Waiting In The Wings

Friday, March 29, 2024

Having too much of a good thing

Does the post title strike a chord with any other quilters besides myself? I think it may do so. I recall a post from Julierose some time ago in which she shared the word below:

SABLE   Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy

I know I certainly fall into that category, this past two weeks my sewing machine has been under wraps while I sorted and tidied my fabrics which are stored in various racks, boxes and cubbies. Boy, did I have a shock with the amount, I didn't realise how much I had!

We all need a stash whether quarters, yardage, scraps and so on. Let's have a look see at my halfway mark in the sorting process. No exciting quilt photos, just boring ones of fabric accumulation so you may feel like stopping here!

Tucked into  a little space by the side of my set of wooden drawers, not photographed but  containing current projects, are five large containers containing fabrics for future projects.

By the side of the above, under the window are the sets of plastic drawers below,

the left hand side drawers were kindly sorted into large scraps (2) and small scraps (1) by my granddaughter,  the right hand side are chock full of Hoffmans from years ago. Covered with an old quilt and a soft, fluffy piece of fabric they make a lovely bed for Leila who 'helps' with my quilting and watches for birds in the camellias outside the window.

I have a small room so an immediate turn to the right brings two very large fabric tubs filled with large pieces of fabric yardage, mostly KFC and ranging from 3 metres/yards up to 5 metres/yards

and I forgot to rotate this photo! Above these I have two tall sets, one having 1/4 pieces and the other half yard pieces - all these are KFC. Also containers for strips underneath.

On my sewing table below, always with  extension up are more small cubbies having all 2metre/yard pieces of KFC fabrics

A mess of fabrics spread around ready for more sorting

more mess and two more drawer sets just peeping out by the chair.

plus my wire baskets with more KFC, Tula, Anna Maria Horner and mixed others, these are more or less in colour order - sort of.

I haven't even covered the two large boxes of batiks, there's no room left in here, they live in another part of the house.

My thinking ability was fading fast so a quick walk helped, windy and  a little rain but a view of a calm sea.

 NO more fabric buying, no spending time seeing what's happening on Instagram - worst thing I did was give permission for youngest granddaughter to set me up. Bombarded with 'sponsored' or 'you may like' and a multitude of ads. and so on. My reason for going with Instagram was that a number of the bloggers  I followed are now on that platform and no longer blog! Schedule setting for my quilting time to fit in with my usual household chores is next.

If you've made it this far then thank you for your patience!


Thursday, March 14, 2024

Getting back to normality - playing with Lego

At last the family matters mentioned a couple of posts ago are a little smoother presently, thank goodness, I can now spend time at the machine!

One of my projects begun quite a while ago is now under the needle once again, I went for a real easy-peasy one, my Lego quilt.

These blocks were randomly placed on the floor, no particular order. The sun was hitting the RH side which changes the colour a little.  Seventeen blocks so far, each to finish at 10" square. I was going with the idea that 4 x 5 blocks would be fine, but now not sure, too small a size for a throw quilt I think. A large Lego bed quilt is not for me, I doubt I would sleep well tucked in with all that colour and movement! Probably better go with 5 x 6 throw size.

Another therapy has been visits down to Cockle Bay beach, just 10 minutes away from home. 

I love to see the effect of the sun glinting on the water, looks like it's snowing.

My suitcase Guild sale, mentioned in my last post, provided me with the means to buy - yes, more fabric - only a little,  and three books!! 

Number 1
You all know that I'm a believer in colour explosion in my quilts, but this book called to me and the quilts pictured can easily be interpreted in more vibrant colours, if needed. Hopefully by the end of year I'll have one to show.

This is from the Quiltmania collection and I've never heard of, but absolutely love, the author's name of Jenny Bear.

Number 2
A stunning book written by a New Zealander - Fleur Woods - how come I have never seen her work before!! It's a New Zealand published book. The cover photo perhaps gives the impression of purely embroidery content, the words on the cover say more,  she has put her stitching to good use with collage in one chapter. The photography, the text, the quality of the heavier paper than normal, even the font is beautiful, her words - magical. Her embroidery is unbelievable.

Just a snapshot below, she loves flowers

and her stitching

Kantha style. If you can possibly find it in your library, or a bookshop nearby and have a peek at the content you will be pleasantly surprised.

Number 3
The book below says it all for me, and many, many thousands of people in New Zealand.

At this point I have read only the introduction, it's going to be one of those books which will be impossible to stop reading once begun. At least for me.

Ooops - the garden photo, almost forgot. A lonesome Zinnia flowering and such an unusual colour

Until next time, happy days, happy reading and happy quilting.