Waiting In The Wings

Friday, April 19, 2024

Back to normality (fingers crossed),fabrics, quilts and machines

The post title really says it all, after a difficult few weeks it seems that all is settling down, slowly!

Today began with another beautiful sunrise -  a good omen I hope.

I feel I have achieved something since my last post by finishing up my Lego quilt top, and I'm happy with the result.

Some of the strips are wonky - no problem, I took whatever came to hand from the bag sitting by my machine.

The bright border fabric, full of delightful four legged friends, has been sitting in my "to use one day" basket, bought many years ago when Laurel Burch was at the height of her popularity.  Placed directly against the lego blocks the whole top didn't look as magical as I thought it would, luckily I remembered the quilt made by Julie who added a narrow inner border to her Dumpster Diving  12 - Confetti top - thank you Julie! Hunting around trying quite a few fabrics and Mirage Stripe was the winner.

Here's a close up, better shot of the stripe.

During the week this book arrived in the mail

from Quiltfolk.  In February decided to join Quiltfolk - Break The Rules BOM, one live stream (2 hours) each month for nine months, a variety of speakers. Yesterday along with the two presenters was Roderick Kiracofe who gave an amazing talk on the history of his quilt collecting, also in depth information on quite a few of the quilts themselves. The book was given to the first 500 folk who registered, I was one of the lucky ones. This is the second edition with additional quilts added.

Now, you may remember from my last post the first few words in the last paragraph were 'NO more fabric buying', but I did have a small package arrive this week ordered some time ago so I'm saying that this fabric doesn't count!!

A few of the fabrics from a quarter yardage pack of Trade Winds by Kathy Doughty, I have a specific quilt on my mind, more later.

The exciting finish to my week was the collecting of my Featherweight after her visit to the 'spa', such a treat to have her back and now usable after new cable and plug, sorely needed as the original (70 yrs) had perished and was dangerous. I don't usually name my machines, this one is different, she just had to have a name.  

Athena -  named after the Greek goddess associated with wisdom, warfare and  handicrafts. The Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens is dedicated to her and having been lucky enough in 1962  (we were sailing to New Zealand) to spend a day in Athens, explore the Acropolis and be privileged so see the Parthenon in all it's glory at sunset, the city of Athens below us, was a magical experience and still so clear in my memory today. In those days visitors could just walk along up there and explore the ruins, but now I see photos of steel steps and rails, barriers, thousands of  visitors and the creamy golden columns of the Parthenon being patched with white stone, I can understand that restoration would be needed but it does take away some of the magic.

A note here, I am happy with Athena's  association with wisdom and handicrafts - NOT the warfare. 

Happy Quilting until next time