Waiting In The Wings

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Almost at the finish line

Six more blocks to be made later today for Sunny Days which will be six blocks across and seven down.

When I began with this quilt it was to be for my expected great-grand-daughter, not for a new born but perhaps a play mat when she's at the stage of beginning to roll over and study what she's laying on. I later became aware that grand-daughter was having as much pink as possible!!

Change of plan needed,  I've enjoyed so much stitching this little quilt so it's going to live here with me!
My stash will be raided for an appropriate mix of pinks for a first new baby quilt, as due date is one month away I need to motor along. 

Things have been slow here due to recovery time from oral surgery, not the most of enjoyable procedures I have to say, but necessary. I have almost finished up quilting Northern Lights and made two Bear Paw blocks to go over to Chris English in Huddersfield, you can click on the link to take you to his site, he is extremely active on Instagram. More in my next post on this.

Ideally Chris would have preferred to go with recycled fabrics but as I don't have any I'll send these on to him, his choice as to whether he includes them or not.

Next up for hand quilting will (hopefully) be Desert Rose below.

Dare I tell you all that this was made as part of a QAL using a Jen Kingwell pattern
Midnight At The Oasis, begun in 2013 and hosted by Sharon McConnell aka Color Girl Quilts!!!
I didn't follow the pattern exactly, a few of the borders were pretty complex and I ducked out of them! 
Can't remember exactly when  I finished this one but it was easily two years or more afterwards.  I think the hand quilting might take me some time.

Here's the backing fabric

So, that's all to report on the quilting side of things here, but I do have a photo I'd like to share of an oil pastel piece of art recently done by my husband. Many times I'd said I would love a rickety shed in the garden, thinking of the shed - which actually wasn't rickety -  in our garden in Christchurch and which I loved! In reality a shed in the back garden here is not going to happen but I now have this one instead, definitely rickety.

it's now framed and on the wall and I love it.

Can't finish up without flowers in my garden, a  David Austin rose

Princess Alexandra

and a lovely Osteospermum, couldn't resist the colour!

Everything in the garden is now beginning to flower, dahlias are shooting up, always a cheerful sight.
Back to the machine for me now, cup of tea by my side.


Saturday, October 7, 2023

September - quilting, a flood, a Featherweight and of course fabric

Let's deal with the flood as quickly as possible. 10 days ago, burst cold water pipe going to shower, 4.30am. Husband thought it was raining hard, water coursing through the new outside drain. Visit to the bathroom, stepped out the bedroom door and straight into water, through all the hall, the study and of course the bathroom, water just gushing. After 20 mins able to close off the mains. Now dealing with the aftermath - absolutely awful and very expensive - dealing with insurance at the moment and coping with huge de-humidifier machines to draw moisture from wherever!

On to quilting:  Northern Lights

begun hand quilting the  lilac pieces in the blocks using DMC Perle 8, the colour below, I love the variegated threads

next up will be the red/orange blocks, again variegated thread

I have yet to find a similar thread in a blue/green colourway. A good excuse to visit the patchwork store.

Fabric: Tilda Hibernation

This is such a sweet range and perfect for a quilt for a little girl, cue - expected great granddaughter, this will become part of a quilt when she's older. I'm a great believer in being prepared!

Here's one of the latest from Philip Jacobs - Curly Kale

I can't wait to be busy on a quilt using this fabric, the colours are beautiful. I see a border somewhere in the future.

Singer Featherweight 221K  

Bought around 25 years ago and I made one of my Indonesian batik quilts using this machine. Why this little beauty went back into her carrying case I can't recall but probably because I was making clothing in addition to quilts and it was easier to just have my Bernina set up.

A little history:

Production date was 14th September 1953 and  5,000 were commissioned.
She was produced in Kilbirnie, Scotland. Using her serial number I was able to gather the information above. Sadly her cable covering leading to the plug has given up totally, after 70 years I'm not surprised so it's off to the the repair shop within the next two weeks. I have looked at the price of a Featherweight here in New Zealand presently and they're really very expensive, this one cost me NZ$250. What sort of price are they in the USA?

I have never given any of my machines a name before but this one is different. Thinking of my younger days up to the age of around 15 years old, we had such delightful neighbours whom I loved dearly. All of my grandparents had died before I was born and so Mr and Mrs Wadsworth  became surrogate ones, at least to me. So this darling is going to bring back many happy memories by having the name Mrs Wadsworth!

The original manual and even the oil can, much troubled by old age, are still in the case but the attachments, of which there are many, are still in pristine condition.

If you have made it this far then congratulations! I do have a couple more photos if you can bear to continue, latest book from Kaffe Fassett - splendid and colourful as usual.

Two of my feathered friends soaking up the sun on the old verandah

The End!!

See you soon, happy quilting until then.