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Monday, September 18, 2023

Still more stripping and quilt tops

Your comments and suggestions on my collection of quilt tops in the last post were very helpful, thank you all.

My two largest I intend to send off to be quilted, also possibly two for basting and I'll make the backings to go along with them. The remainder I can work through slowly (over many months) with perhaps another two sent off  towards the end of the year. 

One quilt I had thought of for basting was this one below - Carnival Crosses

made for the UANDUQAL - Unconventional and Unexpected Quilt Along, organised by Sujata Shah,
for more information just click on the link, this was back in 2019. The starting point for this QAL was the book by Roderick Kiracofe.

My inspiration quilt from the book was "Cross" / Four Patch, photo below,

you can see that the original had borders. I had completely forgotten to add them to mine so this one still needs work.

Last post but one,  Sunday sewing with Hannah, was all about strips used in the Hannah quilt and the stack I had left over, in a mad moment I decided to quickly make a small quilt using them up, possibly  one to lay our expected great-grand daughter on for a kick around when she's old enough. Another two rows were to be added for length but it wasn't quite working for  me in the small size. which would have been 32" x 40"

so I've gone wider, six blocks across and seven blocks down finishing at 48" x 56", much happier now. Each block is pinned so I can always play around with placement, making sure the seams are in the correct direction.

Usually a flower photo ends my post but the weather has been atrocious, however Spring is officially here and the bluebells are out to brighten the days. Couldn't resist cutting a few for the house.

Tomorrow is set down for  more machine quilting and probably a little more stitching of a few blocks for Tussie Mussie.

See you soon



Nancy J said...

Bluebells with those delightful books as a backdrop, perfect. I cannot remember seeing the first photo quilt before, maybe before I visited you. Like you, I have started to sort out quilting magazines that I will not use even in another lifetime. So far, have culled 100 !!!! And have about 20 to keep. That's a very good start for me, the top hoarder of all time. Great idea to have a quilt basted, that will make it so much easier to wrangle through a machine.And it probably will not need to be wrangled, just rolled and feed it through. Still windy here, gale all night, thought the veranda roof would be off this morning, but still there,.

Julierose said...

I love the Cross/Four Patch--so vibrant!! I also have tons of quilt books on my sagging shelves!! I am trying to take out the ones I KNOW I'll never make patterns from--but then I feel they are so inspirational that they get put right back!! Not good method, right?
Hugs, Julierose

Kaja said...

I love both these projects - you have such a good eye for colour!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Carnival Crosses is stunning - I absolutely LOVE your interpretation! And I'm so happy to see how your leftover strips are being transformed - I really like the yellow as the background triangles. And oh my, that grouping with the two KF books and that adorable elephant, especially with the bluebells! My heart is so happy!

FlourishingPalms said...

Gosh, but I love the colors in your two quilts! Carnival Crosses is great, and personally, I think it looks good without borders. And the other baby quilt - "Hannah" - oh my, that's striking too! The angularity of the design, and those bright yellow triangles are perfect. How fortunate for you to have bluebells to enjoy. Indoor flowers are never seen in my house, so it's nice to see yours. Hope you are feeling well these days.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Thanks for the colors and pattern fix for the day. I always love to gaze at your color choices. Beautiful bluebells and books!

loulee said...

Two beautiful works in progress.

MissPat said...

I like Carnival Crossings much better than the inspiration quilt and, unless you want it bigger, I don't think it needs any borders. Good decision to use up the leftovers from the Hannah quilt right away. I'm being overwhelmed by scraps and leftovers.

Ann said...

I, too, like Carnival Crossing but am sure you will think of a better border than the original. After all, it's just an inspiration. Your fabrics are always gorgeous.
Yes, it seems the Hannah quilt will look better a bit longer. Why does that happen when we have "just the right place" to gift it?
Sorry I've been offline so much but lots of family events. All the best to you, Maureen.