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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Back to the sewing machine

At last life is more or less normal again and I'm back
in the studio although I've not made a huge amount of progress
since Monday. We have visitors here in the village from the UK, friends we
haven't seen in around 35 years, so we've been spending catch-up time with them.

There are quite a few more H blocks in the basket and I don't
have to make as many as I first thought, the bed is not a King Single
but a normal single size. I ordered the backing - Purple Dancing Paisley - from Glorious Colour, presently on sale, orders usually take a week to ten days so the quilt should
be ready for quilting by then. Fingers crossed.

The quilting on Sailing through Suez is now all finished and in the process of being bound,
 I'll post a photo here when it's finished but the full story behind the quilt will be
over on Cultural Fusion Quilts. I initially had rolling waves spaced
quite a distance apart but that just wasn't enough, just didn't gel so I went overboard (no pun intended)
 with lots more waves!!

Here's a tiny section, taken with my iPhone so not the best quality, sorry.
Aurifil is my favourite thread of choice and there was a great variegated on their shade card
which was a perfect  match.
The Country Yard here in New Zealand stock these threads, if they don't
have the colour needed they order in and I usually have them on the machine a few days later.

Everyone in the Northern Hemisphere will be heading into Spring now,
lucky you! Our mornings and evenings are becoming distinctly cooler, but I enjoy
this time of the year, another few weeks and it will be great
weather for quilting and wrapping up in cosy sweaters and jeans.

I have a new plant keeping me company in the studio, my daughter brought this along
for me last week

just love these colours!

Back to the cutting board - enjoy your week and stock up on Eater Eggs!!



Julierose said...

Juat loving your "H'"s a lot! what is that plant?--the color is amazing...hugs Julierose

Teresa in Music City said...

What a beautiful flower - such a vibrant color!!! And your quilts show just as much color and vibrancy :*) Love the wavy quilting - it's perfect!

Leeanne said...

freaky plant, look alien! Your 'H's' are growing. Auriful threads are yummy! Glad you found them at The Country Yard!

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Serious plant envy going on here!
What a plant!

Kaja said...

We are heading into spring, but so far that has just meant torrential rain! I love your wavy quilting - looks spot on.

Christine Feldstein said...

Wishing you a wonderful time with your friends! I as well love those colors, great blocks!

Quiltdivajulie said...

That sneak peek of Sailing Through Suez has me drooling . . . your H blocks are super and the plant is striking.

Sally T said...

I was thinking of you and hoping everything was back on track...enticing your following with beautiful fabric. Meanwhile, I think a purple swamphen is calling me...

Ann said...

Beautiful colors, as usual! I like your rolling wave solution.

Helen said...

Glad things are back to normal. I've also been using and enjoying Aurifil thread. Good to know of another NZ stockist.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Your H blocks look great, isn't it a bonus when you have more than you think. That peek of Sailing through Suez is fabulous, How exciting to be at the binding stage and knowing it's nearly finished. That tillandsia plant is so your colours!!

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