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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Purple pots and blue mountains

I needed something new to show for the last purple Saturday
and when I first saw the teapot pattern in
Kaffe Quilts in Morocco I knew that these were on my future agenda.
In a crazy moment two days ago I decided what a good idea it would be to
make rainbow teapots but they would be fused and machine appliqued. 

Here she is waiting to go under the machine and
you will see that there is no knob on the lid of this one, I just
had to fussy cut into Thousand Flowers instead, in fact I may use this idea
for all of the teapots!

My other project this week was to play catch-up with the
Mountain Majesties and 6 blue ones are done

to add to the purples.
The centre seams are not sewn as yet because no decision has been made on
the setting. Once again these are slightly darker than they actually are, sorry!

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend and I'm off now to see what
everyone else has made this week in purple over at

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The letter H and blue hexies

This morning I thought what a good day to take my blue hexagon quilt
outside and get a photograph, life got in the way and its's 
only now, at almost 4.00pm and watching the sky darken ready for rain,
that I have actually been outside. The only photo I could take was of
the quilt draped quickly over the trellis, the wind had started to
blow so that didn't help.

 I had more success with blocks for the H quilt yesterday

These blocks go together so quickly 

this is the backing for the quilt, a good buy on sale from a site in the USA,
should be a good one for a soon to be teenage boy.

Now on to making a decision of which of the six quilt tops waiting
to be quilted will be the first to be basted!

Hope you're enjoying the week.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Seeing Stars RSC 2015

Three more Ohio Stars sewn up yesterday, they have me thinking
about the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, the difference
being that it was three bowls of porridge of varying heat in the story and this is about 
my take on my stars.

The first one seems too busy

the second one possibly a bit on the dull side

but the third one just right!

However perhaps it's just me and when all the stars are together at
the end of this year everything will fit together well. Maybe because I usually work with very
bright KF and friends fabrics I'm not giving credit
to the quieter and older ones in my stash.

Catch up on other purples for RSC2015 with the link

I was pleased to put the outer border on my hexie quilt yesterday but
haven't a full shot photo to post, the weather is beautiful, perfect light
but we have a breeze  and the quilt is not playing fair and sitting still for me
outside on the verandah - can't get a full photo on my design wall unless we
have a piece of my cutting table, half of the computer and the border
of the quilt wrapping around a corner onto another wall.
I'll post during the week on hexie.

We know it's Autumn in New Zealand because of the Japanese Anemones
 flowering and spreading like crazy!

Hope you've all had or having a good weekend - depending on which country
you call home.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just enough time for a quick post

Almost Wednesday evening here in NZ and I don't have to make dinner tonight! 
Eldest son is coming around with a huge Moussaka for us to share, so time now to put
this post in.

All ready now to sew on the inner border of my blue/green hexagon quilt,

the plan is to get both borders on tomorrow and try to sew a few more H blocks
cut  out today from the new KF, PJ and BM fabrics.

I'm almost there with the number of blocks needed for this quilt and hopefully will
have it all sewn up by the end of next week.

Out grocery shopping yesterday I visited our local book store to see
what was new on the shelves, I spotted this book

bursting with photographs of stunning quilts.
They cover quite a time span and I think any quilter
would enjoy this book. The name of the maker and date made, fabrics used and
measurements are the only details given but it's interesting
to look back at some of them made many years ago by
quilters whose names we know so well. You can see
that this came home with me!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

That time of the week…...

Yes, Saturday (Sunday here) and time for a post about Purples.

I'm posting  the Mountain Majesty blocks again from last weeks' post, the
colours looked very muddied, this taken on a good day is clearer

but taken on a funny angle!

With this Saturday and two more to go in April I wondered what on earth
I was going to make with purple, I didn't need more purple Mountains but
I love Ohio Stars so I'm making a second quilt.

The one above looked better on point
but it seems I didn't take a photo of that setting

however I think I will go with on point. Six each month set diagonally should make a
good quilt, the blocks are 6" finished.

I'm using up some of my older tiny prints for the background where possible, I have heaps 
going back years and years. My Kaffe scraps just have to be in there
and confession time …… I have just had a delivery of the
new range so I may just have to have some of those in these two quilts.

Don't forget to visit everyone at
the Rainbow Scrap Challenge
I need to play catch-up over the next few weeks to make more of the two
different blocks in Blue, Pink and Yellow!!

The week seems to have flown by and I feel as if I'm back on a roll with my
quilting! The blue hexagon quilt should be all put together in a few days and
not many more H blocks to sew.

As it's a purple month have a look at the tiny cyclamen patch
below - they are actually more pink I know - and

 about three inches high at most. This is just a small patch there are more,
each year after flowering I wait for the seed capsules to mature then
sprinkle under the hydrangeas, they seem to love it there.

We have family coming for dinner tonight so it's time for me to head to the kitchen,
Summer Quiche tonight made with shortcrust pastry, sour cream, shallots, tasty cheese, eggs, courgettes,
basil and of all things - lettuce! It is just delicious and every bit as tasty when cold
for lunch the next day.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A change of direction ...

Happy Easter!

Over the past few weeks I have been making Wild Geese style blocks in
the colour of the month for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015 check out all about
this yearly challenge, and if you check out this post HERE you will see
my last yellow block.

This month we have the colour purple - below blocks made today,

apologies in advance for these colours not showing quite true, we have a very dull day
here presently and it's almost 5.00pm, these shots
should have been taken this morning but as I hadn't even cut out
the fabric squares at that stage it was not possible!! You will also notice
the "deliberate" mistake in the bottom two set of blocks.

As you can see  I have moved to Scrappy Mountain Majesties, I have wanted to make
a quilt using these blocks for ages, now is the time. I love the blocks I
started off the year with but on the last two I found
I was having to fussy cut so much and had heaps of fabrics out looking
for just the right piece, yesterday I decided I didn't need the hassle! They will be
used in something further along the road.

The twelve blocks above have only been set like this for ease of photographing, they won't be set in
the quilt I have in mind in pairs as above.

Yesterday I posted my story to
Cultural Fusion Quilts
about my latest piece made specifically for that blog, Sailing Through Suez, hope you'll
take a few minutes to link up above (or there is a button on the sidebar) and have a peek, this is the back
fabric and quilting

You can see a small section of the front of the quilt in my last post, just scroll down.
Before I head off to link up with Angela and fellow RSC folk have a look at
the first Camellia of the season in my garden

time to link up now with
Rainbow Scrap Challengers

Happy Quilting