Waiting In The Wings

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Crumbs and early Kaffe books

 Actually this small piece is made up with cut up HSTs but
the result does look like small pieces sewn together individually.

So my last post I was here


Next I added a 1" finished Spot border followed
by a 2 and 1/2" finished border of the left over HSTs sewn together
in no particular order. 

I simply cut the top and bottom border at the required length of
23 and 1/2"
then repeated the two sides with 28 and 1/2"
so nothing matches, no good looking for points meeting up,
just ad hoc,  easy peasy!
I followed on with another narrow 1"finished Spot

and this is as far as I go I think, simply because I have no idea right now where to go from here!
This really was only a sort of practice piece, but I do like it very much,  mainly
 because I love all shades of purple/lavender.

Apart from Crumbs all I have to show since my last post is the find
of five Lego blocks in my Spare Parts box, completely forgotten why
I stored them away here, but together with my latest Lego blocks stored in their project box
I now have 10 in total!! A bonus find I think.

My aim here is for a 50" x 60" lap quilt.

Stop Press - See the bottom of the post following on from the shell- something for all Kaffe fans!!

To tone down the colour a little here's a photo of a shell found
on the local Sandspit beach, beautifully soft and restful and although I zoom in on the
bright colours I do also like the pastel shades.

A quilt using these shades of cream, and peach is possible.
Not including the brown!

For Kaffe fans here are  two very, very early books of his

published and purchased by me in 1985 - don't know how the tear came into being
as I treasure my books and treat them like gold dust, anyways next up

published and bought by yours truly in 1987.
Just click to enlarge.

See you all soon.


Monday, August 2, 2021

Playtime with Half Square triangles and Big Sur

 You see I make mention of my latest upgrade on my Mac
to Big Sur, these are early days and I'm  still finding my way
around the new system, there may be a few hiccups along the way
so fingers crossed I can actually produce a reasonable post!

In an earlier post I had this photo below

a Churn Dash cut in two halves  ( I had lots of others to cut, different fabrics)
and was wondering what on earth
to do with them.
said they would make 'pretty cool half square triangles'
and just cut them up,  armed with ruler and rotary cutter I did just that.
Each HST you see above yields cut into four smaller HSTs giving me eight in total and decided it was playtime.

Here is the result as of yesterday

I used two shades of violet/purple as the solid half.
NOTE yes I do have the letter m all on it's own and haven't time to
go back and redo, reasons below.

I must be on a purple kick as I have backing fabric for eldest sons quilt

and in sorting through older fabrics found this one below,
 if memory serves me correctly
this is an early KF fabric - Chard

I love this one!!

I'm rushing to get this post written as I am heading off to the hospital shortly to the
pacemaker clinic as there is a possibility that my battery is discharging quickly
and causing real problems - I am pacemaker dependent and without it
there is only one outcome!!
They are also checking me out in case I have had a heart attack, oh and my doctor
thinks I may have become diabetic, lots to choose from here, so much fun!
No heart attack, pacer battery OK - Hooray!!
On with quilting.

All for now but here is a beautiful cheery cyclamen sitting my bedroom

and  new fabric received a few days ago