Waiting In The Wings

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A bit of this and that and a snippet for RSC 2015

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas!
I see that the weather has been so very bad in parts of the USA, 
and many tornadoes so I hope you're all safe and well!

We have had a happy time and yesterday and today the heat is draining!
I am sitting here at the computer in my little studio and it's
a struggle to take in air, it's so hot!!!!!

The sewing machine has been neglected, finishing rows
on my scrappy Mountains was on the agenda for RSC 2015, but I started playing around with my
Accuquilt and the DWR die with a reject block

then I was sidetracked the day before Christmas Eve
 by these fabrics which have been sitting in one
of my baskets for a few months

another Cultural Fusion quilt was on the agenda for 2016 but I
just couldn't wait to try out one of the Peppermint Pinwheels

this block is looking a bit on the dull side, I took the shot
on a rainy day sadly so not as bright here as it is
 on the wall.

I must share two books which I have fallen  in love with,
the first was a Christmas gift from my husband

a beautifully illustrated and instructive book on a subject
which has long interested me and I am thrilled that
this is now sitting on my table!
 More pencils were needed to add to my collection
so before the heat became just too much we drove into the city
to the art store - I'm now all set up and ready to go!

The next one is a "gift to self"!!
I had seen a short review on this one and decided not for me, probably
covering dyeing in detail. I wandered into our local book store and
just happened to find myself by the quilting section, what should I see but this

it's now sitting beside me!!!!
I have long admired a beautiful denim piece by
Kaja at SewSlowly
do go and visit, you'll love it.

Mountains will have to wait until tomorrow and hopefully there will be something
 to post before the New Year when we start again!!!

Linking with
Angela for RSC 2015


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas countdown and RSC 2015

Been in a bit of a go slow mood the past week, I decided
to work on something simple and made a little more progress
on my Scrap Vortex blocks,  these three will be 18"x 12" blocks.

Scrappy Mountain Majesties, you will see I have changed the setting which
I was going with earlier, when all the blocks were placed
on the design wall in the zig-zag formation it looked just
too messy, at least I found it so, and decided on a change.
The blocks are all stitched together and this week I hope to
have the rows together

The last link of the year is the 28th December - this year has just flown by!

Time to link up with 
everyone rushing to have finishes!

I'll leave you with a photo of one of my Hibiscus flowers

I may not get another post in before Christmas so I'll wish
you all a Happy Christmas, keep safe and well and see you soon!!


Sunday, December 13, 2015

On a rainy day and RSC 2015

A wet day here in Auckland but a good day for ducks
and for quilting and reading!

My Scrappy Mountains are nearly all sewn together and now
I'm starting on machine appliquéing my teapots - see HERE for
my last post with my final layout

if you click it will enlarge and you can see I have
used blanket stitch, which I have never done before by
machine but as I have 12 teapots I thought it was about time
I tried the quicker method, although because of having to change
thread with each teapot to get a good colour match, then
change again for the lid perhaps it's not as quick as I had thought.

I took out a subscription to Simply Moderne from Quiltmania
when they opened their office in the USA and issue No3
arrived during the week (already had 1 and 2 from bookshop)

and what a great magazine it is - I am enjoying this publication so much.
Very good articles  - there is a beauty on LeeAnn Decker over at
Nifty Quilts
A good selection of patterns in each issue into the bargain.

Back to my teapots and I'm linking up with
RSC 2015
take a peek at the progress on finishes here.

Before I go a photo of one of my hydrangea bushes, originally a soft mauve
but now multi-colour

and loving the rainy day!

Have a happy week with all the Christmas preparations.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Darling Daisy


This is our darling Daisy who had to take her last journey to visit the
vet on Tuesday this week.
She developed kidney disease two years ago and battled on
bravely but sadly she took a downhill turn two weeks ago with the disease
and combined with her arthritis and a heart murmur
diagnosed last week there was nothing further that could be done, her
quality of life had fast deteriorated, so we did what we, and the vet
felt was the kindest thing we could do for her.
She was almost 18 years old and had been found at three
months old stuffed in a plastic bag by the side of the road. The local
vet surgery had her in a cage at reception with a large
sign - Kind Home Wanted - she came home with us.
I miss her so very, very much.

Yesterday,  at a loss as to what to do with my day I found a few 
stars which I had begun for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015 and 
thought I would put them together

Daisy's Stars
photographed in one of her favourite spots


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015

This month it's time to put our RSC2015 projects together - hopefully!
I've started with my Scrappy Mountains, no particular order
as they're going up 'cos they'll be changed around when every block is on the wall.
 I can already see I'm not too happy
with the bright pink, third row down fourth block along, certainly not in the position

 it's in presently.

A few more blocks are needed, possibly yellow which I tried in that
particular colour month but they didn't do anything for me, I'll try again.
Violet, peach or aqua are possibles.

  I can already see I'm not too happy
with the bright pink, third row down fourth block along, certainly not in the position
 it's in presently.

One more flower photo before I go

Back to more placing on the wall, happy quilting!


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ups and downs

It's been a week lacking in motivation! 
I've been fiddling around and not achieving much at all really,
a little quilting on Paintbox

using grey thread one quarter inch around the blocks, intending
to quilt two rows then deal with the border and the blocks
will be hand quilted using the multi thread.
All very simple I know, but that's how I like this one.

Our two youngest grandsons - 4 and 6 yrs and brothers - love The Minions so
after spotting Minion fabric online I had to buy some and
made the simplest cushions for each of them to cuddle up with
when watching their heroes on TV,

we took them around to their place today and they went crazy!!

Small package arrived in the mail, all batiks

and enjoyed looking at my hydrangeas, I love this one
below with the limey green which gradually changes to the pink as
it matures.

I've also been giving a lot of thought to what I would like to
achieve next year with my quilting - far too much is the answer - so 
more serious thinking this week and a long "want to do" list!

Have a happy week