Waiting In The Wings

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

More blocks and a Block of the Month adventure

Five more blocks done for UANDUQAL, I would have had them all sewn up by today had
it not been for developing tendonitis in my left forearm!!!

Here are the latest five

I need to get all the blocks sewn so far up on the wall and find a good balance before
making a start on the last seven.

The inspiration quilt had mixed strip borders but my border idea is a little different
and I've already decided on the fabric, I think.

You see there is a Block of the Month mentioned in my post title, I hesitated for ages
before deciding to go with this.
Kathy Doughty at Material Obsession
always has a stunning choice of BOM projects by different designers.
Deciding to try something outside of my comfort zone I went with
Flying in Circles
by Sue Rose
Block 1 below

lovely movement in this block and the idea of a hexagon flower in the
centre appealed - then the envelope arrived with fabric and pattern and the
papers for the hexagons 

and gosh are they tiny!!
Hopefully if my arm is more comfortable I can make a start this coming week.

So, it's been a quiet week for me on the  sewing side but I've been catching up with reading and
re-watching my Downton Abbey series before going off to
see the film tomorrow. I'm a huge fan!

Gardening has been a no-no of of course but I had a wander around
the garden and took a few Spring photos.

The Japanese Maple is just breaking into leaf

and we had a trip to the local garden centre, I spotted something I had
been hoping to have in my garden for ages. 

Michelia Gracipes

Delicious scent, Winter and Spring flowering and just look
at the colour of the cover on the new flower buds, they feel like silk.

Such a delicate flower

I'll post a photo of the plant in the ceramic pot I bought to
plant in when I next post.
Got to dash now I'd forgotten I had a programme I really needed to watch on TV
so see you soon!!
Happy Quilting


Friday, September 13, 2019

Scraps on Friday and other things

No actual sewing has happened since I last posted, I decided to begin
the organisation of my studio by sorting my scraps.

A huge shock was in store for me because I had six
of these bins below tucked away under my large extension table.
You can see they are literally bursting!!

Scraps date from present day to way, way back.
Each of these cardboard bins are full, I weighed each one,
 12lbs give or take a few ounces under or over,  I calculate
that within each bin sits approximately 36 yards of fabric!!
By my reckoning six bins gives me approximately 
216 yards of fabric scraps.
I am drowning in scraps!!!! I was so overwhelmed that I 
promptly replaced them under the table to sort next week and moved on to
opening a package in the mail - not more fabric - but I think
the most delicious book I have ever seen!

From QUILTmania comes
this treasure below,
text in both French and English and is a book about the collector
and his quilts.

Just look at this quilt below

I saw this book pop up on Instagram a few days ago and was hooked.
If you do have the chance to turn the pages of this book you will see why.
Time will be set aside each week to spend reading in a quiet corner.

More fabric selections for my UANDUQAL quilt
have been selected and will be under the machine next week.

A walk through the garden yesterday revealed below

one of my clumps of bluebells. These harbingers of Spring, along with crocus,
are the flowers of my childhood days playing in the fields at the side of
my home in Lancashire.  Nostalgia sweeps over me when I
see and smell these blooms.

Dawn is here much earlier now and I love to be up 
watching the sunrise. At 6.30am yesterday I took this photo
of the sun hitting the bare oak branches giving them a golden glow,

sights like this are the perfect start to my day.

Happy Quilting


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Spring 2019 - planning projects - top heavy on photos

Yes, Spring is officially here!
Down at the beach on a beautiful day, the water looks so inviting
but still on the chilly side so I'll wait until Summer before paddling.

My sewing studio is in quite a mess and desperately in need of tidying
but I'm still pressing on with more blocks for
Unconventional and Unexpected

I love the zigzag fabric around block 4.
Just 12 more and my target of 30 will be reached and I
can begin sewing up the rows.

Project planning - my head is full of quilts
I really want to get on with and after the five blocks from yesterday I
had to have a little play with two of the new fabrics from Philip Jacobs,
pattern and results below of the beginnings of a mock up of

Hex Star

a pattern from Victoria Findlay Wolfe
and I'm intending using PJ's big, bold prints for the stars.

 Continuing on with the floral theme in the two fabrics above
are three photos of soft, pale flowers in bloom in the garden right now,
colour quite the opposite of the brightness above.

Camelia Lovelight

Arum Lily

I bought three of the plants above and we're heading off again to the garden centre
for a few more, I have a lot of gaps to fill in our front garden bed.

Off now to cut more blocks so see you soon.

To readers who are presently in the unpredictable path of
Hurricane Dorian you're in my thoughts, keep safe!