Waiting In The Wings

Friday, November 30, 2018

Ready for the borders

Memory Quilt One is going to have
the borders sewn on, hopefully tomorrow
and then off to be quilted.

Remember this piece below from my earlier post?

Catastrophe - three strips sewn together, up on the design wall I see
that the centre section of the three had some of the strips bowing,
major unpick and no more of Aboriginal Dots fabric in Teal!
Off to the store - none of this particular
colour on the shelf so waiting to see if we can get a hold
of some early next week. Also we discovered that it is officially listed
as Charcoal.

Whilst I'm waiting I'm busy gathering
the fabrics together to make a quilt from the latest
KF book - Quilts in America.


This of course was based on a stone wall in the States, coming
from  the UK the dry stone walls there are quite different depending
on which county they're in. I'm from Lancashire and the colours there
are different to Derbyshire for example, so my quilt will
 certainly not have as much blue as the one
in the photo above. 

I will also be going with a different fabric for the sashing rather than
the one above.
Gathered as of today are a few below.
Most I have in my stash but some I had to buy in.

I like that KF suggests only making one block at a time rather
than thinking to cut all those HSTs at once, time to check
if I have the correct size die for my cutter!!

In the garden I love my day lilies, this one is a very prolific bloomer,
just a touch of lime green in the very centre.

All for now, happy quilting!

Monday, November 19, 2018

A little progress!

And it is truly only a little progress with the
Memory Quilt
from my post HERE
last month.

Hopping about like Long John Silver with his one crutch
makes it a teeny bit tricky to be on small step ladders
trying to pin a quilt on the design wall. However I did a 
reasonable job, I think.

The very bottom row is just pinned on the wall, still needs to be sewn
to the pink strip but I decided a break was in order at that 
point. Two side views, couldn't go far enough back to take
a full on photo. Just one more row to go at the bottom, a repeat of the first
row but different fabrics.

I'd forgotten there was a border to go on so more of the
KF  Dream fabric in Dark is on the way to me.

Coming out of my little studio I saw that John
had one of his old oil paint palettes upright on a shelf, I always
take a photo of these because of the stunning
mix of colour.

A scrap quilt in oils!

The garden is so overgrown right now, John is
carrying out an assault on the weeds and overgrown grass,
I'm hopping along taking photos.

The hydrangeas are just beginning to colour up so here's
a look at a couple of the flowers coming out on the
hydrangeas down the drive, the bushes are
huge this year. Sadly once the sun beats down in Summer
the blooms wilt like crazy, copious watering takes place then.

I'm sending wishes for a
Happy Thanksgiving
to all in the USA but there will be a tremendous
number of people for whom there will be no celebrations, only mourning,
following the horrific fires in California with loss of loved ones
and their homes.
I'm thinking particularly of the destruction of
Paradise right now. To see the sights we have on our
news here brings tears.

Back soon.

Friday, November 9, 2018

One step forward, two steps back

If you read my last post from 29th October you might recall that I showed
my scrap vortex cut into strips along with two other fabrics.

deconstructed scrap vortex
aboriginal dot and kf stripe

I also said that before the end of that week I would have something to
show for my efforts as I was now off crutches.
They are now back with me, hence the wording of the title.

Dictionary definition of the post title:

If you take one step forward, two steps back, you make progress but then
experience events that cause you to be further behind than you were when you made
the progress.

In reality I have made al little progress in the past two days sewing a few seams and
buying new fabrics - necessary for therapy!

Below is the beginning of my take on a new Chinese Coins using the strips
shown above.
Strips sewn 3" x 11 and 1/2", yes a bit of a strange size.
You can see that the bright scrap strips seem to be taking second place
to the dark combination.

Here is one completed strip, there will be three in total

My husband looked at this and said I had killed the colour,
perhaps I have but I am happy with it. Yes, it has darker elements rather
than my usual all over bright colour, I think sometimes our quilts reflect
our mood at the time, mine wasn't that great!

But  here comes the colour starting with
the 2018 range of Moda Bella Solids - there a few moody darks
at the bottom of the bundle, I have plans for an Amish piece.

 The next two photos are Tula Pink Zuma and sadly 
these shots don't quite show the vibrancy of this range.

Don't ask what I have in mind for Zuma,I have a lot of ideas buzzing around.
The beauty of Tula Pink fabrics
is that they mix and match, especially when incorporating
her solids, stripes and dots.

Lunch time now - home baked savoury cheese muffins and a cuppa.
Fingers crossed for a little more sewing over the weekend.

Happy Quilting