Waiting In The Wings

Friday, October 15, 2021

Four weeks later......

 Can't believe it's been four weeks since I last wrote a post!
I'd like to say a huge thank you for all your good wishes following my last post,
they really lifted my spirits.

Not much achieved lately but I received back the quilt, beautifully quilted, for my
eldest son Matt. It was too large to get a full shot so here is the centre showing off
the quilting, a photo showing the colours of the various strips and
also one of the fabric used for the backing.

Quilted by 
Leeanne at QuiltMeKiwi
with Celtic Wave design
using wool/polyester batting

Size: 78" by 84"

I was contemplating starting the hand quilting on
Liquorice Allsorts this week, but guess what arrived,

yes, another squirrel.
I had on my project list for next year a Plus quilt but plans changed thanks to my visitor
and I began cutting at once.
I enjoyed making my last quilt,
Liquorice Allsorts so much, read the blog posts


for the back story,
that I decided to base this new quilt on another of my well remembered
sweet treats from childhood.

The beginnings of Dolly Mixtures below

and I'm beginning from the outside and working in!
The strips are cut at 3".
Hopefully more progress will be made over the next few days
before I write another blog post.

Must finish up with something from the garden

how I wish you could breathe in the scent of this beautiful Viburnum.

Until next time, Happy Quilting!


Friday, September 17, 2021

Difficult times

 Just a short post today, reasons at the end of the post.

I had decided I really wanted to make a 16 patch quilt, this had always
been on my wish list. Warm colours was my first choice but then I also began a cool colour
one as well. 
Just after my last post I was able to sew up a few blocks for the two proposed quilts,
here they are along with colour combinations auditioned on the wall., I then came to a to stop.

Cool colours

Warm colours

There are of  course lot more fabrics to add to the ones already here. 

Inspiration for my decision to work on these came from two areas,
one was the quilt below

Red Sea Sunset
made in 2014 and still not quilted

and a sunset from a few weeks ago

I had a visit to my doctor Friday last week with disturbing symptoms over a few
weeks which I ignored until my limbs were unable to function as they should,
especially my legs but my hand and arms are also a problem, they will be shaking like mad
by the time I have written this.

I have an urgent brain CT scan on Wednesday morning coming and then an urgent
appointment with a neurologist. He want so rule out anything in my brain before
going down the path of the possibility of Parkinsons. My primary care doctor had this in 
mind after carrying out a thorough neurological assessment. I have no balance and no co-ordination
in my legs, plus tremors and more. Concentration and diffictuly findint
the words I want to say.
I may not be able to leave comments on your posts at the moment but I do hope
to catch jup with reading them.

As soon as I am able I will post, meanwhile I was able to get able to get into the
garden to look at my flowers and take a few photographs, this cheered me up immensely.

Do take good care of yourselves and enjoy your quilting.

My best wishes to you all.



Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Alert Level 4 Lockdown Day 15 and quilting non existent!!

Well I thought I would be galloping away on my sewing machine
during our two (now to be 4) weeks of lockdown, but not so!

Since my last post I just haven't been able to move forward at all,
a list of proposed projects still pinned on the design wall
which is currently blank. Mind buzzing with hundreds of ideas for future

So, this post is an amalgam of bits and pieces
and to start with we have the latest Kaffe Fassett book, beautifully photographed as always,

however some of the quilts shown seem to be similar to ones in his earlier
books but using the latest of the KFC fabric range, which I have to say are as stunningly colourful
as always - I shall definitely be ordering a few for my stash.

Two books I particularly like from the early days are the ones below and
there are a few quilts which are interesting me greatly.

I decided to begin hand quilting Liquorice Allsorts whilst
waiting for inspiration to strike, I had in my box of Perle cottons a variegated
one which works beautifully on the Orchid centre squares,

the background I used for photographing is a little dark unfortunately
but the colours are quite luscious in 'real life'. I hit a slight snag
here with the needle size, the point was nice and sharp, needle just the right length
but the eye was too small for the cotton to pass through, if any of you have
used Perle cotton before I would love to know the type and size of needle used.

