked
past the KF Collective display and here was this magnificent
Philip Jacobs Japanese Chrysanthemum - how had I missed this before??
You can see the pops of rich turquoise green and a little 
yellow peeking out on the fold there.
I feel there may be a squirrel on the loose in my studio!

A Finish
Rainbow Blur is now back from  
and I finished binding yesterday.

Sorry for the rough photo I'm trying to balance on crutches whilst
getting the whole quilt in the photo, missed some of the edge off.

Measuring 60" x 74"
Cotton batting
Quilting pattern by Leeanne is Yodel - double click the photo
it's a great geometric design.
Binding is Anna Maria Horner Source Code.

Time for an afternoon cuppa, I hope all who celebrated
the 4th July had a happy day and enjoy the weekend.
See you soon.