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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Working in a Series 2015

Happy New Year!

Working In A Series

which is something I have always thought I should like to do.
is sponsoring this and two other exciting projects - go along and have a read,
maybe this is something for you to go with.

I have been swinging back and forth all week on what exactly I 
should like to work on,  I don't want to be making large projects (enough of those in
the pipeline) so I narrowed things down a bit. 

Those who follow my blog will know
that I adore the bright, colourful big prints - in other words Kaffe Fassett,
Philip Jacobs  and others - but I initially began quilting
after finding a book on Amish quilts and I was hooked.
I was so drawn to the solid colour, crimson and purples together, orange/turquoise and the darker murky shades
but the neutrals didn't do much for me. I bought heaps of stuff from Cherrywood 
and Alaska Dyeworks (this was around 1990) and so my Amish phase began.

However my tastes changed from solid to the prints mentioned above, but….

the above three books called out to me when they were first published, a real change indeed for me!
I pulled these off the shelf and had a decision to make. 
Which way to go - Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts could be made on the small side, I've just done a 12" square piece but really benefit from being a larger size, Intuitive Color & Design could be large or small, but Minimal Quiltmaking seems to work on a small scale.
I fell in love all over again with solid colour and even the neutrals!!

 My intention is to make a series of one piece each month, really don't think it will be feasible for me to produce one each week.  Obviously I shan't be just copying the quilts by Gwen Marston and others featured in her book, nor the other two books.

I know I'll be challenged along the way
especially with the soft neutral colours  but in case I get withdrawal symptoms from my prints
I figure I could put together  one or two pieces combining the different styles
 and using a little piece of print here and there and see how they turn out!

That's me for today and I'm off to link up, to follow up what's happening with these projects
catch up with Vicki HERE or the link at the start of my post.



Julierose said...

Oh I own all three of those books, too! They are very inspiring--I think it's just hard to START. I will be looking forward to seeing your monthly piece...hugs, Julierose

Quiltdivajulie said...

I did a monthly journal quilt one year and loved the process . . . hope you enjoy your adventure (and those are 3 terrific books!)

Ann said...

Darn it. This is a project I'd really like to do... just when I have a bunch of stuff in the pipeline myself. I have those three books and Sujata's. How could I combine all of them? Food for thought. Thanks for the inspiration and the link!

elle said...

You have some great choices. This will be a great series!

Helen said...

Thank you, this is just the prompt I need. After Symposium I'll have lots of ideas and this will be an ideal way to have a focus!?!

I also own the Jean Wells book and also Elizabeth Barton's Inspired to Design - both purchased with the idea of working through them.