Waiting In The Wings

Sunday, August 12, 2018

A sunny Sunday - a flimsy, flowers and a super sunrise

I began my day at 6.30am, I always try and catch
the sunrise

this one was a real beauty!

Since my last post I have a flimsy finish- Freshly Squeezed - but
I could only take a quick photo draped
across the old garden bench, I'll try and post another one later.

54" wide and 66" long, 6" finished blocks.
These pieces were left over from my Chinese Coin challenge, see below,
with AdHoc Improvisational Quilters.

A Taste Of The Orient

I still have heaps of strips left over, somewhere in the future
there will probably be another quilt in these colours.

I've been pondering on the present challenge with
AHIQ  -  Maps and Mappings  - 
you can read all about the challenge from Ann
or click on the sidebar button if you'd like to know more about the blog.

I had jotted down my ideas and a few days ago happened
to visit the local book store, I came home with this book.

I'll post a little more on this in a later post but for the moment I'll share
a few words from the author in her preface where she explains that this is not a 
textbook, nor the work of a scholar, but a book "that invites the reader
on a journey from map to map, to let their imagination run free ..."
The last six words decided me on which of my ideas was the
one calling to me 100%.

On to the flowers.
A wander in the garden as we head for September, the official
first month of Spring here in New Zealand, yielded a touch of white with this

and this arum lily just beginning to unfurl, I love the
movement here.

Don't you think the curves are just wonderful?

That's me for the day, almost lunchtime and then time to bury
my head in a book for a little while.

Back during the week - happy quilting until then.