Waiting In The Wings

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Back to the sewing machine

At last life is more or less normal again and I'm back
in the studio although I've not made a huge amount of progress
since Monday. We have visitors here in the village from the UK, friends we
haven't seen in around 35 years, so we've been spending catch-up time with them.

There are quite a few more H blocks in the basket and I don't
have to make as many as I first thought, the bed is not a King Single
but a normal single size. I ordered the backing - Purple Dancing Paisley - from Glorious Colour, presently on sale, orders usually take a week to ten days so the quilt should
be ready for quilting by then. Fingers crossed.

The quilting on Sailing through Suez is now all finished and in the process of being bound,
 I'll post a photo here when it's finished but the full story behind the quilt will be
over on Cultural Fusion Quilts. I initially had rolling waves spaced
quite a distance apart but that just wasn't enough, just didn't gel so I went overboard (no pun intended)
 with lots more waves!!

Here's a tiny section, taken with my iPhone so not the best quality, sorry.
Aurifil is my favourite thread of choice and there was a great variegated on their shade card
which was a perfect  match.
The Country Yard here in New Zealand stock these threads, if they don't
have the colour needed they order in and I usually have them on the machine a few days later.

Everyone in the Northern Hemisphere will be heading into Spring now,
lucky you! Our mornings and evenings are becoming distinctly cooler, but I enjoy
this time of the year, another few weeks and it will be great
weather for quilting and wrapping up in cosy sweaters and jeans.

I have a new plant keeping me company in the studio, my daughter brought this along
for me last week

just love these colours!

Back to the cutting board - enjoy your week and stock up on Eater Eggs!!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

That was the week that was …. (WARNING rather wordy)

…….in our son's words "the week from hell".
It sure was! If you can bear with me do read to the bottom for 2 quilty pics!!
 Saturday last week Daughter-in-law 'phoned us at 7.00am
been very ill all night, a 2yr old and 4yr to care for and husband
away in Australia, could we help?
 We brought the children over to our place so that
she could sleep and they went home mid afternoon.

Sunday - spent most of the day tying down & putting away in readiness
for the cyclone which was due with winds up to 160km per hour.
We had a little windy weather and rain here in Auckland so
Monday spent putting everything back again!

Tuesday evening - husband became very ill, 
briefly unconscious and vomiting and I had to put him
in the recovery position on the floor and call an ambulance.
Fluid inhaled into lungs so taken to hospital, (sorry for graphics) and  passed out
again in the emergency so had to stay there. Back home Wednesday after much thorough testing.

Early Wednesday  called our two sons and daughter to tell them about their Dad. Eldest son
telling me that our grandson had been terribly ill with migraine etc until
the early hours of the morning. His cat was let out out the house at 6.00am 
and at 7.00am they found her on the drive having been hit by
a car. Off to the vet and in overnight to ascertain
full extent of injuries. Too bad to do anything to save her and sadly they
had to euthanise her. Horribly sad experience.

Wednesday night daughter had issues with eldest grand-daughter  but won't go into that
in any detail!

Thursday chest x-rays for me and more blood tests!!

So - no quilting - but taking a cue from Sally T I rummaged around in my
bits and pieces box and found this

bought many years ago and popped in the drawer to "do something with one day"
a beautiful pukeko - to see more of these colourful characters go
and now working on an idea!

Also I came across the photo below from years ago,  just a quick mock up of
a block, my intention was to make 20 blocks, I made 2 and realised
I could not make a whole quilt with just a handful of colours - the whole lot was given away!

The more fabrics in my quilts, the merrier I am!
Long live bright and beautiful.

Praying for a happier week ahead.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunshine (RSC 2015) and Cyclones

Thank goodness the weather, due to Cyclone Pam, wasn't
as bad as we had thought for us here in Auckland.
Other areas of New Zealand have been hit hard and of course
there is tremendous devastation in the Pacific Islands with a huge
relief effort underway.

To bring a little sunshine into the day I have another yellow block to post

it looks to be on a funny angle here  with 
smaller blocks on one side but that's me not having it straight
on my design board!

I'm still laying out the pieces for my hexagon quilt on the wall
so just a quick idea of colours here

hopefully I can have most of it sewn by the end of the week and my Cultural Fusion quilt
need to have the quilting finished up.

To see more sunny yellows go along to
Scrap Happy Saturday

Enjoy the week!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunny Side Up

Our first week using Yellow in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015
and at last I summoned up the energy after two weeks
feeling absolutely awful
to get to my machine and make a block!

And what a nightmare taking a shot of this. I used my camera with
 three different light settings, I used my iPad but both results were too much on
the green side.
I moved the design wall over onto
a different wall and repeated the exercise, still not happy,
Eventually got just the exact colour with my iPhone. Downloaded once
more to my computer and opened Elements but once again the
colour changed!! Into preferences
was the next step and there are various
set-ups in there for the colour and now I have more or less a pretty
good match but not as sunny a yellow as
it should be, I'll try again tomorrow. The light outside was pretty strange today and
that wouldn't have helped.

I crept out into the front garden bed on the weekend to take this photo
of the last of my day lilies to flower. Officially we are now into
Autumn in New Zealand so the garden will begin to get ready for
Winter slowly over the next two months.

Going over now to link with Angela and all at RSC 2015
and as the block I'm using for this year is designed by Cynthia Brunz I'm linking with her at
Oh Scrap! the button will shortly be on my sidebar.

More from me during the week, happy quilting.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Quilting - withdrawal symptoms!!

Haven't been able to get on to any quilting for 10 days now!!!
Down with a really bad chest infection and one or two other medical issues - which I could
happily do without!

So, no pink block last week sadly and today I have summoned up the energy
to at least post something which I made
a start on before I became unwell, I also have a
photo of Sailing through Suez ( waiting for quilting) which I post to
Cultural Fusion Quilts blog
link also on my sidebar.

Sailing through Suez

the blues below, a rough and ready shot I'm afraid, was going to be well on the way
to a quilt top by last  weekend - didn't happen.

I did go outside and take a shot of one of the hibiscus in the
front garden bed

Oh - I have spent some time sitting with my iPad looking at the new fabrics
from the Kaffe Collective for Spring 2015, I'll be making
more room on my shelves when I feel better!!