Waiting In The Wings

Friday, August 28, 2015

A few distractions ..

After my good start to the week posting my Mountains and working
on my Rail Fence ready to sew, life got in the way!

Tuesday started off as good day, hair appointment, present buying
for DH (birthday the next day) and eldest son calling around
to join us for a meal early evening. It was obvious
by 8.30pm that my husband was not in good shape, the last time he
was in this situation I had to call an ambulance and he ended up
in the hospital, however I managed to cope and had around
two hours sleep!!!

My plan for the next day was to get busy on the machine whilst he
was at his portrait painting group, however, the events of the
night just gone had me barely able to get about due to
my spinal problems made worse by playing nurse.

So still not able to sit and sew but as consolation I did have two packages in the mail

Alison Glass fabrics

Something light and airy

Moving towards Modern

As you can see the first package was fabric - from
Hawthorne Threads
I decided to drag myself into the modern world!

Next arrival was

So heaps of reading until the back is feeling better!

Have a good weekend!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Catching up

It's been a busy week with grandchildren, working on my Rail Fence quilt for the Quiltalong at
Cultural Fusion Quilts
 and working out which fabrics in my stash I'm going to hang on to and which
can find a new home, I desperately need to cull!

I have been able to get 6 Scrappy Mountain blocks together
in black!

Notice the pukekos - they are contrary little creatures and
do things a little differently to what we would expect!

Hopefully I can get out in the garden for a little while late afternoon,
it's a beautiful Spring day  even though Spring doesn't officially
hit us until September 1st. Daffodils are blooming, bluebells budding up, camellias
full of flowers  and yesterday we bought super size punnets of viola and stock from the
garden  centre nearby, the stock plants are just in flower and the scent is heavenly, I've
planted them by the path to the front entrance.
I love this time of the year!

If you would like to see more black or neutral projects go along to
for the link-up.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rainbow colours and Rail Fence

Time to post to Rainbow Scrap Challenge again, the week just flies by these days.

Colour for this month was Indigo but there were a few folk, myself included,
for whom indigo was going to be difficult on the fabric front so
a substitute  of orange of neutral was allowed 

they are a very deep orange and granted two of them do have a little
red in there. I didn't want to use light shades in the "mountain" because
of the neutrals making up the background of the block.
Two more should be made this week.

Rail Fence with Sujata had me busy on a few more blocks this
week, these blocks go together like a dream, so quilt and the freestyle cutting
is extremely liberating!

I only have four more blocks to put through the machine
to have my 12 block quilt, hopefully I can get that together
this week.

To see more more from the Rail Fence Quilt Along organised
by Sujata head over to
Cultural Fusion Quilts

Happy quilting for the week ahead.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Somehow I never got my act together with posts over the past week, I 
was finishing up cutting extra squares for High Flyer (due to my
cutting a number of the originals too small)  and they're now
slowly going up on the wall.

More small two piece sections sewn for Scrap Vortex

now to start on mating them up into similar sized pieces.

and she is running a Rail Fence Quilt Along -  the button
is on my side bar to take you there.

Not happy with these for the QAL so a rethink is underway,
why I went with solids I don't know!

 You can see below my inspiration for the green block below

That's it for today, on the agenda is moving two pieces of furniture in my
studio, necessary as Daisy (17yr old cat) has decided to make
her sleeping quarters scooting under my machine table and
settling herself in way, way back underneath an adjoining table on a crate of dyed silks!!!
Cat heaven I think.
I have to wheel the machine set up out of the way to try and reach her.

Enjoy the week

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Teapots and a finish

At last I'm back into posting and have a finish with my H for Heywood quilt for
my grandson and a teapot for RSC 2015.
The colour was indigo but I have a shortage of this colour
and we were told we could go neutral or orange, I went with orange - sort of!

I used "Dream" fabric once again, beautiful pattern.

Yes, my grandson now has his new quilt on his bed and DH and I
went along to their place this morning to take a photo.
Our son and my DH were holding the quilt up but trying to dodge the rain
meant they didn't have time to position the quilt as I would have liked!!

Although I was having a break and a general "rest" I was still busy sewing
the blocks for High Flyer for the younger of our two granddaughters
so this was ideal for working on my Tumbler Leader and Enders

a few of my old Hoffman fabrics, hunting through my scraps for these reminded
me how much I loved and still love these fabrics.

The blocks below for High Flyer are coming along, at a count up yesterday
I realised I had cut around quite a number of extra squares,  this came
about because of my miscalculation with the small triangles initially but all remedied now.

After missing last week I'm linking up to
Rainbow Scrap Challenge
but before I go I'd just like to thank everyone
who sent their good wishes, thanks so much!