I have been spending time organising yet again my fabric storage, cubes were bought 
just before we changed alert levels and I'm using these for storing my
half yard KFC fabrics. Still need to go through the greys, whites and neutrals and
I just found a bin with more stash which I had forgotten about!

Sadly the light is not good again.

Other minutiae to show you is my favourite mask, we mask up when
leaving the house or entering essential business premises of which
there are only a handful including supermarkets, medical premises and the like.

I've actually been playing with fabric, cutting up three different colourways
of Sunburst fabric, there are three  quilts I've spotted using this fabric so I'll give some thought
to which colourway to go with and then  I need to cut them into individual

Last up a new fabric from 
Kathy Doughty -
click on her name the link will take you to her
store Material Obsession.
Aren't these budgies so cute!

Well that's all from me, perhaps inspiration will strike later today and
I should have something more to post about by the end of the week.

My thoughts right now are with everyone having been through the terror of Hurricane Ida,
the scenes were horrific.



Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Crumbs and early Kaffe books

 Actually this small piece is made up with cut up HSTs but
the result does look like small pieces sewn together individually.

So my last post I was here


Next I added a 1" finished Spot border followed
by a 2 and 1/2" finished border of the left over HSTs sewn together
in no particular order. 

I simply cut the top and bottom border at the required length of
23 and 1/2"
then repeated the two sides with 28 and 1/2"
so nothing matches, no good looking for points meeting up,
just ad hoc,  easy peasy!
I followed on with another narrow 1"finished Spot

and this is as far as I go I think, simply because I have no idea right now where to go from here!
This really was only a sort of practice piece, but I do like it very much,  mainly
 because I love all shades of purple/lavender.

Apart from Crumbs all I have to show since my last post is the find
of five Lego blocks in my Spare Parts box, completely forgotten why
I stored them away here, but together with my latest Lego blocks stored in their project box
I now have 10 in total!! A bonus find I think.

My aim here is for a 50" x 60" lap quilt.

Stop Press - See the bottom of the post following on from the shell- something for all Kaffe fans!!

To tone down the colour a little here's a photo of a shell found
on the local Sandspit beach, beautifully soft and restful and although I zoom in on the
bright colours I do also like the pastel shades.

A quilt using these shades of cream, and peach is possible.
Not including the brown!

For Kaffe fans here are  two very, very early books of his

published and purchased by me in 1985 - don't know how the tear came into being
as I treasure my books and treat them like gold dust, anyways next up

published and bought by yours truly in 1987.
Just click to enlarge.

See you all soon.


Monday, August 2, 2021

Playtime with Half Square triangles and Big Sur

 You see I make mention of my latest upgrade on my Mac
to Big Sur, these are early days and I'm  still finding my way
around the new system, there may be a few hiccups along the way
so fingers crossed I can actually produce a reasonable post!

In an earlier post I had this photo below

a Churn Dash cut in two halves  ( I had lots of others to cut, different fabrics)
and was wondering what on earth
to do with them.
said they would make 'pretty cool half square triangles'
and just cut them up,  armed with ruler and rotary cutter I did just that.
Each HST you see above yields cut into four smaller HSTs giving me eight in total and decided it was playtime.

Here is the result as of yesterday

I used two shades of violet/purple as the solid half.
NOTE yes I do have the letter m all on it's own and haven't time to
go back and redo, reasons below.

I must be on a purple kick as I have backing fabric for eldest sons quilt

and in sorting through older fabrics found this one below,
 if memory serves me correctly
this is an early KF fabric - Chard

I love this one!!

I'm rushing to get this post written as I am heading off to the hospital shortly to the
pacemaker clinic as there is a possibility that my battery is discharging quickly
and causing real problems - I am pacemaker dependent and without it
there is only one outcome!!
They are also checking me out in case I have had a heart attack, oh and my doctor
thinks I may have become diabetic, lots to choose from here, so much fun!
No heart attack, pacer battery OK - Hooray!!
On with quilting.

