Waiting In The Wings

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Back at the machine and enjoying the garden

Back to playing with fabric again, at last!
I'm taking it slowly on the sewing machine and just made one block each day
over the past five days.
I've also purchased a new 'toy' to save the strain on my hands and arms and

had a quick practice with my new 1 and 1/2" cut square die

four 5" squares on the die

two passes through the machine and I have 72 squares!
Only a little waste left over and I 
 have a project in mind using lots of 1" finished squares.

On to the new blocks for UANDUQAL

and just three more to go then I'll have reached my goal of 30 blocks.
Hopefully I will have these finished early next week in order
to have all blocks up on the wall ready for arranging and I can then get
onto the borders.

Whilst having my enforced break I've spent time reading, planning and
enjoying time sitting on one of the garden benches and taking photos of
early Spring blooms.

Rose -  Buff Beauty

Rose - Jean Ducher

Wisteria, not sure whether the Chinese or Japanese one

Fuschia or to give this plant a name from childhood
'Ladies Eardrops'

One day I had a visitor as I was photographing the roses

a beautiful wee ladybird!

This post is short on words and heavy on photos 
but I'm being careful of the time spent
on the keyboard for another week.

I'm signing off with a favourite quote of mine from Oscar Wilde:

With freedom, books, flowers and the moon,
who could not be happy?

See you all next week - happy quilting.


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Taking a break

I haven't posted now for two weeks due to bad hand and arm problems
I;m splinted up and hope to see my rheumatologist asap
I'll be back soon and will be reading blog posts and leaving comments when able.