Waiting In The Wings

Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Although it's slow going I have another round of Fractured 2 on the wall, some pieces sewn, some just pinned.  The original pattern uses many fabrics for the individual blocks but of course I decided to try something different, in doing so it's taking me some time to work things out.

Progress also with my fractured wrist, I am now able to use my hand much more for my sewing but have to be very careful, it will be 12 months before we can be sure of whether I have full use or not. Ultrasound shows that I definitely do have a full thickness rotator cuff tear in a tendon  left shoulder, this has unfortunately come away from the bone! It's the tendon attached to one of the four muscles  so very little use of my arm but a lot of pain, and again there will be a long  road ahead. Thank goodness for Accuquilt.

I celebrated my  progress by buying two pieces of fabric, the first one I'm thinking of using in the Judy Newman pattern mentioned in my last post.

The second is for a pattern seen a few weeks ago - Verandah - a very simple straightforward quilt which will be ideal. I think this is a Heather Ross fabric.

I also received yesterday my order of Kaffe Collective fabrics rom Glorious Color, most definitely a glorious collection, I'll post photos next time. 

Gathering fabrics for a few quilts I have in mind, not too complicated and which can be cut with my electric cutter. Something new is that I'm looking at a new range coming out from Alison Glass,  very bright and lots of possibilites.

That's all from me, time limit for arm use is up but here's a photo of how to take things easy after a very busy day!!!

Oh,  just remembered there may be a squirrel about to make an appearance shortly!

Notice I've changed the format for text, decision taken after reading about left justification being easier to read, I know a few other bloggers have changed also.

Happy Quilting until next time