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Sunday, February 22, 2015

One more Pink week for RSC 2015

This week I veered off slightly into the peachy pinks

and although I've photographed this block three times I still feel the colour is coming
up rather deeper than it should.

Below is another pink colour way  I'm working on, Leeanne of Quilt Me Kiwi let me have a few of her pinks, two are in the block above and three in the starter strip below.

Rather a short post today due in part to the fact that we still have had no rain yet in Auckland
and the garden really needed watering again. Not lost any plants
yet so fingers crossed!

Linking up as usual with
Angela and all at RSC 2015


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sun, Sea and Sand

Still beautiful weather in the Southern Hemisphere!
Yesterday we took a ride into the city along the waterfront and even though
it was a weekday there were still 
 folk soaking up the sun around
the beaches.

One solitary guy looking out to Rangitoto Island

Nice shady spot here under a pohutakawa tree
I had been busy sewing lots more H blocks before going out

and on our way back home we called in a local quilting store, not intending
to buy anything of course but I did come out
with a few pieces. One I just couldn't resist was so wild and I decided
a piece of it had to become an H block so this morning I made
just  three more -  two "normal" and one wild - why I did I shall never know
as looking at it makes me feel quite ill!!!

First one OK

Second - still happy and going slightly limey green

This is the one I have a problem with!

Should it stay or should it go????

I'll be back over the weekend with another pink block.
Happy quilting


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pinks for RSC 2015 and Blue Bayou

Saturday seems to come around pretty quick these days (Sunday here)!

I admit I struggled with my pink block this week, last week I was into the soft pinks, 
this week upped  a few notches to a sort of
raspberry pink hence the struggle as I was pretty low
on these shades!

Next week I'll go peachy pink and thanks to Leeanne at Quilt Me Kiwi
I have a few of her fabric pieces to use! Thanks again Leeanne.

Before I go on to Blue Bayou here is another hydrangea
for those of you who are gardeners

I've been working on other projects in addition to blocks for RSC2015, now finished cutting all
the pieces for Blue Bayou,  a quilt featured in the book Quilts in Morocco from Kaffe Fassett. Apart from his Aboriginal Dot fabrics I've used the blues I had on hand
luckily some of them were used in the original quilt

 a heap of large hexagons

equilateral triangles

and I had to add in two extra hexagons in this luscious fabric.

Next on my list is to baste Sailing through Suez, that's the one I'm making
as a contributor to Cultural Fusion Quilts - see the link on my sidebar.

Off to link now with all the
"pinkies" at Superscrappy RSC 2015

See you next time

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pink RSC 2015

I didn't get around to making a start on pink blocks for
last Saturday but here is the first one for the month

I had a struggle finding a good selection of pinks from my stash.
I think I will have to go more magenta pink next week.

It has been difficult to get on with my quilting, lots of overseas family
things going on which have been very, very stressful and totally draining
 but getting my quilting mojo back today!

There will be a post about my piece for the Cultural Fusion Quilts blog in a day or so, 
I last posted about Sailing Through Suez HERE and 
now have the strips all sewn up and ready to be basted.

Garden - picked hydrangeas about 10 days ago, soft purple/pink but look at
the lovely colour change now

love the green in there!

Linking up with everyone taking part in RSC 2015 HERE
looks to be lots of lovely pinks!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Scrappy Blues and a New Zealand Flavour

For the last Saturday of Blues with
Rainbow Scrap Challenge I made a couple more H blocks using blue and
 a few scraps of New Zealand themed fabrics.
I also made one with a lovely Hoffman fabric which played a
part in the first quilt made for this grandson who will be having the H quilt.

These two blocks feature one of our native birds
the Pukeko see this post HERE for a photograph of this bird

this last one is the Hoffman feature fabric, I also have yardage with a black background

the Ruru (tiny owl) is on the left and the tui on the right.

Our colour for February is Pink so I need to get busy picking out pinks for my
Geese blocks.

I'll finish with another of my Hydrangeas from the garden

which are finding the weather a little too hot here at the moment.

Hope those of you catching all the snow are safe and well.

Linking with Angela at Superscrappy