Waiting In The Wings

Sunday, January 25, 2015


I've been busy with the written word and the sewn word over the past two days.

Look what arrived in the mail 

If you are a fan of Double Wedding Ring quilts, or even if you're not, you need this book!
Really, it is absolutely beautiful, Victoria's quilts are a joy to behold just click on the link.
After many sits in a comfy chair along with many tea breaks I ordered an
Accuquilt DWR die, this will be on my list for later in the year.

The sewn word - as a contributor to 15 Minutes Play I took part in the
Word 2015 challenge and chose Wabi-sabi as my word, I've just posted this to the blog

along with  a few lines about this small piece, if you click on the link above you will find my post
and other Words for 2015. The point of the blog is to use made fabric, have a read if you have time.
Would have written more but eldest son and grandchildren have
just arrived in the door and I have muffins waiting on the bench, so have to see you next post!



Sally T said...

I've been looking forward to Victoria's book and now I can look forward to your wedding ring quilt!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Terrific word for the year!

My copy of the book arrived, too (son had pre-ordered it for my birthday last fall).

I am not ordering the die . . . but there is one quilt in particular in the book that I WANT to make later this year!!!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

I Look forward to seeing your DWR! The patterns are all in tieback of the book, so, don't think you have to have a die to make one... I'm making two more of my own, for quilts on my guest room beds... (like I really need two more DWR's) what is wrong with me?? hahaha