Waiting In The Wings

Monday, September 18, 2023

Still more stripping and quilt tops

Your comments and suggestions on my collection of quilt tops in the last post were very helpful, thank you all.

My two largest I intend to send off to be quilted, also possibly two for basting and I'll make the backings to go along with them. The remainder I can work through slowly (over many months) with perhaps another two sent off  towards the end of the year. 

One quilt I had thought of for basting was this one below - Carnival Crosses

made for the UANDUQAL - Unconventional and Unexpected Quilt Along, organised by Sujata Shah,
for more information just click on the link, this was back in 2019. The starting point for this QAL was the book by Roderick Kiracofe.

My inspiration quilt from the book was "Cross" / Four Patch, photo below,

you can see that the original had borders. I had completely forgotten to add them to mine so this one still needs work.

Last post but one,  Sunday sewing with Hannah, was all about strips used in the Hannah quilt and the stack I had left over, in a mad moment I decided to quickly make a small quilt using them up, possibly  one to lay our expected great-grand daughter on for a kick around when she's old enough. Another two rows were to be added for length but it wasn't quite working for  me in the small size. which would have been 32" x 40"

so I've gone wider, six blocks across and seven blocks down finishing at 48" x 56", much happier now. Each block is pinned so I can always play around with placement, making sure the seams are in the correct direction.

Usually a flower photo ends my post but the weather has been atrocious, however Spring is officially here and the bluebells are out to brighten the days. Couldn't resist cutting a few for the house.

Tomorrow is set down for  more machine quilting and probably a little more stitching of a few blocks for Tussie Mussie.

See you soon


Monday, September 11, 2023

Yikes - The Counting of The Tops!!

A calming visitor (much needed) at breakfast time this morning to begin my day, a Barbary Dove, beautiful, look at the subtle feather colours, they're very friendly and one actually flew up and landed on my hand!

I'm still here but no new projects on the go at the moment. A high dose of steroid (prednisone) for a flare of my PMR - not PMT, I'm 76 yrs - but an ongoing problem Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Anyone who takes steroids knows the effects these can have, currently I have around 4 hrs of sleep each night, my brain is soundly in overdrive and fizzing with great ideas but not the ability to carry through. The good side is that I am pain free and can actually move again.

However at 3am early this morning I hit on the idea of something simple - counting up my tops waiting to be quilted, this was a task long overdue. Humour me whilst looking at the photos below. Oh, before I make a start fabrics arrived two days ago, just two new colourways here in  classics from KF, there were a few other bold and brights, as usual.

On with the main point of this post.

You will, I think, have seen a photo before of my two narrow ladders in the hall, they hold ten tops waiting in line.

The large ladder in the hall has four tops - Gypsy Wife is hidden under one of the other three,  still waiting her turn. These are the larger size.

I also have a small  waist high stand with four rails, obviously for four quilts, this is now home to
seventeen tops, medium size and a few wall hanging size. Of necessity it is now in the bedroom and is extremely heavy to move.

Last picture - I promise,  so a small design board in the hallway leading down to my little studio
with three basted quilts, the centre one is Northern Lights and partly quilted, left hand side is Liquorice Allsorts and right hand side a peep of Midnight at the Oasis.

You can do the math and see the size of my problem - perhaps the 3 am idea was not the best one I have had. I'm now going to have to work out a system to complete these tops, obviously over a good length of time, and also to be stitching on new projects - of which I also have many lined up! Luckily I have two machines so I think my newer Bernina will be permanently set up with quilting foot etc on my large quilting unit and my older one in some other place purely for stitching. Where this will live I do not know presently. Perhaps I should post a studio tour and you could offer suggestions , actually I think I shall do this if you can bear to look through more photos next post.

Happy Quilting