Waiting In The Wings

Waiting In The Wings

These tops are all hanging in the closet ready for
batting and backings.
I rather shocked myself when I realised how many were waiting there,
however, I think I can safely say that at least one each month can be quilted as
the majority of them will have relatively simple
straight line quilting.

Scrappy Mountain Majesties

Red Sea Sunset

Alley Cats

Blue Heaven

Cotton Candy
Quilt for Daisy

Northern Lights

Scrap Rainbow

Tula Pink Summer Stars



Chinese Coins


Nancy J said...

Hmmm, I thought I had a lot, but you beat me. Down here, I have found a lady with a long arm quilter, haven't met her yet, and am going to ask if she will teach and then hire her machine. Just a thought. Northern Lights, my pick of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

Is the background on your mountains majesty quilt all florals? Did you just choose light colored florals to contrast with the mountains? It looks like each row has a different background. Thank you for any information. mesbsihigbie at gmail dot com

Lynette said...

Maureen, you work in the prettiest colors! These are awesome tops that are sure to give you very pleasant hours quilting them up. "Red Sea Sunset" absolutely enchants me, but I seriously love every single one up here.

Carli The Quilter said...

Wow, nice assortment of quilts to be hand quilted or machine quilted?

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Such a delightful selection of quilt tops, I love them all! Finishing quilts is overrated! I'm process driven and simply enjoy playing with fabrics, no guilt!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I agree with Linda - finishing IS overrated (until you run out of space to store the waiting tops that is). Enjoy the making process without guilt!