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Monday, May 30, 2016

Scrappy Days

Yes it's time for scrappy Saturday but I'm only just posting this
today (Monday). Busy weekend and with the time difference
I am late!

One more green house

and on to another colour for June.

My stars for RSC are languishing in their drawer waiting
for me to get my act together and do a catch up, my intentions
are good but my little helper has slowed me up

here she is helping me on the computer

and her favourite pastime below

when she is causing havoc around the place.

My posting and quilting has been neglected somewhat due to Tallulah but
I think we're in to a routine now - just like a new baby - so things
can only get better!

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Oh Scrap!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A quick update - quilts and flowers

A teeny bit of progress with my AdHoc Medallion.
If you read my last post HERE
I was at the stage or working out what my next step would be
with this wall quilt. I had two fellow bloggers,
Sally T at The Objects of Design
Wanda S Hanson at Exuberant Color
who sent me their suggestions which were a great help.

I decided on a narrow border and chose this ombre to try and "contain" the central
part of the quilt. Ombre fabrics, which I think may feature more in my quilts, were used in my earlier
quilt top "Northern Lights" shown below,

So folks all I have to show as I link up with the AdHoc Improv Quilters
are strips of fabric 1 and 3/4" wide!!!

But here's a peek at two of my favourite blooms out at the moment and
yes, they are very much in the pastel range, not like my quilts!



That's all for now!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bits and Pieces

Pretty slow going again at my place thanks to a very affectionate little creature
who now loves to come on my lap and rub noses whilst I try and sew!!

So, amazing progress with Tallulah but not so much with the quilting.

I have just done a little on three projects, one of them a very, very little.

Rainbow Safari for 5yr old grandson, very simple 8" fussy cut square
surrounded by 2 and 1/2" strips - I have stacks of lovely bright Kona
jelly rolls to use for these

Began again with the kaleidoscope project
this time combining batiks and  KF collective fabrics, 2 and1/2" wide.
Just a few segments being played with on the wall

but I just had to do a little bit of matching up here and there

 and now I can't wait to get busy cutting more!

My AdHoc Improv Medallion and progress with the other
two side borders, I didn't measure these pieces just cut freehand and when I
 and had roughly the correct fit I chopped the rest off - very therapeutic.

 The light was fading so quickly when I took this,  one border wasn't sewn down and
you can see there are still plenty of dangling threads to tidy up. In fact it's not even
placed squarely on the wall - blame Tallulah! 

Hope I can make a little more time for quilting tomorrow, fingers crossed!!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Green House

This is the first green post for RSC 2016 from me this month!
I think I'm slowing up with these projects because I'm finding it difficult
to work with one colour scheme each month this year, I am happiest working
as the mood takes me, if you know what I mean, and with whatever
colour pops up!

However, one green house

and one kitty who looks as though she's going to have
me for her next meal.

She's very kindly allowing me more time for quilting and
tomorrow I hope to finish off a new cover for the ironing board and
prioritise my projects. More on those during the coming week.

Linking up HERE with RSC 2016

and have a good week!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Keeping things simple ...

With limited time, due to the kitty, quilting has not been top priority over the past week.

My off-centre medallion now has a border on two sides and my original idea
was to set this square but then tried it on the diagonal,
first the square

sorry about the poor light on this one.

On to the the diagonal

and this is the way I prefer to see it, reminds me of a Tree of Life block.
 I had thought maybe some sort of small liberated block
where the two borders meet but went with a simple square.
This truly is liberated or AdHoc Improv because to make these
borders fit I just chopped bits off a few of the geese units,
you will see a difference in size here and there.

If I go with this there are four pretty large triangles to fill so better get
thinking pretty quick!

 I turned to something simple by asking myself did I really want to
continue on with Scrap Vortex blocks and make a decent size quilt  - short answer was NO,

the blocks are now being made into a large
pillow cover - oops I see I have goofed here with the

Another early start this morning due to a four legged fur baby
crying for breakfast,  being up and about early for this
sunrise was a pleasure.

Next on the agenda this week one green house block, two if possible, fingers crossed!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kittens and Kaleidoscopes

Once agin the post heading is self-explanatory and I'll begin
with kaleidoscopes.

My previous blocks using Mostly Manor did not sit happily
with me, not one bit, so they're consigned to a rejects bin presently.
I needed to start again and for reasons which will become clear
as you scroll down I pulled out batik jelly rolls

started with a purple and orange - didn't like it

so out came my KF collective strips, plus I made the wedges smaller and
this is more me but for some reason the green is so muddy on this photo,
 I'll take another one in a few days when more blocks are on the wall.

Now - the main player in this post - 
Meet Tallulah a Tuxedo cat

 she hasn't attacked the table, it's a Georgian late 17th century piece
so seen better days.
She was found abandoned two weeks ago, very dirty and had to be trapped
by the vets in an old shed out the back of the clinic.
Short story, no one claimed her, she is extremely nervous, can't stand any
sudden noise and would only stay huddled in a makeshift cardboard
house the nurses made for her. They called me Monday to ask if I was
interested in giving this little kitty (about 12 weeks old) a home - need I say more!

She is still very nervous but fantastic with me, now lets me stroke her 
 but if John comes into the room she's off so I think she has
been treated badly and frightened. She can't even stand the noise of a door closing but is
getting better at dealing with it now.

here she is above in inquisitive mode and you can guess where the left paw is heading

and here she is in naughty mode having suddenly raced up the back of the chair,
up the batik quilt with lethal claws fastened firmly onto the chair!!

Expect the odd post on the antics of Tallulah - they named her in the vet clinic - great name
but rather a mouthful when you're trying to call her.

OK time for tea for kitty and tomorrow I hope we're more settled into a
routine and I can get back to my quilting, I am going to ask Sally T at http://theobjectsofdesign.blogspot.co.nz
for any tips, she is the expert with kitties! If you're not familiar with the antics
of her two babies go visit!!
Normal service will be resumed in a day or so - hopefully!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Just Playing - Ad Hoc Improv Quilters

The post heading says it all really, after playing with
my random width strips HERE
I've continued on today.

Just a few Flying Geese placed on two
sides to get an idea of what they would look like.
Not saying they would go all around the central square, maybe
just two sides and make up an off-centre
Medallion, I'll play some more tomorrow and
see where this takes me.

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