All for now but here is a beautiful cheery cyclamen sitting my bedroom

and  new fabric received a few days ago


Thursday, July 15, 2021

Liquorice Allsorts - a flimsy

 My last post  HERE I had the centre portion of Liquorice Allsorts -  let's just shorten to LA - sewn up.
The earlier post HERE showed two photos of the original quilt and also one made
by Kaffe Fassett.

For those who thought the dark squares were black, not so,  here's a close up  before
I go further of the Orchid colour way, the base colour is black the dotty patterning
is purple but admittedly difficult to see.

As usual I veered off course a little and progress made is below, you can see I added
 another thin border of Aboriginal Dot in Orchid to the Guinea Flower strip and then moved on to
 the rectangular pieces 8 and 1/2" by 2 and 1/2"cut from scraps. When I came to a corner and
the fabric piece was too long I just lopped it off, turned the corner with another piece, see the photo below.

I wanted to go with lighter fabrics - lighter for me anyways, and just two rounds.
Had I kept with the original pattern I would have been adding many more
rounds and ending up with a 74" square piece. Didn't want to go down that path, so stopped 
with the two rounds and then added two more border strips
but reversing the placement of Guinea Flower and Orchid, see below.

Here I stopped to ponder my next move, should I just add a couple more
rounds and repeat the whole process, should I just add a wide border, should
I bring in one of the fabrics used in the rectangles - answer was a no for me.
LA was telling me to stop faffing around and follow my instincts, I loved it and
the main focus for me was the central block of squares, so

I just added another 1 and 1/2" strip border and called it done!!
48" square, nice size for a wall quilt.

Here's a quick photo in the garden


excuse the weeds in the background!

Tomorrow is set aside for dealing with the backing for the quilt for eldest son,
as I am currently being dosed daily with 40mg of steroids my mind is racing
and I am really having to try and slow down when sewing.
Reduction to 20mg tomorrow - hooray!!

A purchase made last week was this Anna Maria Horner fabric

to be used in a column strip quilt, should cut up beautifully into wide strips, adding this to
my squirrel collection!

Time for dinner - see you soon.

Happy Quilting 


Friday, July 2, 2021

Liquorice Allsorts

My last post HERE was focused on the start of a new quilt,
Stamps and Bricks.
I showed a few early 9 patch blocks - bright blocks!

As I placed more and more pieces up on the wall I became more and more
excited, this quilt just called out to be named

Liquorice Allsorts

 those of you who grew up in the UK or are still living there will surely know
how popular these sweets were, especially as children, and I think every
sweet shop in the country had them on the shelves.

For those who are not familiar with Allsorts they were, as the name suggests,
based on liquorice and were brightly coloured. They were definitely a favourite
of mine.

A number of years ago just on Christmas I spied tin boxes of these delights
on a shelf in the supermarket, one just had to come home with me

and oh did we all enjoy them - the 'kids' ( 45 to 52 yrs now) were delighted!

You can see the bright colours of the sweets, there was more selection than
shown on the tin.

Back to quilts - the centre block is 32" square presently, because of all the colour
I decided to go with a narrow border break - what else could I use but
Kaffe Fassett Guinea Flower in White, this echoes the 9 patch directly in the centre.

Aboriginal Dot in Orchid is used for the alternating squares,
it looks black in the photo but in reality is more purple/aubergine.

The only other patchwork related happening was pulling out my
spare parts box, this post from quiltdivajulie inspired me, but I had one
heck of a shock at the amount tucked in there. I pulled out
two Churn Dash bocks which I had made many years ago
when I was just discovering KF fabric, at least in the left block.

I had obviously become a devotee by the time this block below was made

but don't let the photo above fool you, for some un-known reason
I had done this

yes, what I pulled out was two halves!!
I truly do not remember doing this at all.
I promptly closed the box in case there were any more halves lurking there.
On a positive note my love of the Churn Dash block has been
re-kindled so watch out for a visit from the squirrel.

That's enough from me right now, closing with one of the beautiful
camellias flowering in the garden

Have a happy weekend, see you next week.