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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gypsy Wife and one hungry cat!

I had a change of mind over Gypsy Wife, I figured if I put her away in a
drawer it would be quite a while before she came out again!
So here she is, all stitched up, not perfect by any stretch of
the imagination but she is mine!
I can't get a good full on shot, to get this pic below I had to practically
re-arrange my sewing room.

 Would I make another one - no. I would not.
I am tempted once again by Long Time Gone, I've studied the pattern
and think it would be easier than GW, need more time to ponder on that one but
it would use up a heck of a lot of the scraps in my boxes.

I have four projects on the go, I have quilts to quilt and a few
UFO's tucked away in the cupboard, but I find
I am tempted constantly to begin more quilts, especially
using my favourite fabrics - you know whose - KF and friends.

So, guess what I have just been doing

 only cutting strips for another quilt.
This is an all strip quilt in a KF book, and at 3 and  1/2inches wide
a great change from 1"ones. 
Just what I need right now.

Our little Tuxedo cat Leila is a real character, so very
different from the others we have
been privileged to have as part of our family.
Here she is telling me it's time for her dinner

that's one hungry girl!!!!

That's all for now, I am feeling positively euphoric
at having achieved a finished GW top and feel I need to sit
and have a cup of tea, a large glass of a good Shiraz would
suit me better but that wouldn't be a good mix with my medications.
Hope you're all having a good week, see you soon.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Last section of Gypsy Wife now sewn up - at last!!

Just finished sewing section 10 and two words
used sometimes by our two grand-daughters sum up my feelings tonight -
I am "so over" Gypsy Wife!

This really needs to be seen in place with all the other sections, but I don't have
the room at the moment and I'm afraid she's not very
well placed in this photo.

GW has been in the works now for 18 months, I was off to a great start
but sections 9 and 10 saw me hitting the wall a bit, just
couldn't always get the mix of colours I wanted, lots of breaks were
needed then I would usually come back and things
would fall into place.
A four legged feline has also slowed me up at times.

The sections won't be put together for a couple of weeks,
I just want to put it away somewhere and catch up on all my other

So, I'm going to sit in a quiet corner with this
lovely little rose by my side

and this on my lap

spotted two days ago in the local book store.
I'll tell you all about it next time I post, if the cover is anything to go off
I think it's going to be a wonderful read!

See you sometime next week.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

A little more Gypsy Wife and fabric goodies

It's been one of those weeks where a lot of time has been
spent on thinking about WIPs and projects I should like to
make a start on over the next six months. Problem is there are so
many quilts on my "hope to do" list.
Added to the mix is the need to really sort out my fabrics, seriously my
scraps boxes need attention,
also I've been looking at up-dating my Mac computer to
the new model, this needs quite a bit of thinking time.

I did make a little progress with GW and below is the
far left hand side of section 10, I've changed out two of the
square in square blocks and made a wee kaleidoscope.

Three more blocks ready to go, the first one has a fussy cut
of the new range from Anna Maria Horner - a bit blurry for some reason

Goodies in the mail and brought home from the store, the
first two photos are store bought locally 

This one below are three of my favourites from AMH received in the
mail with a few others.

I fell in love with the patterned fabric below after seeing

the dotty fabrics I picked up again at a local store, not
particularly to use with the tropical fabric but just because I liked them
then when I was taking these photographs I thought
they looked quite good together.

The weather here has been atrocious, wild and wet and cold!
Today the sun is out, still very cold and impossible to walk
on the grass in the back garden, but in my front garden
my favourite camellia is blooming - Lovelight

and was I surprised to see these little beauties peeping out

my lovely tulips from last year, I can't believe they're coming up so early!

I'm off to make the most of the sun by putting a load of
washing in the machine and hoping I can hang it on the line
to dry.

My weekend is going to be spent dealing with everything
mentioned in my first few lines of the post so I'll head off and make a start,
possibly a nice cup of tea would help the process!

Enjoy your weekend and happy quilting.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Quilting weather and a another project

Yes, another rainy day here in Auckland, the lawn is more
like a marsh at the moment.

On to the quilting, I've re-arranged the setting for my latest quilt, 

I decided to have the row of stars between the large and small rows
of square in a square. Three, maybe four rows to be added.

Working on this quilt layout and dealing with the
intricate piecing of Gypsy Wife I decided I needed something
quick and easy to play with.

A jelly roll won from a giveaway with
Sally T at the theobjectsofdesign,
plus a roll bought many years ago were perfect for this
strip and half square triangle quilt.

Strips divided into roughly lights and darks

then sewn

and cut

onto the half square triangles

these are put together to make a four inch block, then
four blocks sewn together and I have the
block below.

I think the finished size is supposed to be around 78" square
so I've quite a few more blocks to sew up!
The pattern is in a book by Edyta Sitar

I'm off now to link up with
Linda and Julie
Sew Stitch Snap SHARE

Happy Quilting