Waiting In The Wings

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sun, Sea and Sand

Still beautiful weather in the Southern Hemisphere!
Yesterday we took a ride into the city along the waterfront and even though
it was a weekday there were still 
 folk soaking up the sun around
the beaches.

One solitary guy looking out to Rangitoto Island

Nice shady spot here under a pohutakawa tree
I had been busy sewing lots more H blocks before going out

and on our way back home we called in a local quilting store, not intending
to buy anything of course but I did come out
with a few pieces. One I just couldn't resist was so wild and I decided
a piece of it had to become an H block so this morning I made
just  three more -  two "normal" and one wild - why I did I shall never know
as looking at it makes me feel quite ill!!!

First one OK

Second - still happy and going slightly limey green

This is the one I have a problem with!

Should it stay or should it go????

I'll be back over the weekend with another pink block.
Happy quilting



Leeanne said...

beautifl beach photo's, we sure live in paradise. Your 'H' blocks stand for HAPPY!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I wouldn't throw the wild one out yet. Wait until you have enough blocks done for your quilt and then decided. It is quirky and fun!

Sally T said...

I agree that the wild block may play well with others later...but ultimately if the combination made me sick, I'd make another one with my favorite of the two fabrics.

Debbie said...

don't toss it yet.....you might be able to hide it among the others! envious of your sun and sand right now!

Raewyn said...

Fun blocks!! I'd leave the wild one in the mix and see what happens when you are further down the track... it may be the 'pop' that you need!

Quiltdivajulie said...

SO nice to see photos of warmer weather -- we have sunshine and blue skies but also ice coating everything making the world sparkly!

Hang onto the wild H . . . it might not make the quilt group but one never knows!

Ann said...

What a gorgeous beach! And a LQS... what a great addition to the scenery. Enjoy your vacation.