Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rejects and scrap sorting

I'm finishing up section two for Gypsy Wife today
and in the process got an awful lot of left over HSTs, squares
and odd bits and pieces

and felt as if it was taking me for ever to get the fabric
combinations just as I liked.

I  have a few "rejects" from these two sections
but they can possibly be incorporated into other blocks.

 The two small blocks below are already in place and sewn - thank goodness.

I have two other larger blocks complete but I'll not post those until
we have the Gypsy Wife link up.

In my last post I commented on the lack of colour in the garden now
we're going into Autumn but of course the hibiscus in the front bed
are flowering

This one had ended up on the ground so it's now floating in a dish in
my kitchen.

That's me for today, a short post!
More over the weekend - hope you all have a wonderful



  1. Colourful blocks. Pretty Hibiscus, it looks great in the pretty china. Happy Easter!

  2. Some lovely bits of leftover fabric there, I sometimes find that when I cut a lot of blocks at one time I get better at the fabric combinations, maybe it is because I get my "eye"in.

  3. Even your rejects are beautiful...

  4. I really need to sort through my scraps. I want to use my scraps up so badly! Hate having them sitting around!

  5. Yes, I'm finding it's deciding on fabric combinations that takes the time with GW, but I am impressed with how organised you are with your leftovers! (I have a few plates in that pattern!) Happy Easter

  6. I'm looking forward to your next Gypsy Wife section because I even like your "rejects."

  7. Happy Easter to you too! Love the two little blocks you have used and hopefully you'll find a use for the rejects too.


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