Waiting In The Wings

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Taking a break

Nothing much been happening here, just a few more tumblers for the Leader/Ender Challenge

and trying to catch up with RSC 2015. I tried out the yellows for Scrappy Mountains

but not pleased at all with the fabrics used, this is the only set which may make
the cut!

I've not been feeling too well recently and I have appointments with Cardiologist/Electrophysiologist
and Rheumatologist again for long-standing health problems so I figure on a week or so off blogging
and other things and taking it easy. I shall be catching up on all your blogs
but just having a holiday from posting myself.

We had a sunny day yesterday so took this photo of one of my favourite camellias

Guilio Nuccio
Back soon

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Closing doors - metaphorically speaking ….

Once weekly there is small magazine included with our daily newspaper which contains very
interesting articles and usually a small piece in the wellbeing section
 written by a Louse Thompson.

Her piece this week was headed "Close Some Doors"and certainly struck a chord with me!
I quote
"it's deceptively easy to end up with so many open doors in our life that our
energy, time and attention is dissipated all over the place"
and I realised I had quite a few doors to close!!

Example - I thought that as well as quilting I should like to take up dry felting
using one of the embellishers on the market, bought one plus
packets of wool roving, sari silks, dyed organza, pre-felts, lots of packs of silk slushies 
in the most glorious colours plus other bits and pieces  all ready to make these fabulous
creations - that was five years ago - have I made anything - NO -  but I
have hung on to these "just in case" I found the time and every so often
I would get the guilts about all this stuff I wasn't using. Yesterday I realised
I was never going to do felting so "closed the door" and let it go. I feel good.
 Already I have someone calling in who is very interested in buying
all the goodies mentioned above!
  There were other doors to close and two more "bit the dust". 

Does anyone else ever feel that they have too many doors open?

Now I've gotten that off my chest it's on to quilting matters.

I am still quilting away on my H quilt - the quilting would certainly not
win any prizes that's for sure, it's a cross between wood grain
and rolling waves but I'm just going to refer to it as "organic" quilting!!!

Scrap Vortex - this I am loving!! Lots more small pieces all made up
ready for joining but I couldn't resist putting three pieces up on the wall

I would say that this is a good example of time and energy being dissipated in 
that being in a hurry to get a few things done I didn't wait for the good
light and  a seam is way off kilter bottom left - so that needs
to be sewn again.

In the midst of reflecting on the words of wisdom above I downed tools and took off
for a leisurely walk around the block hoping that  I would see
some colour in the gardens - not much at this time of year - but

there are plenty of Red Hot Pokers flowering and lovely colour in the

That's me for today, hope you're all having a good week and I
am heading back to the quilt and then more Scrappy Mountain catch-up!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015 - Mid Year Update

Here we are - the middle of the year already and time to post
our progress with projects.
I changed my project at the third month mark and went on to Teapots, Scrappy Mountains
and Stars - the Stars have not progressed much at all so
there will be no photo of those today, but my teapots

are coming along nicely, they still need to be machine appliqu├ęd.
Now we have four more months to go which is
going to leave me with an odd number for a quilt, and I'm thinking
wall quilt with this one, so options are to use two more teapots and make
it a nine block
 and make a small piece with the remaining two teapots at the end of the year.
I can play around with the placement when all 11 are finished. They will
have sashing added and border or borders.

Scrappy Mountains - haven't yet caught up with yellow or pink and
because these others below are dark I feel I would want
to go dark pink and maybe yellow/orange, not decided yet.

There are two settings which appeal to me, the first photo
does not have all the blocks, I just didn't have enough time or energy
to keep taking them down and re-arranging into any
number of settings, so

above is the first setting
below is the second - and note that I have to make another
two turquoise blocks and change out a couple of reds, in the setting below I'm not happy with KF "Dream" in red - too many other colours coming in and it just doesn't gel
for me, also there's a background fabric not working, so I'll get to those
next week

my design wall won't take the width so the first and last block either curve onto the
other wall or hang off the edge!!
You can see the sixth block and ninth block in red - they've got to go and I'm not too happy
with the 8th and 11th background I think that's going also. When all eleven months
are up I will be able to play around with colour rows.

I would appreciate your views on the two fabrics I've mentioned if you feel inclined
to give me a comment.

Well, that's it from me and I will make an effort to finish the Stars but I have
quite a few other projects on the go as well as these!

Time to link with other posts on progress
with Angela at Superscrappy

Happy Quilting

Sunday, July 5, 2015

July - Luscious Reds

First up this post is my red teapot for RSC 2015

I'm still playing catch-up with my Scrappy Mountains but they will be
in my post next Saturday.

I had box (small box) of 3" tumblers cut ready for making another
tumbler scrap quilt, I had put two rows together already, then I saw that Bonnie Hunter is having
the Leader Ender Challenge for this year as …tumblers, so
got me into gear sorting more scraps and putting my GO cutter up.

This truly is a scrap quilt, some of the fabrics have been around for more than 20 years, some
of course are from my KF collective stash.

My H quilt is one third quilted and it's been a harder task
getting this quilt through my machine than I had anticipated, by no means
is the quilting as I would like it to be but it's the first time for me on
a quilt so large, as practice makes perfect the next
one should be an improvement.

Going over to link with everyone else busy with Reds this month
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015
pay them all a visit to catch up with the projects.

Hope you all had a happy 4th July.