Waiting In The Wings

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Dolly Mixtures all ready for stitching

 I decided I'd played around enough with placing the squares, now
all nicely fastened in rows and ready to go

and here's my final layout below, perhaps I could have done a little more
tweaking but I wanted to move on

a little shadow on the bottom left, need to photograph
at a better time,  you can see the squares are
quite roughly in place, luckily none of them floated to the ground as
I removed the rows.
There will be a 2 and 1/2" border of the Guinea Flower fabric which
holds the centre in very nicely then I'll go with a dark binding.
Almost all the fabrics used are from my scrap stash apart from
two of the latest KF range.

Isn't it amazing what we find as we hunt through our scraps,
one of the fabrics in the quilt I must have had for a great many years
and was surprised to unearth it amongst the others.
I have used all of it here, look closely at the second row down to find a Plus with a pink
tentacle looking pattern, there are three more and it's got to be a KF and how I wish
that all those years ago I had thought to buy more yardage!

More KF fabrics arrived the other day, a few are below - in no particular order!
I'm counting these as a birthday gift to myself - 75 yrs  last week!!
Better get sewing my way through my fabrics!!

Hokusai's Mums

Hokusai's Mums

My Favourite - Van Gogh

Climbing Geranium and Flower Net

Dorothy - Red

Some time will now have to spent folding and putting in the appropriate place,
I really did buy a lot this time, now NO more fabrics, at least not until
next year when the new range is released.

Spring has arrived  here in New Zealand - the greenery is a delight to see

the Japanese Maple in the back garden is looking amazing and I always love
to see the tiny red 'helicopters' peeping out.

An early misty morning walk last week was a treat

and a bright show of pelargoniums - forgotten the name of the
other flower

 Not much here relating to quilting I'm afraid but I do have plans for next week!


Friday, October 15, 2021

Four weeks later......

 Can't believe it's been four weeks since I last wrote a post!
I'd like to say a huge thank you for all your good wishes following my last post,
they really lifted my spirits.

Not much achieved lately but I received back the quilt, beautifully quilted, for my
eldest son Matt. It was too large to get a full shot so here is the centre showing off
the quilting, a photo showing the colours of the various strips and
also one of the fabric used for the backing.

Quilted by 
Leeanne at QuiltMeKiwi
with Celtic Wave design
using wool/polyester batting

Size: 78" by 84"

I was contemplating starting the hand quilting on
Liquorice Allsorts this week, but guess what arrived,

yes, another squirrel.
I had on my project list for next year a Plus quilt but plans changed thanks to my visitor
and I began cutting at once.
I enjoyed making my last quilt,
Liquorice Allsorts so much, read the blog posts


for the back story,
that I decided to base this new quilt on another of my well remembered
sweet treats from childhood.

The beginnings of Dolly Mixtures below

and I'm beginning from the outside and working in!
The strips are cut at 3".
Hopefully more progress will be made over the next few days
before I write another blog post.

Must finish up with something from the garden

how I wish you could breathe in the scent of this beautiful Viburnum.

Until next time, Happy Quilting!