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Friday, March 29, 2024

Having too much of a good thing

Does the post title strike a chord with any other quilters besides myself? I think it may do so. I recall a post from Julierose some time ago in which she shared the word below:

SABLE   Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy

I know I certainly fall into that category, this past two weeks my sewing machine has been under wraps while I sorted and tidied my fabrics which are stored in various racks, boxes and cubbies. Boy, did I have a shock with the amount, I didn't realise how much I had!

We all need a stash whether quarters, yardage, scraps and so on. Let's have a look see at my halfway mark in the sorting process. No exciting quilt photos, just boring ones of fabric accumulation so you may feel like stopping here!

Tucked into  a little space by the side of my set of wooden drawers, not photographed but  containing current projects, are five large containers containing fabrics for future projects.

By the side of the above, under the window are the sets of plastic drawers below,

the left hand side drawers were kindly sorted into large scraps (2) and small scraps (1) by my granddaughter,  the right hand side are chock full of Hoffmans from years ago. Covered with an old quilt and a soft, fluffy piece of fabric they make a lovely bed for Leila who 'helps' with my quilting and watches for birds in the camellias outside the window.

I have a small room so an immediate turn to the right brings two very large fabric tubs filled with large pieces of fabric yardage, mostly KFC and ranging from 3 metres/yards up to 5 metres/yards

and I forgot to rotate this photo! Above these I have two tall sets, one having 1/4 pieces and the other half yard pieces - all these are KFC. Also containers for strips underneath.

On my sewing table below, always with  extension up are more small cubbies having all 2metre/yard pieces of KFC fabrics

A mess of fabrics spread around ready for more sorting

more mess and two more drawer sets just peeping out by the chair.

plus my wire baskets with more KFC, Tula, Anna Maria Horner and mixed others, these are more or less in colour order - sort of.

I haven't even covered the two large boxes of batiks, there's no room left in here, they live in another part of the house.

My thinking ability was fading fast so a quick walk helped, windy and  a little rain but a view of a calm sea.

 NO more fabric buying, no spending time seeing what's happening on Instagram - worst thing I did was give permission for youngest granddaughter to set me up. Bombarded with 'sponsored' or 'you may like' and a multitude of ads. and so on. My reason for going with Instagram was that a number of the bloggers  I followed are now on that platform and no longer blog! Schedule setting for my quilting time to fit in with my usual household chores is next.

If you've made it this far then thank you for your patience!



Marly said...

I recognise this! SABLE! Great word. My room is bursting with boxes of fabric too. But also boxes and bags of knitting and lace making supplies, a modest shelf of embroidery supplies and 2m of craft books. And then my spinning wheel is in the living room!
Maureen, you're not alone! (And I'm sure there are more than two of us.)

Julierose said...

Yes "SABLE" is the word alright!! I have de-stashed quite a lot and have stopped for now--I can only deal with "such sorrow" at parting with fabric a little at a time ;)))
Anyhoo--I am taking a bit of a break with all things sewing or crafting to re-set my priorities.
Easter Holiday is a good time for family and thinking out what comes next for me...
I hope your Easter and the weekend are wonderful hugs, Julierose

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

After having your sale of fabrics you no longer want, sorting the fabric you do want to work with is a big task. I would love to dig through those drawers of older Hoffmans. I love them. It will be easy to put scraps from new projects directly into the right scrap storage now.
I have found a place to turn off ads for a month in Instagram. Also on some ads just click on the 3 dots and check "not appropriate' and they won't send you ads like that any more. That helps a lot.

Nancy J said...

Phew, I thought I had enough to last my lifetime and more !!! Those KF fabrics glow, glorious colours and designs. Have a safe and happy Easter, we are not going out, lit the fire last night, and it was still warm this morning so added a few small pieces.

loulee said...

I think many quilters reach SABLE. Sometimes we just have to take stock in order to move forward.

MissPat said...

Oh my, Maureen, I think you win the award for having the most Kaffe fabric (although, Wanda is probably not far behind). I desparately need to do some sorting, destashing and rearranging myself. I've got fabric sorted in too many different ways (color, size, theme) and it's too hard to find what I'm looking for as well as being exhausting.
Happy Easter

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Oh my, such a yummy stash... pic #6 had me drooling! You have quite an enviable selection of larger pieces. I rarely buy more than a FQ, so while storage is easier in my little baskets, it sure is a hassle when I need something more for a border.

Brenda said...

I certainly identify with this, but I have decided to enjoy and use my stash, not feel guilty about it. I hope you come to peace with your beautiful fabric.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I have to say it, you have the best taste in your fabrics. The colors, patterns and textures are just super. Everything looks very organized and useful, so just enjoy it. I know people who collect china or figurines and they just collect dust. Your fabric throbs with potential.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I am with you on SABLE, not buying any more fabric (unless there is a VERY specific need that I cannot resolve in a scrappy manner with what I have), and wishing I had not gotten back on Instagram. I left it long ago but set up a new account recently so I could see what some of my online teachers were posting there (I am not posting, only lurking). The ads now and suggested posts are going to drive me away, there are so many. And while it's nice to peek in on distance nieces, nephews, and their little ones, the "time suck" is not worth it. So yes indeed your post has struck a chord with me. p.s. You have a glorious stash - revel in it and enjoy (just don't add too much more to it).

Linda said...

My goodness, Maureen. I don’t think I’ve seen more glorious fabrics in one room. You could keep a shop going! But they are also the most delicious collection of gorgeous fabric I’ve ever seen. My hands were itching to touch it and open the pieces out to see all the designs and colours. Pity I live thousands of miles away, otherwise I would love to pop in for a cuppa and have a good look at those fabrics!

Ann said...

You have the most beautiful fabrics. AND you have at least one granddaughter who wants to quilt. Lucky you. Someone to share your passion and stash. I’ve spent 7 years using up mine. Finally I have big gaps in colors so feel comfortable buying that value for a specific project. It’s a big change from just buying “what I like”. IMO, don’t give it away or destash. Use it like your personal quilt shop - which it is. Enjoy!

Ann said...

Forgot to add. Instagram is a huge time sink. I still have an account but haven’t posted in a few years. My blog is my diary; I don’t care if others read it or not, but I get no joy from Instagram or Facebook.

Kaja said...

Wow, so many beautiful fabrics! I hope that they will turn into many more of your colourful, gorgeous quilts. Instagram is just a big disappointment to me.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I don’t know why exactly, but I love seeing folks stash photos. Maybe it makes me feel I’m not alone with having accumulated more than enough fabrics for what I can manage to sew. It feels good to have taken stock and organized doesn’t it. You have lovely choices awaiting your pattern decisions, Maureen. Happy stitching from me!