Waiting In The Wings

Monday, October 26, 2015

A gathering of quilt tops - quite a few photographs

We had an absolutely beautiful spring day yesterday,

apple blossom

Rugosa "Alba"
everything in the garden is slowly coming back to life, scent from wisteria and our
Viburnum bush, orange blossom and the Rugosa rose above 
 pervades the whole back garden when all 
bushes are in full flower.

This was a good day to pull out my quilt tops from my very large
drawer in the chest in the bedroom. I keep them in there until I'm ready to sandwich
them and I also usually have a couple in there rolled up
ready to quilt, but they needed to see some fresh air so outside they went
under the apple tree.

Alley Cats - Rainbow Challenge 2014

Red Sea Sunset - Half Square Triangle Challenge

Ice Cream - going to be hand quilted
Blue Heaven

Rainbow Rag
I have two ready now for quilting, sandwiched yesterday

Northern Lights
Paintbox - before straightening the bottom left!

So nothing exciting achieved this week, once again. Oh, I have finished up the sewing
on High Flyer for my grand-daughter and playing with Scrap Vortex.

I have a provisional date of 12th November for my next hospital visit so
I'm trying to get a few loose ends tied up.

Thanks so much for all your good wishes and I should be posting
again during the week with progress on other projects!


Monday, October 19, 2015

A temporary break in my quilting!

It has been two weeks since I last put "needle to fabric"
due to not being well and having an emergency stay of a few days in hospital!

Follow up procedures are coming up - not very pleasant ones - but in the
meantime I intend to get busy with my quilting, and there is nothing like
fabric in the mail for raising the spirits

I'm not in the habit of buying a number of fabrics from one range
but I fell in love with the Tula Pink "Eden" range, same with the
Amy Butler fabrics and of course I had to have a few of the new
Kaffe Collective fabrics - I did buy more but didn't get around to taking a photograph.

Trying to get back into quilting gear I made an extra teapot this afternoon

not in the colour of the month for RSC2015 but just because
I love the Dream fabric in every colourway.

So, taking it easy I have been busy reading and wandering around the garden
 and my freesias are
just coming to the end of flowering

I shall certainly miss their lovely perfume!

Hope you all have a happy week of quilting and I hope to get more done this week.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

If it's Tuesday then it's AHIQ

Pinching an idea from
I had  a good rummage through quite a large red box
which lives under my cutting table, into this box
go blocks that for one reason or another didn't make the cut,
bits left over from previous projects and other odd pieces.

At the beginning of the year I started  making blocks for
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015
but the number of fabrics I had to put on my cutting table in order to have a good mix for
my chosen blocks
became just too time consuming so the blocks were consigned to "the box".

Here's one of the yellows below, I had two so

working on the brightest yellow one I unpicked the length of flying geese
and sliced it roughly in half lengthways, I then sliced into the three
rows of small squares, found a few strips in my string box and
played around

and ended up with this. I had rectangles in mind so trimmed this
up a bit and found more clean-up strips from my box.

Now, I admit at this stage I am just playing, I really have no definite plan
as to where I'm going!!
I know that there would be a real jumble if I ended up with lots of popping bright colours
but I'll carry on making more units, some in a
similar style to the above using up all the other blocks, I have three blues and three pinks,
adding different styles and bringing subdued fabrics into
the mix to tone down the saturated colour - which I love!!!

We'll see where this takes me during the week, hopefully not
into a disaster zone!!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Scrappy Brown Mountains for RSC 2015

I've only just sewn my Mountains this afternoon, it's been a busy
week and just no time until today.

I have no idea why I didn't sort fabrics for six Mountains - only
realised I had five done when I photographed them!

Watching the news on TV this evening I saw the devastation 
resulting from the atrocious weather in parts of America, I hope
all reading this and your families are safe and well.

Here in New Zealand we are into Spring and I've been out and about in the
garden enjoying the Spring flowers - one of my favourites from my childhood
days is the bluebell, prolific in England but it's a bit on the warm side for
them here but look what I have this Spring


They're  under the hydrangeas and obviously enjoying it there, I
just have to go and bury my nose into them to enjoy their scent and I'm instantly back
in the fields by our house with sheets of bluebells covering the ground.

Hoping you have a better week ahead and keep safe.

 Visit Angela over at so scrappy to see more projects in brown.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Playtime almost over - AHIQ

Last post I had two blocks posted, these were free cut/mprov from
the book by 
Sujata at Cultural Fusion Quilts blog

I needed to square the blocks up even though they were free hand cut
initially and then I decided to set them in a tradiontal
manner with plain sashing and borders.

I guessed at 2 and 1/4" sashing and 4 and 1/2" borders (I cheated on  one or two!) and I am off
around a couple of the blocks and  need to trim up the borders - they were
semi-freecut!!! I've cropped for the shot below.

My thoughts are that I really do need to unpick and straighten around the blocks
with a ruler, if I hadn't set them this way the uneven bits
wouldn't have bothered me, but they do here!
Of course I could carry on working this and lose some of the outer borders
with more free cut pieces - something to think about.

In addition to linking with
Kaja and Ann
see the button for AHIQ on my sidebar.

I'll post to Cultural Fusion Quilts blog later.