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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Gypsy Wife Quilt Along Section Two

splish splash stash

Time for the link party with Section 2.

There were a few swear words whilst making the Pershing bock,
along with a bit of unpicking. In the end I was still out a little
and decided no way was I about to start on another one so 
a tiny strip was added on two sides of the block to meet the size needed.
I made sure that the outside border on the Courthouse Step  - which
butts up against Pershing - was in a rich deep colour so my little strip
wouldn't be too obvious - hopefully.

Because of the busy nature of this quilt I think it's possible to get away with
a minor adjustment if needed.

I've found that working out the colour combinations to my liking
takes the most time, but I do now have lots of small extras to add to my

I also have a few blocks which didn't make it, they could possibly
be incorporated in future sections.

This is an enjoyable quilt to be working on even through patience
may be tested along the way, but now it's on to Section 3 and 4 next.

Check out the link
to the Gypsy Wife link party


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More stars!

Very little sewing has been done here with seeing
family over Easter, so only two stars this week. I did  have  four
all cut but the other two have fallen by the wayside I will be
sewing those over the next few days.

Out for a quick walk yesterday we spotted this tree with leaves
turning this glorious colour.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rejects and scrap sorting

I'm finishing up section two for Gypsy Wife today
and in the process got an awful lot of left over HSTs, squares
and odd bits and pieces

and felt as if it was taking me for ever to get the fabric
combinations just as I liked.

I  have a few "rejects" from these two sections
but they can possibly be incorporated into other blocks.

 The two small blocks below are already in place and sewn - thank goodness.

I have two other larger blocks complete but I'll not post those until
we have the Gypsy Wife link up.

In my last post I commented on the lack of colour in the garden now
we're going into Autumn but of course the hibiscus in the front bed
are flowering

This one had ended up on the ground so it's now floating in a dish in
my kitchen.

That's me for today, a short post!
More over the weekend - hope you all have a wonderful


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Passion for purple and a finish

I was determined this week to finish up quilting on
the High Flyer quilt for grand-daughter, a continuing infection
slowed me up but I did it!

I couldn't get a full shot as I was without any helpers
yesterday to hold, but I'll try and get one during the week.

More on my purple houses from
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016,
if you check on my last post the second of my
two houses wasn't making me very happy, it's now relegated to
my bits and pieces box and a new one in my usual
favourite KF Collective fabrics is here

now I'm happy!!

A new book arrived yesterday so I'm doubly happy, I've only had a look
at a few pages but boy it explodes with colour
and great ideas

and I'm saving it for later today when I can sit totally uninterrupted
and enjoy!

No flower pics today, wet and dull here presently and the colours
are fading fast in the garden.

If you have a longing for more purple go along to visit Angela at
and get your colour fix!

Have a Happy Week

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Colour changes for Autumn

No I haven't lost the plot and stuck with browns again,
this month we're with Purple and Yellow accents for
Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but I've just been in the
garden checking the Hydrangeas and they're already getting into their
early Autumn colours of purples and reds.

Onto my efforts with Rainbow Scraps

I love this purple house because it reminds me of those wonderful
Autumn days walking home from school as a child in the North of England,
shuffling along through all the dried leaves covering the footpath with the light already
fading at 3.30pm in the afternoon. Darkening skies and houses already
with lights shining through the windows - I can almost feel that I am back
there! In fact I feel a quilt coming on encompassing all my memories
of those days - keep watching!

This one above feels a bit "blocky" in the sense that I've strayed from
my usual multi KF Collective fabrics and gone with a
one colour only fabric, so it doesn't stand out too much in the midst
of the multi patterned houses in the finished quilt
 I'll make a couple more like this to add to the mix.

With all this talk of Autumn I do have a beautifully scented
climber presently flowering.

Stephanotis has been in my garden two years and has really taken
of this year, she's a beauty.

Now, if you hanker after more purples and yellows visit


Friday, March 4, 2016

Playing catch up

I've been fighting a nasty infection all week and dealing
with the unpleasant side effects of the strong antibiotics, quilting was
not on the agenda until today. 

Two more blocks for Gypsy Wife


Courthouse Steps
for Section 2.

Our colourful and noisy feathered friends are back again eating their way
through the apples

and I see I'm having some problems with
the watermark - more work needed here!

I have three days worth of blog posts to read through now
and then tomorrow it's time to sew two more houses for
the Scrap Challenge.

Linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday