Waiting In The Wings

Monday, October 29, 2018

A finished flimsy and a new project

It's been some time!!!
Crutches back with the physio - at the moment anyway - and I'm back
at the machine but with a difference, I have my left foot on the pedal
not the right one,  this change took me a little while to get the co-ordination flowing
I've been doing a little sorting of projects.

First off I finished the seams on the 2 x 4 quilt top, comes under the heading
of a Squirrel Club project.

then a little more hand quilting on Paintbox, 

this is the full shot below from (can't believe this)

I pulled out a WIP  - below - put away because I wasn't sure if I truly
wanted to continue with it, I do, that's down for next week.

 A wander in the garden

and then onto Scrap Vortex (below).
You may remember it was put aside because I was fast
losing the ability to focus my eyes stitching this.

Julie, who blogs at quiltdivajulie.blogspot.com/,
offered to adopt the blocks should I decide I truly didn't want
to continue on with it.
After thinking this over and pulling the said project out of
the parts box I decided to take drastic action

so now I have twenty three 3 and1/2" by 12 and 1/2" pieces,
a selection below

and I also have

a few strips of KF Aboriginal Dots
and one of his stripe fabrics.

I'm still stitching on this one but I'll have a photo
up later in the week.

Before I sign off a huge thank you for all the good wishes
sent my way. It's a toss up as to whether it's a
Medial Collateral Ligament tear or the Meniscus or something entirely
different, another knee specialist visit this week.

Bye for now and Happy Quilting


Friday, October 5, 2018