Monday, October 26, 2015

A gathering of quilt tops - quite a few photographs

We had an absolutely beautiful spring day yesterday,

apple blossom

Rugosa "Alba"
everything in the garden is slowly coming back to life, scent from wisteria and our
Viburnum bush, orange blossom and the Rugosa rose above 
 pervades the whole back garden when all 
bushes are in full flower.

This was a good day to pull out my quilt tops from my very large
drawer in the chest in the bedroom. I keep them in there until I'm ready to sandwich
them and I also usually have a couple in there rolled up
ready to quilt, but they needed to see some fresh air so outside they went
under the apple tree.

Alley Cats - Rainbow Challenge 2014

Red Sea Sunset - Half Square Triangle Challenge

Ice Cream - going to be hand quilted
Blue Heaven

Rainbow Rag
I have two ready now for quilting, sandwiched yesterday

Northern Lights
Paintbox - before straightening the bottom left!

So nothing exciting achieved this week, once again. Oh, I have finished up the sewing
on High Flyer for my grand-daughter and playing with Scrap Vortex.

I have a provisional date of 12th November for my next hospital visit so
I'm trying to get a few loose ends tied up.

Thanks so much for all your good wishes and I should be posting
again during the week with progress on other projects!



  1. Rugosa rose, sigh. I used to have these in my garden in Thames. I must get some here, we've just had a difficult bank cleared and planted. Some rugosa would be good on there.
    Your quilts, what glorious eye candy! I love your colour selections. Spot on.

  2. Just beautiful display of flowers and exquisite quilts! Here, the leaves are falling. Beautiful yellows, golds and reds. Have to get my bulbs in quick. Thanks for sharing such colors!

  3. Love all those quilts. You are going to be busy! :)

  4. Your apple blossom is ahead of ours. Lovely tops, so bright and cheerful. Happy quilting!

  5. The quilt eye candy is so spectacular!! Love them all. Since our trees are almost bare here in Minnesota of USA, your tree looks especially lovely.

  6. Oh, how beautiful!!! Our season is rapidly descending into fall with significantly cooler temperatures. Love seeing Spring arrive through your photos. Good luck with the loose ends ...

  7. Blue Heaven, are those some of Kaffee's glorious fabrics? Roll on the 12th, so good when that is over .Every quilt is lovely, and a wonderful boost, even on a warm spring day.

  8. All of those quilt tops are so pretty. I love Red Sea Sunset.

  9. Gorgeous quilts. I loved seeing parts of your garden too

  10. Beautiful stash of quilts. The Northern lights is so beautiful.....great colors. Love the Triangle quilt too. Prayers for the upcoming visit.

  11. All just beautiful quilts--i especially like northern Lights--colors do just glow...hugs, Julierose

  12. As we feel the cold creeping in on this side of the world it's nice to be reminded of springtime elsewhere. Lovely spring photos and such nice quilts to look forward to finishing. I'm especially drawn to Ice Cream and Paintbox.

  13. Lovely quilts, so awesome to start my day with a quilt show! Happy Quilting and good luck with appt's! :)

  14. Gorgeous flowers and gorgeous quilts!! So now we're back to me being envious of your Spring day.....getting darker here.....

  15. It's so lovely to see them all, great selection! I particularly like your 'rainbow' quilt. Did I miss a pic of your finished 'high flyer' ?

  16. What a treat to see so many of your beautiful quilts gathered in one post. With rugosa to boot! Best wishes for the 12th.

  17. It's so wonderful to be treated to spring time on a cold wet autumn day. Take care!

  18. What a great parade of wonderful quilts, and a beautiful setting up the apple tree to take photos.

  19. How fantastic to have so many glorious tops to brighten your day. Everyone of them looks wonderful - and I think I can smell your roses from here :) Best of wishes for your next hospital visit Maureen.


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