Waiting In The Wings

Friday, November 18, 2022


Is anyone else out there guilty of the above?? I seem to have been in a state of procrastination for the best part of this year, however, over the past three weeks I've been tidying, deciding which quilts will be quilted in the coming year and I aim to finish a couple of projects, new ones are destined for 2023 also.

I came across a great article on the above subject, if anyone is interested here's the link https://jamesclear.com/procrastination - it's very long but fascinating.

One thing I didn't procrastinate about was this book, the courier delivered just now

I couldn't resist a quick peek - it's unbelievably stunning - guess what I'm reading tonight! On the stitching side of life not much has happened due to the above word in the heading of the post, but I do have a small stack of more 16 patch blocks

more will be sewn this coming weekend, husband is out on a painting  day Sunday so I can just sit and sew without any interruptions.

A few new Tula Pink fabrics arrived from the Moon Garden range, two of my favourites here

I just love the owls! The snakes are amazing but I didn't photograph those this time around, this post is top heavy enough with photos but I do have below some of the roses in the garden. First one is, I think, Princess Anne and second, just cannot remember, I'll check in my David Austin book later, third one is a modern rose and fourth is the rambler Veilchenblau growing along our back fence

My spacing seems to be playing up for me right now I'll work on that for the next post.

Back to my book!