Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A quick update - quilts and flowers

A teeny bit of progress with my AdHoc Medallion.
If you read my last post HERE
I was at the stage or working out what my next step would be
with this wall quilt. I had two fellow bloggers,
Sally T at The Objects of Design
Wanda S Hanson at Exuberant Color
who sent me their suggestions which were a great help.

I decided on a narrow border and chose this ombre to try and "contain" the central
part of the quilt. Ombre fabrics, which I think may feature more in my quilts, were used in my earlier
quilt top "Northern Lights" shown below,

So folks all I have to show as I link up with the AdHoc Improv Quilters
are strips of fabric 1 and 3/4" wide!!!

But here's a peek at two of my favourite blooms out at the moment and
yes, they are very much in the pastel range, not like my quilts!



That's all for now!


  1. I like the additional 'glow' the border adds, too. It may be a small bit of fabric, but it makes a large addition!

  2. The ombre works very well -- liking how this is evolving!

  3. Oh yes! That ombre is perfect!

  4. Oops - the comment from Larry (above) was supposed to be from me! (sorry!)

  5. I too like the ombre (it's a useful sort of fabric: I had some KF ones that I loved about a year or two back). It's a lovely warm colour - just right. I like how this is coming along a lot.

  6. Oh that does look great--love the onbre...your camellia is lovely hugs, Julierose P.S. lovely day here--little wafting breezes and 8-'s without humidity--so "A Day for Lotus Eaters"--I just sat and read....;--)))

  7. I saw some very clever use of ombre when I was away - your's looks great on that border too. It's always nice to see the Camellias appear isn't it?

  8. I like the medallion look so far, especially the two-toned flying geese. I like the way the one half "disappears" from a distance but shows up when close. Claire aka

  9. The ombre really adds depth and interest to both quilts.

  10. Gorgeous quilts! The colours are just so vibrant. Beautiful! xCathy

  11. The ombre around the medallion was the perfect choice - colour and movement, love it!


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