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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Somehow I never got my act together with posts over the past week, I 
was finishing up cutting extra squares for High Flyer (due to my
cutting a number of the originals too small)  and they're now
slowly going up on the wall.

More small two piece sections sewn for Scrap Vortex

now to start on mating them up into similar sized pieces.

and she is running a Rail Fence Quilt Along -  the button
is on my side bar to take you there.

Not happy with these for the QAL so a rethink is underway,
why I went with solids I don't know!

 You can see below my inspiration for the green block below

That's it for today, on the agenda is moving two pieces of furniture in my
studio, necessary as Daisy (17yr old cat) has decided to make
her sleeping quarters scooting under my machine table and
settling herself in way, way back underneath an adjoining table on a crate of dyed silks!!!
Cat heaven I think.
I have to wheel the machine set up out of the way to try and reach her.

Enjoy the week


Sally T said...

I have a pile of Scrap Vortex pairs too. I do like working with the smaller hunks the best. Not sure how I'm going to get the large hunks together yet. And good to know Daisy has good taste in fabric too!

Ann said...

I read Scrap Vortex but haven't made one. I have other uses for scraps at the moment. ;-)
I like your inspiration for the green Rail Fence. I think the solids could look quite lively. At least keep them for the back. Beautiful fabric is always welcome somewhere.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

I do like your colours for the Rail Fence, especially that floral in pic #2. It's all experimental fun for me too - what if you mixed them in with a few tone-on-tone blocks too, could that work?

Kaja said...

I love your green Rail Fence block (and the inspiration for it).