Waiting In The Wings

Monday, June 27, 2016

Old and New

Let's start off with the new - 
I've finished sewing the top of the quilt for our 5yr old grandson.
The weather has been wet and windy so I just managed
to pick a break in the rain this morning to throw
this top over the bench seat - excuse the weeds!

Four blocks across and six down each 12" finished, 1" finished sashing.
His bed is not quite as long as a full size so we've ended
up with the Safari print borders just on the sides.

I wanted something bright for the sashing but not too bold given
the bright solid strips, luckily I came across 3/4 yard of fabric which must have
been in my stash for around 15 years!

New Kaleidoscope blocks - 

and I need to get these and the others on the wall to check how they look so far.

New fabric - 

it's many years since that I first fell for solid fabrics,
the book on Amish quilts had just been released by Roberta Horton and
I was hooked. It was about time I bought a few new ones I reckoned and
 here are three new fat quarter bundles. My preference is for the long quarters
but quite often buying online requires you go with the pre-cuts or
buy a half yard  if you like the full width.

Now onto the old - 

my version of Midnight at The Oasis, pattern by Jen Kingwell, the photo is on the dark side I'm afraid,
the rain and dark skies are back!!
Some of you will have seen this before when I took part in the QAL, I had a
nine patch border but didn't like it so that's been removed and one day this week
I need to sit down and work out my next two rounds.

Pulling this piece out I had quite a shock when I realised the number
of WIPs I had, plus quilts waiting to be quilted, so better get my act together
and get busy!!

Enjoy your week - happy quilting.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

A slow sort of week

Since my last post Thursday 9th all I have
achieved on the quilting side is one aqua house for RSC 2016!
A few health problems held me up totally with
lots of things, but I was able to read this

wonderful magazine. It arrives every quarter and is an enjoyable read with
articles, patterns quilt show pics and so on. 

On to one RSC 2016 house

not truly aqua or teal, but it leans slightly towards those colours in places,
I also managed to put some lime accent in there.

Probably if I hunt through the other bins of scraps I should
find a piece of the colour of the month, but the thought of emptying out
all those scraps is not a good one!

Tallulah is now much more comfortable around the house,
happy with visitors just as long as they don't tread heavily or have
shoes on, if they have she runs a mile a minute. Don't know quite what happened
to her before the folk at the vet clinic found her, don't think she was a happy kitty though.

Here is she on her Scrap Vortex cushion

taking a break!!

I'll sign off with a lovely sunrise from last week at our place - love that sky!!

I'm off to work on prioritising my projects - of which there are many - after linking up with other
quilters and Angela hosting
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Catching up on kaleidoscopes

After working on Gypsy Wife with all the detail it's good
to sew plain old straight lines! Matching the seams in the kaleidoscope
is a breeze compared to GW.

I also quickly stitched strips around the 12 and 1/2" safari blocks for my
grandson and you can see from this quick photo
how badly my Kona strips are fraying, as fast as I trim off the threads
and put them on the wall more appear! These blocks are untrimmed
by the way, they will end up neater!

With the kaleidoscope blocks I have some of them "matchy, matchy" - pretty
similar colours in parts of the block - these two sets below

some are a little more random

and some will have the same two fabrics in each wedge

I loved these two fabrics together so much I just had to let them be!

Tomorrow I hope to find a few blue/aqua fabrics for
another house with RSC 2016 come Saturday, I'm also getting myself into
the mindset for the large section of GW on Monday.


Friday, June 3, 2016

Gypsy Wife update

Finished section 5 and next week I'll make a start on
Section 6 - lots of blocks and strips!

So here's my version so far, bear in mind not all seams
are sewn yet and it's not in a great position
on the design board but time was of the essence for the light.

A little unpicking needed on the top left hand block,
one of the burnt orange triangles is way out of shape.

Section 6 slots right under the bottom row blocks, with the strips added
I shall have the finished length and it will all begin to come together.

We have Monday as a public holiday here in NZ
to celebrate the Queen's Birthday,  I'm going to still be working
on baskets for the Gwennie Inspired Medallion.

See you all next week - happy quilting!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kaleidoscope of Butterflies - June

More basic kaleidoscopes paired up and sewn
and  more cut ready for sewing.
At this stage I have no idea how big a quilt I might make,
 the finished blocks will be 8"so I certainly need 8 blocks across,
could go 8 down and go for a simple square - we'll see.

So above a few more matched and sewn

with more cut ready to sew tomorrow. 

I have one more small block to piece tomorrow for Gypsy Wife and
Section 5 will then be complete, hopefully posted tomorrow or Friday.

It's going to be a busy few days because I have nine blocks underway for
 the Gwennie Inspired Medallion - button on sidebar - and the first link-up
is on the 6th.

For now I'm linking up with other Kaleidoscope fans and  at
 Fret Not Yourself