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Saturday, May 31, 2014

HSTeria and a yummy package in the mail

Another week for HSTeria and I missed posting last week because of this bug.
I was feeling a little better yesterday and had the idea that I'd finish two blocks on the top RH side of the quilt - not a great idea when you're not feeling the best! Not sure about these two and will play around with them tomorrow.

Still having trouble sometimes with the light hitting the design wall and the camera is not registering correctly, I think I'll have better luck with the camera in the iPhone.

Anyway still on the subject of HSTeria look what arrived for me in the mail yesterday from Vicki who is hosting the Quilt Along

Lots and lots of delicious dyed fabric strips! Thank you so much Vicki! This photo doesn't do justice to the amount of strips and the  huge array of colours, I will take another shot when I have laid them out on the table. I would love to use these in a Rayna Gillman style piece - will post progress.

Hope, hope, hope I am back to normal next week as there will be a new colour for the month for
RSC 2014 (just checked and it's sunny yellow) and more cats will be needed, I need to make more blocks for my Ocean Waves and there is another piece waiting to be cut and made ever so quickly (has to be ready in three weeks time) using the fabrics below

whether this will happen is debatable presently but fingers crossed!

Have a look at the link up for Vicki and HSTeria just below the photograph of Ocean Waves
and enjoy the week ahead.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Scrap Happy Cats

Time to post and link up with everyone taking part in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014 and all I have been able to produce in green this week are four more cats!

I need to make something else in green this week or at least with a decent amount of green in it, after seeing the lovely sewing machine cover made by Sophie  in her post yesterday I think I should start on one for my Bernina.

I had been waiting on one lot of fabric last week and it is now sitting on my cutting mat, I adore the Beaded Tents fabric (left hand side)  just as much as Tents  (right hand side)  both by Brandon Mably

and in case they are taken out of production in the future I shall hoard every scrap of these - 1.5 yards of each.

My production rate has not been as good as I would have liked lately due to a number of issues and given that I am definitely now to have the surgery on my knee I will have to get a move on with things as I won't be able to sit at the machine for two or maybe three weeks, a hand sewing project is definitely needed!

That's it from me for the weekend and let's see how much I achieve next week - do have  some serious tidying up in my studio though before I can pile more fabric on various surfaces!
Don't forget to go to the link at the start of my post to see all the greens!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

HSTeria Quilt Along and Broken Baskets!

The end of another week, one in which I dropped a lovely very, very old pottery basket which belonged to a much loved Aunt, DH was able to patch it together for me and as you can see the chips and cracks it's now going to live in my studio I need to find a safe place, I'll find a use for it possibly holding extra sewing threads. 

More or less back to my usual self  (fingers crossed - thanks for all the good wishes) and yesterday completed another two blocks of my HSTeria project and pinned the blocks so far on the wall

the top left quarter block needs taking down and re-arranging, I still have the dark triangles heading in the wrong direction! Don't think any more sewing will be done today - oh, correction I have four more green cats to make for RSC 2014 so I'll be posting again tomorrow!

Linking up now with Vicki who's hosting HSTeria Quilt Along
and below a subtle sunrise one morning this week to end this post.

Have a happy week

Saturday, May 10, 2014

HSTeria Quilt Along - on the slow side this week!

You will see not much progress  as I have been unwell since the beginning of the week, spent a few days confined to bed - which I hate! So no sewing and only a quick photo of blocks so far and they are not very well placed on the wall but don't have the energy to do any more arranging!

More should be on the wall by the next posting - sorry this is so brief.

One lovely email for me this morning from Vicki - I won the draw for this week!!!
Thanks Vicki - a great pick me up for today.

Have a happy, healthy week and linking up now with Vicki and HSTeria Quilt Along

Monday, May 5, 2014

Green Cat Month for Rainbow Scrappy 2014

Here we are with the colour Green for May - just at the time when our greenery is changing to rust in Autumn!
Six more cats from sewing yesterday afternoon and four more cut out.

The cat block is so quick to cut and make and it's pretty easy to find a piece of fabric in scrap at 9" x 6, the black for the background I bought six metres some years ago and it's a great tight weave, what I think of as a "true" black, it was the darker out of about four bolts that I looked at.

I probably could have fit in the remaining four green cats yesterday but was busy pulling more fabric for my HST quilt and fiddling around with placement
and reading more of the book by Rayna Gillman also watching a video download on her process of putting together freeform quilts.

Housework and ironing calling my name now and then hopefully a few hours of uninterrupted
quality sewing time!

Linking up now with Angela and the gang at RSC 2014, lots of lovely quilting going on so have a wander over.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

HSTeria Quilt Along

Loving this Quilt Along, thanks to Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber for coming up with this great idea! Hop along to the link please after reading this post and see all the other HSTeria projects.

I'm busy pulling out more fabrics in different colours and generally making a real mess on my cutting table - and over  other surfaces as well! Because of the colouring of this quilt it's a matter of careful placement so that's taking more time than the cutting and sewing at the moment. Using the colours I showed last week I have begun on Ocean Waves and making it with the memories in mind of my 1962/63 sail to NZ through Suez and the return to UK through Panama - I will never forget the beauty of the ocean and the sky, incredible.

All At Sea

I've just been along to the store to buy more of these white plastic trays, great for keeping pieces nice and tidy after cutting and waiting to be sewn.

That's all from me at the moment on HSTeria, gotta get busy on green cats!! Watch for another post on Sunday. Don't forget to visit the HSTeria link-up

Before I go we have been watching and reading about storms, flooding and tornadoes in the States, it looks horrific, know that other folks in other countries are keeping you in their thoughts.

Sunset one evening last week, just look at that sky!!!!!