Waiting In The Wings

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Latest news from a bionic quilter!!

 Thank you all so very, very much for your kind words and thoughts on my last post,
they all helped me tremendously and I'm sorry I couldn't reply to all individually at the time.
I didn't ask John to update as he has been so busy during the last four
weeks, I'm sure you'll understand.
This little post will be written with rest times in-between for my hands.

Present situation ....

new fibreglass cast as of two weeks ago
Surgery of almost 2 hours went well, no problems with anaesthetic
and they also gave me a 16hr full arm block to help with the
initial pain when I came around.

I must tell you that I had a 'quilting fairy' as one of the two surgeons!!
I mentioned I was concerned about the outcome as I was a quilter, she said she too
was a quilter taught by her grandma and believe it or not she shops at the
very same store as myself a short ride away - her comment was
"Kaffe Fassett and Tula Pink  - can't get enough" HOORAY!!
She reached under the cover and held my hand as the anaesthetic struggled
to get access to my difficult to access veins and I drifted off quite happily.

Apologies for overlong medical detail in advance, this will be a one off!!

Discharged 24 hrs later after a few little hiccups with medications, two were
missed the night of the operation and two the morning of my discharge, I was also given
morphine. Having not slept for 24 hrs I was not feeling good at all and whilst
with John in the Discharge Lounge I became aware of all these coloured dots
when I closed my eyes, very strange. Home in the car on a very hot day,
seat reclining when I began to see beautiful groves of the most wonderful coloured
trees - purple ones, gorgeous, green even better and so on. Arrived in the drive
where I apparently passed out cold! John was able to get me out of the car as I
was gaining consciousness and we made it into the house. At this point I also had an amazingly heavy
plaster cast.

OP appt two weeks ago I was checked and told I would have to be in a lighter
cast for four more weeks as the surgeons could see I had
thin bones - read osteoporosis here.- and I had really battered the bones .Infusion will be needed to try and
strengthen and stimulate new bone growth.

I could regain up to 80% use of my hand, it won't be as it was before, very stiff
because of the stainless steel and titanium plate going from palm down into the forearm on one bone
and pins and screws holding the other bone with fragments. Both carpal bones
were able to be re-aligned.


I decided to see what I could do right now - able to steady two of the
2 and 1/2" squares with two left H fingers and pin with right - bingo!!
In a few days I'll see how I go trying to feed through the machine - fingers crossed.

I have had a brief rummage through one of my huge scrap piles and was
thrilled to find

this beautiful Martha Negley fabric - it's her first, you can see 01
in the selvedge, not ironed as you can see,  I'm now excited to see what other
long hidden treasures are waiting for me in there,.

So, a long path ahead they tell me but I won't let this beat me,
I shall take all care necessary but will be quilting with the help of physio and splints.
I'm going to ask youngest grand-daughter to help me make my little room more
user friendly for a slightly handicapped quilter who has been told that presently
she is not to attempt to lift more than a teacup with my left hand - no problem there, I do
have a working right hand.
I always enjoy a cuppa!

On the subject of a cuppa I bought this fabric a week before my accident, had
to bring a half yard home with me.

I hope to post again in a week with quilting progress.

Happy Quilting