Waiting In The Wings

Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year 2024 from New Zealand

Best wishes to all for the coming year!

I'm hoping 2024 will be a more productive year for me with my quilt projects. This week is set aside fo working out plans for better organised fabric storage, a plan for order of quilt tops to go under the machine, a full list of quilt tops to be quilted, another list of WIPs  and generally enjoying time in my little studio.

Next post I hope to have the above achieved - almost!  Sticking point right now is deciding how to quilt great grand daughters quilt, basted and rolled and under the needle, 

I'm thinking plain wavy lines over the seam lines, if anyone has a better idea then please let me know.

Some of you may remember me collecting my fabrics for the quilt below

I had quite a tub full but of course found more, one in particular was Hares in Bluebells, no hares in the fields where we played with bluebells, just rabbits, but I needed this, plus a few more which I thought would go well

The Hedgerow fabric here is not as bright as a lot of my other collected pieces but it will fit in somewhere.

already gathered and boxed below.

That's all I have for this short post today, let's see if I meet my target within the week. Oh, I also hope to work on my blog over the next few weeks, it does sorely need updating.