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Saturday, May 17, 2014

HSTeria Quilt Along and Broken Baskets!

The end of another week, one in which I dropped a lovely very, very old pottery basket which belonged to a much loved Aunt, DH was able to patch it together for me and as you can see the chips and cracks it's now going to live in my studio I need to find a safe place, I'll find a use for it possibly holding extra sewing threads. 

More or less back to my usual self  (fingers crossed - thanks for all the good wishes) and yesterday completed another two blocks of my HSTeria project and pinned the blocks so far on the wall

the top left quarter block needs taking down and re-arranging, I still have the dark triangles heading in the wrong direction! Don't think any more sewing will be done today - oh, correction I have four more green cats to make for RSC 2014 so I'll be posting again tomorrow!

Linking up now with Vicki who's hosting HSTeria Quilt Along
and below a subtle sunrise one morning this week to end this post.

Have a happy week


Charlotte Scott said...

That HST project grows a little bit more gorgeous every time I see it. Not sure if it's the colours, or the blocks or a combination, but it's so attractive!

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Oh how sad that you broke the basket. I love anything like that. At least you can still enjoy it.
Hst project looking super. Those colours call to me.
Glad you're feeling better


Sally Trude said...

I think its the range of values that makes your HSTs so delicious. Am looking forward to your cats...however...ahem...please consider spaying and neutering your patchwork!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh dear! I bet your heart broke when that basket broke :( So glad your DH was able to put it back together again - it is lovely. Your HST's are gorgeous - love that colorway!!!! And so glad you are feeling better :)

Kathy said...

yes the colors are outstanding!

imquilternity said...

I'm totally in love with your HSTeria project blocks. Suck lovely fabrics and colors. This is truly going to be a stunning quilt when finished. Do you have plans for it?