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Friday, October 21, 2016

Kaleidoscope and Cats - warning top heavy on the cats!

A funny week spent fiddling around and not really
making a heck of a lot of progress.
A post  heavy on photos - have patience please!

Rainbow Safari for one of our grandsons all basted and ready
for me to quilt - this is the very last time I shall baste
a large quilt, it almost finished me off!!!

This is the pieced back and I'm thinking of this multi thread for quilting.

Choosing two more fabrics for my Kaleidoscope and you may wonder
where on earth will these be going

so a quick view below.

Just a few blocks in this pic with only 4 sewn together.
Remember this is my take on an old Persian carpet, it's not intended
to be the usual kaleidoscope block of light and dark, these
are pretty mixed up blocks!
 All be revealed at the next link-up for Kaleidoscope of Butterflies and I need to
get a move on at the machine over the next few days, I shall be celebrating my
70th birthday on Wednesday next so I may be doing a little

Moving on  to cats - Leila and her new friend:
I photographed these out of my little studio window, hence reflection

watching John gardening

? battle stations

into battle

time out

time for a tea break in the overgrown area by the veg patch.
These two are great buddies, this little barred cat lives over our back fence and calls
around every morning for Leila! We hear the bell on her collar tinkling
and Leila heads for the cat door.

Before I go this was the sight at the beach two days ago at low tide

Time to go I think!!


Friday, October 14, 2016

Colour My World - Gypsy Wife (section 7) and more

 If you should want to head to Gypsy Wife first
you'll have to scroll past the pics below.

Speaking of colour

this is one wonderful, wonderful book!!
I spotted it originally on Amazon, read a little review and
as it sounded just my thing I ordered it from
Minerva in Wellington.
What a treat when it arrived to see that it differed slightly from
the cover photo on Amazon, this zingy orange
elastic is attached on the back of the book, presently holding
the whole book but can be used to put over the current
page as your bookmark. But look at the effect of that orange!

Colour in the early morning

Colour from my garden and two cherished pieces from my cupboard

Colour in my quilts
Gypsy Wife Section 7

This had three partial seams to work through.
Only three more sections to go, 8 and 9 are quite small and the blocks are a good size,
section 10 doesn't look too complex.

And now before I put fabrics away time for a little black and white

Leila - not too pleased at being photographed!

Hope you all enjoy a happy quilty weekend!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kaleidoscope - one more block to go!

The original size of my Kaleidoscope quilt has shrunk!
I'm going with 6 across and 8 down  - I think.
For this size I need one more block, the one I had in place
bottom right just didn't fit colour-wise.

Then I wondered if I should move out some of the
lighter blocks and go for a darker look - on reflection I've
decided to just get on and sew another block.
This is not the final layout, I want to play a little more
before I make a decision.

Fabrics for the back of the Rainbow Safari quilt for our grandson

have been cut

and fabric with cats - same colours as the kiwi fabric -
has been added to the mix, also multi coloured dragonflies
on a black background. Top is sewn and I'll post next time.

More from the Spring garden



It's been so very wet her, we desperately need
 a few sunny days to dry everything out.

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Now I need to get sewing that last block!