Waiting In The Wings

Monday, August 29, 2016

Cross Cut

Cut and stitched the piece from my last post HERE.
Just needs quilting.

This is a tutorial from Debbie at A Quilters Table, and in her sidebar she has two posts -
Cross Cut showing 1 and Cross Cut showing 2, do go and check these out there are
some beauties!!

Lessons learned from making this:

1. when sewing the cut up sections
make sure you keep them in the orientation intended!
Botton left - this block should have been placed with the arm on the
right of the block pointing upwards towards
the block above, the corner would then have been better balanced.

2. next time I would make more  original blocks to
give myself a few more options and possibly use
lightly patterned fabrics for the background.

A larger one is definitely on my
agenda, the one above is 22" square and as a practice
piece I'm happy with it, great fun to play with.

The latest Kaffe Fassett book arrived in the book shop
late last week, wonderful photographs of the quilts
on location in Italy and a few are earmarked as possibles!
Now I'm waiting for the next book "Blooms"which
should be out next month.
Methinks I may need extra shelf space!!

Enjoy the week, I now need to decide which project/projects need
my attention for my week!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Something New

I have, like many others, lots of projects on the go and
all of them need my time.
Today was set aside to work on Gypsy Wife but over breakfast
I was thinking of a quilt seen a few weeks ago on
a blog I follow, this blogger has a great tutorial.
Breakfast over, no Gypsy Wife blocks being cut but
this Cross Cut piece was!
Below is the first stage, this is just a practice piece, and the
second stage will come tomorrow. I'll wait until tomorrow
before giving the link to the tutorial.

I have a feeling that this photo is going to be a bit fuzzy, sorry about that but it's
early evening already here and the light is going.
Two pins are in place where seams meet, or
rather don't meet, and I'll work on those later,
or as it's a practice piece I could just go with the flow and
leave as is.
Measure twice and cut once is a saying I should have
taken more notice of.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gypsy Wife update

After posting the Nurses Cross in my Friday post
I got a good start on section 6, the photo
below is only a small part of this section but I have the bottom strips
in place and can get a better idea of how
the quilt will look. I'll post the full section when I have
it sewn together.

Excuse the design wall full of thread bits and strips
pinned on there!

Partial seams crop up here and there, one is here on the right
waiting for the next row to go in. 
Looking at the photo now I see that I still have one seam not sewn - must
have been distracted and forgotten. Back to the machine.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Catching up on houses

I've been so behind with houses for RSC 2016 but
managed to get down to making two
in the colour of the month - dusty lilac/purple with acid green
as the accent. I really don't do acid green but
here's what I came up with.

The top one is most definitely not acid green, more like my favourite
soft turquoise as the accent.

I was going to post photos of our eldest grand-daughter all ready
for her first ball, she's 17 years old, but mine turned out
ghastly so I'll ask her mum to send me on one of hers.
Bea had the most beautiful corset - quilted!!
Next post I hope to have them on here.
Right now I'll link up with
Angela at Superscrappy
and all the other smoky purples taking part in
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Gypsy Wife

I'm only just making a start on Section 6 of this QAL
and thought I'd start off on the one with the smallest pieces and played
around with colour placement rather than following the

Nurses Cross

8" finished size

I enjoyed working on this block, the remainder for the section
are quite simple and along with the strips shouldn't take
too long.

We've had a lot of wet and windy weather here in New Zealand
but all the cyclamen are flowering and the hellebores. I find the leaves
on the cyclamen even more beautiful than the flowers!

The garden is desperately in need of weeding but it's still far too wet to
get in the garden beds.

Leila is growing like mad, at least in length, as you can see from
the photo of her bird watching below.

I have two days of blog posts to catch up on so that's
all from me today.
Have a happy weekend.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Kaleidoscope and Kitten

I packed in a few hours sewing over the past week and
decided to concentrate on my kaleidoscope blocks.

Initially I was photographing them individually but as I made
more I thought it would be overkill to have lots of individual
shots going on for ever down the page. But here are the first three single ones

and below three sets - first up the greens
second the oranges
third blues

I posted HERE with the blocks I had earlier. My idea was not too much contrast and
to keep it, as someone described, rich and moody! Think of a worn, richly coloured
Persian carpet, that's what I have in mind.
These latest photos were taken this morning but I've been having trouble
with the camera today and then the computer went down, hence the sizing
is different for each one!

Not forgetting the kitten part of the post here she is sitting
somewhere she shouldn't be in protest at the collar she's having to wear.
Sutures out tomorrow and collar off!!!! I think we'll have one happy kitty.
I know that I shall be a very happy quilter!!

Time to visit with Cathy over at Kaleidoscope of Butterflies, back soon.