Waiting In The Wings

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Quilting - withdrawal symptoms!!

Haven't been able to get on to any quilting for 10 days now!!!
Down with a really bad chest infection and one or two other medical issues - which I could
happily do without!

So, no pink block last week sadly and today I have summoned up the energy
to at least post something which I made
a start on before I became unwell, I also have a
photo of Sailing through Suez ( waiting for quilting) which I post to
Cultural Fusion Quilts blog
link also on my sidebar.

Sailing through Suez

the blues below, a rough and ready shot I'm afraid, was going to be well on the way
to a quilt top by last  weekend - didn't happen.

I did go outside and take a shot of one of the hibiscus in the
front garden bed

Oh - I have spent some time sitting with my iPad looking at the new fabrics
from the Kaffe Collective for Spring 2015, I'll be making
more room on my shelves when I feel better!!



Julierose said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your illness! Certainly not fun at all!! Gosh you have really been sick! I hope you are beginning to feel better and can get back to your sewing room soon. Hugsx2 from snow-ey CT Julierose

Leeanne said...

here's hoping you are on your way to a full recovery. I have the same Hibiscus! Lovely aren't they.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Take care and heal well . . .

maryl said...

So sorry to hear you've been ill..it's always frustrating as it gets in the way of things one would rather do. That said, take the time to get really better. No relapses!

Charlotte Scott said...

Oh blurk! Hope you're better soon. You must be really bad if you can't quilt!

Debra said...

Sorry to hear you have been ill. Hope you recover soon and are able to get back to your stitching! Your garden must be just lovely.

Terri said...

Love your wonky geese. I'm pretty sure it was yesterday I thought I might try that some time. (Great minds...)
Hope you are feeling better now.

Sally T said...

So sorry to hear you were ill and unable to fulfill our needs for beauty. And after a day of snow fog (literally fog coming up off of snow) your hibiscus is a vision of hope. And sailing through Suez is a blast.

Ann said...

I hope you're feeling better now. Love Sailing Through the Suez. The colors are similar to your blogger icon. Must be some of your favorites! It really shines. Congratulations.

LA Paylor said...

we both had a bad cold that left my husband with a long term cough. Oy!
May we all get over it soon, and back to sewing!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Hope by now you're feeling better. I really like the Suez quilt. The colors in the background are wonderful.

Nancy M Stevens said...

LOVE Sailing Through Suez!