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Monday, October 5, 2015

Scrappy Brown Mountains for RSC 2015

I've only just sewn my Mountains this afternoon, it's been a busy
week and just no time until today.

I have no idea why I didn't sort fabrics for six Mountains - only
realised I had five done when I photographed them!

Watching the news on TV this evening I saw the devastation 
resulting from the atrocious weather in parts of America, I hope
all reading this and your families are safe and well.

Here in New Zealand we are into Spring and I've been out and about in the
garden enjoying the Spring flowers - one of my favourites from my childhood
days is the bluebell, prolific in England but it's a bit on the warm side for
them here but look what I have this Spring


They're  under the hydrangeas and obviously enjoying it there, I
just have to go and bury my nose into them to enjoy their scent and I'm instantly back
in the fields by our house with sheets of bluebells covering the ground.

Hoping you have a better week ahead and keep safe.

 Visit Angela over at so scrappy to see more projects in brown.


Debbie said...

Beautiful blocks. I love the combos of fabric you are using.,,,,,some obvious contrast and others almost blending. It will be a striking quilt.

Dasha said...

Love your Mountains, you've got some lovely browns in them. We were in the UK in April, and my sister-in-law threatened to take us on a "bluebell" walk, but sadly it never eventuated. I have a few under one of the large shrubs out the back, but they still struggle. Its quite a hot climate here, and this Spring has been non existent. Freezing cold last week (for us that is) and this week its in the high 30s.

Julierose said...

Your bronw mountains are so gorgeous--so rich looking!! Nice work--Gosh I've never even seen a bluebell...beautiful...hugs, Julierose

Kaja said...

Bluebells are one of my favourite things about spring. You always have such lovely colour combinations - even brown looks good!

Sally Trude said...

Love your combinations for background and mountains. Am looking forward to the final assembly. Meanwhile here in Virginia there is a strange orb in the sky that is too bright to look at. I must run outside now and investigate.

Jo said...

Love your fabrics, so colorful for browns!

Quilting Stories said...

Very warm and beautiful fall tunes... for spring in new Zeland!

Linda said...

Is this a Bonnie Hunter pattern? Love your pairs of fabric.

Nancy J said...

Lovely combinations for your mountains. Here I too have bluebells out, some smaller dutch iris still to bloom, a few tulips out and more waiting.

PaulaB quilts said...

Your mountains as usual are thoughtfully paired with the sky. I also love seeing the bluebells when they grow wild in lawns here in WI.

Angie in SoCal said...

I like your delectible mountains, especially the second one. You must have awonderful stash from the look of those fabrics you used. Thank you for your caring thought about my fellow Americans. I live in Southern California and have not yet experienced such weather, but I feel for them so. Lovely bluebells. It's hot for them here also. Blessings,

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Your mountains look great! I love the floral in brown pic #3 is it a Kaffe too? My small patch of bluebells are out too, more so than other years as well!

Cathy said...

I have bluebells in my garden too. I think I have a couple of different kinds. Don't you just love them!!!

I love pansies and have them in my gardens too so I really like your pansy mountain. And then I like those feathers. Your mountain is going to be gorgeous.

Jodi said...

Your scrappy brown mountains are stunning! I love how you put fabrics together! (I just realized I commented on one of your blog posts from 2013 like it was this month! I can't remember what I said, but maybe it was confusing. Oh, well)