Waiting In The Wings

Sunday, January 25, 2015


I've been busy with the written word and the sewn word over the past two days.

Look what arrived in the mail 

If you are a fan of Double Wedding Ring quilts, or even if you're not, you need this book!
Really, it is absolutely beautiful, Victoria's quilts are a joy to behold just click on the link.
After many sits in a comfy chair along with many tea breaks I ordered an
Accuquilt DWR die, this will be on my list for later in the year.

The sewn word - as a contributor to 15 Minutes Play I took part in the
Word 2015 challenge and chose Wabi-sabi as my word, I've just posted this to the blog

along with  a few lines about this small piece, if you click on the link above you will find my post
and other Words for 2015. The point of the blog is to use made fabric, have a read if you have time.
Would have written more but eldest son and grandchildren have
just arrived in the door and I have muffins waiting on the bench, so have to see you next post!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015

Apologies for sending two posts one after the other, I needed to do them separately. 

Before I go on I would like to thank everyone for their good wishes, both
for myself and my husband, following my last post to RSC 2015.
John is back to normal, I am taking a little longer! However, I wasn't happy
with the lighter of the two blocks posted last week and so took it apart
and added a few different squares and geese

I'm happier with this one.

As it is a blue month I made up one of the blocks for my blue quilt from
the Kaffe Fassett book Quilts in Morocco

Light isn't good here, plus lots of threads hanging around on my design wall but it's just on lunchtime and my blood sugar levels are telling me to eat.

A quick hop over to see
Angela at RSC 2015

and that's me finished for the day!!


2015 Finish-Along First Quarter Projects

Right up to the wire!!!!!
Hopefully I can just scrape this post in to link with Adrianne at On The Windy Side.
 My intention is to only make a short list for the first quarter and not go into overdrive
so my first three projects need to be quilted 

1. Red Sea Sunset

2. Scrappy Bargello

Yes -your eyes don't deceive you this shot only shows a half of the quilt
my computer has a mind of it's own presently and I can't locate the full shot, and I don't have
the time to hunt!

3. Cotton Candy

I do have other projects on the go but I couldn't guarantee that they would be 
completed and quilted.

Linking up now with 
there looks to be heaps of links, I suggest you visit!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Scrappy Blues

Have you ever had one of those weeks??
I had a number of things to clear up this week but since my last post
I've been down with a nasty infection necessitating a visit to the doctor,
urgent blood tests and a three week course of a strong antibiotic.
Felt so rotten I actually had three days in bed - couldn't even read a book or blog posts -
unheard of before!!

Today I was able to sew up two more blue blocks which had
been cut out before I became ill

sorry they're not well photographed or cropped but I didn't have as much
time as I thought as my husband fell of a ladder whilst pruning trees in the
garden! Nothing major, thank goodness, but a badly swollen and very painful left ankle, foot  and lower leg just about where he had a bad break when he was younger.
Just to be on the safe side we will be visiting our doctor again tomorrow!

As I am now in charge of making our evening meal I'd better get on with things
and head off to link up with everyone taking part
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015

a quick photo of my pink hydrangeas starting to come into flower

have a happy week.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015

Here we are - the first Saturday of RSC 2015 and I'm looking
forward to another year with Angela and everyone taking part.

Should have begun sewing this block during the week
but it didn't happen, there were other things going on so this is a
tester I guess.

I  had wondered whether to carry on with this particular block but 
I'll persevere, maybe a bit of tweaking on the next
block. As you know I love lots of colour and bold
print fabrics so finding anything more or less all blue
has been difficult, in fact virtually impossible!! Thankfully I did have Kona solid strips
left over from an earlier project so I'm able to use those around
the geese, fingers crossed I can hunt out other strips the
appropriate colour for each month over the year.

Lots of lovely blues have been linked up over at Superscrappy Blogspot and that's where I'm heading off to now.

Hope you've all had a good start to 2015!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Working in a Series 2015

Happy New Year!

Working In A Series

which is something I have always thought I should like to do.
is sponsoring this and two other exciting projects - go along and have a read,
maybe this is something for you to go with.

I have been swinging back and forth all week on what exactly I 
should like to work on,  I don't want to be making large projects (enough of those in
the pipeline) so I narrowed things down a bit. 

Those who follow my blog will know
that I adore the bright, colourful big prints - in other words Kaffe Fassett,
Philip Jacobs  and others - but I initially began quilting
after finding a book on Amish quilts and I was hooked.
I was so drawn to the solid colour, crimson and purples together, orange/turquoise and the darker murky shades
but the neutrals didn't do much for me. I bought heaps of stuff from Cherrywood 
and Alaska Dyeworks (this was around 1990) and so my Amish phase began.

However my tastes changed from solid to the prints mentioned above, but….

the above three books called out to me when they were first published, a real change indeed for me!
I pulled these off the shelf and had a decision to make. 
Which way to go - Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts could be made on the small side, I've just done a 12" square piece but really benefit from being a larger size, Intuitive Color & Design could be large or small, but Minimal Quiltmaking seems to work on a small scale.
I fell in love all over again with solid colour and even the neutrals!!

 My intention is to make a series of one piece each month, really don't think it will be feasible for me to produce one each week.  Obviously I shan't be just copying the quilts by Gwen Marston and others featured in her book, nor the other two books.

I know I'll be challenged along the way
especially with the soft neutral colours  but in case I get withdrawal symptoms from my prints
I figure I could put together  one or two pieces combining the different styles
 and using a little piece of print here and there and see how they turn out!

That's me for today and I'm off to link up, to follow up what's happening with these projects
catch up with Vicki HERE or the link at the start of my post.