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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pink RSC 2015

I didn't get around to making a start on pink blocks for
last Saturday but here is the first one for the month

I had a struggle finding a good selection of pinks from my stash.
I think I will have to go more magenta pink next week.

It has been difficult to get on with my quilting, lots of overseas family
things going on which have been very, very stressful and totally draining
 but getting my quilting mojo back today!

There will be a post about my piece for the Cultural Fusion Quilts blog in a day or so, 
I last posted about Sailing Through Suez HERE and 
now have the strips all sewn up and ready to be basted.

Garden - picked hydrangeas about 10 days ago, soft purple/pink but look at
the lovely colour change now

love the green in there!

Linking up with everyone taking part in RSC 2015 HERE
looks to be lots of lovely pinks!


  1. your pink block is sooooo pretty!

    Love those hydrangeas. Mine are changing colour too. Isn't it amazing the way some of them turn green?
    One of our bushes has quite a change of colour this year. We can only put it down to the chickens spending time under it and doing you know what.

  2. Looks fun and funky! I may have a some pinks, would that help??

  3. Oooh....wish I had some of your gorgeous pinks!! Hydrangeas are one of my favorites. Nothing but grey in our garden...but there are some daffodils pushing up!!

  4. So many pretty pinks, the darker solid makes a great background and resting place for the eyes. Beautiful flowers too!

  5. Beautiful pinks. I really like the block you used them in. Is there a pattern for it somewhere?

  6. my hydrangeas are a memory now in the winter but yours are so lovely. It's one of my favorite flowers because of the shadows and tones of colors. This mix of gray and lavender pink is subtle and a real color study. Have you ever done that website thing where you put in a photo and it breaks it down to colors?? Can't remember the site...
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  7. You did a great job picking out your pinks! They look wonderful together. Love the hydrandgas! I know I keep saying this - but with nothing but gray skys and snow on the ground - they are such a treat! Gorgeous.. keep 'em coming!

  8. What a gorgeous block. Wish I was picking hydrangeas! I just got buried with 19 inches of snow last week!

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these blocks and yours is SPECTACULAR. Such perfect fabrics. Now I think I might have to make this too... :)

  10. Love this week's pink block! Great fabric choices and fussy-cutting!

  11. Love your pink blocks and the wonderful material you've used.

  12. I like your pink block a lot! All those floral prints give it a unique look.

  13. Your pink fabrics are beautiful but my heart just sings when I see hydrangeas. I so wish I could get them to grow at my house. Thanks for lifting my spirits.

  14. Gorgeous pink florals in your block.

  15. I really like the block you're using for the color study this year. It's a great value scale. Beautiful fabrics again and I always love hydrangeas. Thanks!

  16. I love your pink prints! And your block.
    I hope everything works out with your family.

  17. Glorious colors and blocks in your post today . . . wishing you well as you cope with the long distance matters.

  18. Your block looks like a window to a garden of pink blooms, beautiful!! Hydrangeas are so pretty when they start to turn green.


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