Waiting In The Wings

Saturday, November 28, 2015

All in Pink

For those who read my post last Friday about my dilemma with the teapots
I have "lost" one of the blocks and now have the light pink
one to balance up a little and changed position of a few of them.
 Even so the bottom left hand teapot will probably 
be changed out with the middle top row so not to
end up with two red teapots side by side.

On the subject of pink, and it's various shades, one of my
most deliciously scented roses (suffering with black spot on the leaves)
 has begun blooming

the name escapes me and below a paeony, this too has a delicious scent.
Husband came home yesterday bearing gifts -  three of these beauties.
Have you ever seen such colour!!

Hope all of you celebrating Thanksgiving had a happy day!

Soon be Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Sorting teapots

Working on two projects today, first of all my teapots are
on the design wall (roughly I admit) not appliqued yet and there will be sashing
between each block.
I had intended nine blocks but have 12 and there seems to be an
excess of green top halves which really stand out. I also have
three with the soft brown and lilac spots. So - do I keep to my original plan
and have nine or do I use all twelve or do I make perhaps two more
with better balance and leave two of the present ones out?

The pink base also is prominent but that could balance the limey greens.
This will keep me occupied for the best part of the afternoon I think!!

Second project of the day is machine quilting on Paintbox HERE
I'm just going around the nine blocks with grey thread and then
do the blocks themselves. I think I've found a good thread colour in my drawer

I love this multi-thread which seems to blend with most colours in these blocks.

On a purple theme my wallflowers are blooming and the lavender lagging
behind a little - need weeds pulling on the edge of the drive!

Linking up with fellow Rainbow Scrappers if you feel the need for
more colour - go visit!

Back to the machine for me. Have a good day.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Back at the machine

Yes, after the week just gone I am so pleased
to be back sewing. There were a few difficult days during the week
but I made it, and next up will be the results of the
pathology tests - fingers crossed!

More Scrappy Mountains - the last month!!
Next month we will hopefully be putting the blocks together, or at least
laying them out ready for sewing.

I must count up how many Mountains there are and work
out the best size for the quilt, my guess is I have too many 
but the extras could go on the back or be used in something else.
If you would like to have a peek and see what everyone else has been busy with this
last month of RSC 2015 then hop over HERE.

The weeds have suddenly shot up in the garden in my time out of action
but so have the roses, lavender and wallflowers in the front garden,
here's one of the very first roses we planted when we
bought this place in 1985, if I remember correctly she is
Mrs F F Prentiss

she spreads her arms all over the place but has a beautiful perfume
so she is forgiven any rambling! 

Time for a cup of tea - this next week will be spent working out
future projects.

My thoughts today are with the people of France, particularly in Paris, and the
victims of this horrendous happening and their loved ones.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mountain catch-up and one extra teapot

I never made Scrappy Mountains in Pink for
Rainbow Scrap Challenge, can't remember why but no matter as
I have just finished sewing up six of them, some may not make
it into the finished quilt at the end of the year but that's OK.

This month we have bright green so they're on my "next to do" list
hopefully tomorrow.

Philip Jacobs new fabrics had this luscious new colour way
in his Brocade Paeony design just begging to have a teapot made
out of it

this is for me!!!

Catch you over the weekend.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

An early start to Sunday

We were sitting in front of the television at 4.30am today!!
The final of the Rugby World Cup and our All Blacks (New Zealand) were 
playing the Wallabies (Australia) and hooray the All Blacks won the day!!
Back to back wins and the only team to have won
the Cup three times - what a great game. However, I am now paying the price
for the early start to the day, all I have achieved
on the quilting front is to pull fabrics - 

deep pinks for my Scrappy Mountain Majesties (catch-up)

and lime greens for the colour of the month with
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015
my iPad camera doesn't seem to be picking up the rich colour of
these limes even though I had them in various light sources
two more blocks for Scrap Vortex, once again there seems
to be an issue with colour you can see how dull these blocks
look, they actually are much brighter

a bit of work on finding the best light sourceset up needed I think.

This photo of the first rose to flower in the long side border is
the true colour

Hopefully I shall be more productive over the next few days!